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Arkylie Killingstad chapter 8 . 3/19
While reading this, I've been commenting on it to my friend, and for your amusement, dear Author, I'd like to quote a few of the choicer comments (not necessarily in order):

1. ...this is literally worse than the finale of 1984. Because you know that part where the torturer wants you to say something false and you have to believe that what you're saying is true? The magic won't let him say it if he's lying.
2. This is like a LOVE POEM to 1984.

3. I sense this is a sign that things are going to get even darker than the things I have been reading, when PINKIE PIE is the one bringing me to tears with her reasoning.

5. Zecora's rhyming speech is only mildly irritating when spoken, but written down and trying to bear the exposition burden for a gigantic scene, it's practically unbearable. (Incidentally? The off-rhymes aren't such a problem, the CADENCE is. Try writing it in poetic lines with close to the same number of syllables, then take out the line breaks. If you're going to write long scenes for Zecora, do put more time into the study of poetic meters and such. I found "Patterns of Poetry: An Encyclopedia of Forms" quite useful.)
6. (giant rant on how lack of agency (Discord being at Fluttercruel's mercy) was *less* tense than partial possible agency with no knowledge of outcome (Discord possibly being able to escape)... perhaps the most edge-of-my-seat scene in the entire piece)

7. If there isn't an Earn Your Happy Ending at the end of this ordeal I am going to BURN THINGS
8. (giant string of NO's) I knew, genre savvy, they HAD to break him, he couldn't last as long as it would take the mane six to get there safely, not with what they've been doing to him, it was never an option for him to hold out the whole time. But the final straw... oh god. Twist that mental knife HARD. Break the one thing that's been keeping him the least bit sane. The one kindness he could cling to. ALL THE TEARS

(Note: I especially like the nuance where he can't say "It's not true - you're lying" once he no longer believes it. Heart-wrenching.)

So... yeah. That's been my reactions, up to the point where I wasn't so easily able to post my thoughts while reading. I just finished Chapter 13 and am waiting with bated breath for the next update.
Arkylie Killingstad chapter 13 . 3/19
I've been invigorated by your P/Q fics, and, well, Discord's letter hooked me enough to get thoroughly into this fic and I'm thrilled that I didn't ignore it. (What is up with these FIM Darkfics? how did this become a thing?)

Discord is quite the unexpected Woobie and you've managed to put my heart through the wringer and I can't wait for you to bring it all together to closure, catharsis, and comfort. Given your prolific writing, I trust you to manage it, too _

Right now I'm humming with the enjoyment of several well scripted battle scenes with mixed outcomes; active heroes even when practically helpless; the way you doubled down on the doom countdowns (!) and kept the party fragmented enough that they didn't realize they're fighting more than one thing until quite recently (nail-biting! especially gagging Fluttershy, the one person who knew about the second (and worst) countdown!); the back-and-forth of capture and escape and recapture... masterful use of Hope Spots, and you've slugged me in the gut so many times (I love that feeling, great emotional torque) that I have mentally referred to you, repeatedly, as a sadist (in that "love to hate the author" kind of way).

I've never before had the pleasure of imagining a scenario where the prisoner - especially one this broken - comes up with and executes a last-minute intelligent plan that might manage to save the very people who came to rescue him. Given the ending of Chapter 13 here, it may be less necessary now, but it was an astounding thought. And I'm waiting to see what all Discord can do to benefit this broken world once he's free and powered up again and has incentive to help out. (And how Celestia and/or Twilight might react to him helping out!) Heck, I'm still waiting to see how these changelings factor into the final setup!

Other than that, I really seriously want to see Discord - possibly once free, possibly while still at her mercy - look Cold Twilight in the face and say that even if he has to die tonight, he's glad he never lived long enough to become a villain like her. Only, with a lot better wording than I can manage, and probably prefaced with a comparison of her crimes (both direct and condoned) compared to his. ("I annoy people, toy with them. Make a mockery of their feelings. At my worst I terrorize them for a while, or ignore some of the possible outcomes of my actions. Some of that I'm actually sorry for. But you - you can't even see how pranks and insensitivity are qualitatively different from torture, rape, and murder. And at least I've never sunk THAT low.")

While reading this fic, I posted a bunch of reactions to a friend, and I think I'll post the most interesting comments in another review here _
Has gone to play in Traffic chapter 13 . 3/13
I love this story keep up the good work, I like what you did with Spike. I never knew ponies could be so evil with all this crazy punishment towards discord, and Fluttercruel is on a whole other level, thats crazy, but i love the story cant wait for the next update.
ponyguy2003 chapter 13 . 2/10
please and i say please update soon this is one of the best stories I've read I this site and thank you for making it
Leekola chapter 13 . 2/9
Woo! Spike to the rescue, times 2! I'm thrilled by this turn of events.
And also intrigued by the possibilties of bringing the pieces of Stoned Discord into play, considering the voice we heard last chapter. Though I may be misleading myself with that association.
shadow chapter 13 . 2/8
/holy shit/ this is the coolest chapter yet! oh wow my heart was pounding the whole time, if i werent in public id probably be screaming right now. where the heck did spike send celestia? and if discord does manage to teleport wouldnt the crystals eat him anyways? oh my god i LOVE your entire theory on how pinkie's pinkie sense works, that whole scene was AMAZING, and pinkie taking out celestia was almost indescribably badass. ahhhh this story just keeps getting cooler! thank you for writing it!
Animekitty47 chapter 13 . 2/8
Yay, I correctly guessed that Discord would ask Spike for the Hammer when you first started foreshadowing it. And you got to lean on the fourth wall a bit with that line about it feeling like they'd been in Oppositionland for weeks. :D

Ah, Rainbow, regardless of the situation, of course you're first thought would be, "What's the most awesome trick I can do from this location?" XP

Wait a sec, if she burned out her Pinkie Sense finding out the way through the chaos surrounding her, how come it was working fine during the fight scene? *scratches head* Deus ex Machina is not your style.

And what was that bit about Fluttershy with a foal? Well, they are different species, so why would Fluttercruel think to use contraceptives?

Oooo, was that six winged Spike actually Chaos Avatar Spike?

And since I'm asking questions how come sometimes it's spelled "hay" (which is for horses, and therefore makes perfect sense) and sometimes "hey"?

That ending, that's gotta be your best one yet.
stankyledeansam chapter 13 . 2/8
Animekitty47 chapter 12 . 12/1/2016
All stuff about unpin me and free me...Discord's soul has been shattered so who's in the Chaos realm demanding and occasionally begging to be free? Is the Chaos Avatar itself trapped? The Elements of Disharmony have (1/5 of?) Discord's power, did he somehow fuse all 13 items together and accidentally prevent the Chaos Avatar from moving on? It got free from Loki though...Could the fusion of Harmony and Disharmony somehow be interfering with the process, since this version (section?) of the Chaos Realm is all neglected and twisted, which didn't happen even when current Chaos Avatars have been imprisoned and incapable of doing the job at all.

The description of holding spells from Rarity was awesome. And Twilight's discovery of Alicorn hidden attributes.

Creepy Pinkie and Fluttercruel continue to be creepy. And Matrisse!Twilight can't kill Fluttercruel, but Fluttercruel sure sounds like she wants to turn on Twi for wanting to kill her favorite, um, being to take her appetites out on?

All of it was awesome! Thanks for the update!
Guest chapter 12 . 11/27/2016
Wow, this is so good. Thanks for this huge update.
stankyledeansam chapter 11 . 5/15/2016
Awww I don't like cliffhangers
Anon chapter 11 . 2/12/2016
I cannot wait for you to update this! I've been following since day one and it keeps getting more intense and now that fluttershys found discord oh man..
Guest chapter 11 . 2/8/2016
Poor discord...
Sabbit chapter 11 . 2/2/2016
Another update so soon! I'm completely on the edge of my seat! The tension is agonizing and I can't get enough. Thank yoooouu!
Animekitty47 chapter 11 . 2/2/2016
Yay, a fast update! Well, that just improved my day! :D

So, Matrisse!Twi wants to sacrifice Discord, Celestia wants to sacrifice Twilight, Fluttershy wants to save Discord, Spike and Co want to get to Twilight, and Rainbow Dash just got captured...I doubt Flutters is going to be as easy to fool as they assume she will be...though that still adds RD to the list of of beings who need saving...but still, did you, like need a chart of the timeline or something? XP

And Spike! Picking the other ponies, who he doesn't really know though, hopes aside, but either way knows his own versions are too warped to trust...

And then there was Discord and Fluttershy's heartbreaking reunion! *sniff* Fluttershy! Just Fluttershy! Nice to get some sweetness in this story. The story about Rainbow and her grandfather! Awww, it also added another level to that whole hibernation death stuff and Fluttershy's bluntness and the crying scene in "Tanks for the Memories".
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