Reviews for Theme A Week
chibiPrussia chapter 55 . 9/27
Omg this made me
blackwolfqueen chapter 24 . 8/2
My heart hurts! AHHH
mizgardenia21 chapter 3 . 5/19
Alexis and Atticus are my fave OCs of all time (I'm being totes seriousthey fit seamlessly into the plot. You are extremely talented.
KashiDei-Fanfics chapter 100 . 3/8
Okay, so I don't really know if this is the best place to put this, but I just wanted it somewhere on their page that this is my ABSOLUTE favorite fic writer of all time. I've read through every compilation, hundreds of drabbles, and all the long fics. And there's just something about their writing that keeps me coming back and re-reading. This is my favorite interpretation of Seto and Joey and I just love everything about every fic. If you're looking through reviews wondering if the writing's any good 100% YES go read EVERYTHING all the fics, puppyshipping or not, are absolutely FAB. A 10/10 would and have read again
GoldenBug Prime chapter 100 . 3/4
Awwwwwe this adorable! Anyways I spent two days reading all of this! Sorry if that makes me sound like a creaper...but I love all 100 of it. I laugh so much I almost choked. You're a really good writer and I can't wait for the next chapter or story you're gonna write.
meow chapter 100 . 2/2
So sweet and so sad - I love this story!
I didn't even forebode this universe - but now I don't wanna live without this small fragment of a whole Joey & Seto-Love-Universe anymore! It really makes me sad that this theme challenge is coming to an end. Although the end will be awesome like all of your stories - I'm sure about it!
And I'm going to reread them like I do all the time and cry and laugh and smile and feel happy about their happiness and bonds - not only between them but between the others like Mokuba and Serenety and Yugi and Yami and Tris and Duke and Roland... too.
helloshatteredlove chapter 100 . 1/20
Just finished this entire fic in a span of 24 hours and OHMIGOD I AM IN LOVE 3 I absolutely love your portrayal of both Seto and Joey,and I love the way you write these stories as if you knew they were real. 3 3 3
jj chapter 100 . 1/8
im so glad this isnt the last one and i do hope you keep writing thank you so much for the wonderful stories so far
jj chapter 99 . 1/8
interesting ... ive never heard that song before
jj chapter 98 . 1/8
haha i love it
kinkou chapter 100 . 1/4
*sniffles* awww I don't want I it to end! *sigh* oh well I'll just keep re-reading it like I do all the other collections. *grins* I liked how fluffy this was... almost cute!
Chixue chapter 100 . 1/6
I'm rather sad to see this end. I always looked forward to your dribbles. I hope you start another series like this one; or, create a story based on one of the themes!

Looking forward to your next adventure!
Ischemia chapter 100 . 1/5
Please don't stop writing this pairing! You don't have to do it in this bunch, but your KaiJou stories are one of few things that I can always go to to cheer me up, and life has been really awful lately.

I know it's selfish, but you're such an astounding writer that I can't help but let you know I hope we'll see more of these two from you in the future-epilogue of this one, aside.

Thank you so much for all of it already. It means so much to me.
mizgardenia21 chapter 100 . 1/5
*wails* that was soooo good. I can't believe it's almost over. Sighs. I loved the whole thing. I like everything you right tbh. And I got my sister hooked too. muahahahahaha.
windalchemist001 chapter 100 . 1/4
It will be sad to see this all be domed also this one was cute at the end.
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