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Anjelle chapter 3 . 2/12/2014

Anyways, great chapter as usual! It was interesting seeing some more of the differences between both worlds. Like Luffy not having his devil fruit. Because it's LUFFY. I actually thought it was a personality difference like Robin thought, but I guess that would be a bit weird since he's so similar in other ways. And Ace not eating the mera mera no mi... it's so weird! In a good way. Hard to imagine him not having it, you know? Though Sabo having it would probably lead to less damage being done to the ship hehe... And that INJURY. It bothers me.

As for personal replies, they're a lot of fun! You get to meet a lot of really awesome people that way, so I think you'll like it. Like I met Kitsune, one hall of an amazing writer and my collab partner for our first fantasy AU and I am SO EXCITED and having SO MUCH FUN with it. So here's hoping you make some great friends!

Thanks for the update
xXxWolvesInTheNightxXx chapter 3 . 2/12/2014
Awww poor other Luffy! D:
A Brilliant Loser chapter 3 . 2/12/2014
Uwaa, what did the other Robin do to alter!Luffy?

It's weird to think that there might be a version of Luffy who never gained the Gumu Gumu no Mi's powers, or an Ace without the Mera Mera, but I really like where this is going so far 3

Re: Comments - I think if you want to do it, you should totes do it! But if a lot of people are asking the same thing, or you're just saying thanks, it might be easier if you just put a small shout out in the next chapter saying "Thank you for your kind words!" or something. Giving personalized comments are great, but if it's just a lot of copypasta'd thank yous, it would be really tedious for you and I, at least, wouldn't want you to waste time responding the same to each comment individually. Just knowing you read my comment and that it might encourage you is enough.

Anyways, thanks again for being awesome and writing! I hope to see more from you soon
seblackburn4 chapter 3 . 2/12/2014
I rely enjoyed this chapter I cant wait for more of this story! Luffys thought's on drowning was very funny. I'm curious what happend to injured the other Luffy.
OtakuWithHazelEyes chapter 3 . 2/12/2014
Hmm, so things with Robin didn't go well in the other world... I can just imagine the looks on Ace and Sabo's faces when they learn Robin had been a member of Baroque Works in the canon-verse, but Canon!Luffy let her on anyway. I sense a tender Robin/Ace/Sabo friendship moment where she explains how Canon!Luffy refused to let her die.

Keep up the good work with this story!

Still, I'm surprised that Canon!Luffy hasn't asked why ASL!Luffy never his nakama in the Wild-Card universe. I mean, half the crew would be dead if Luffy never met them. And wouldn't ASL!Luffy at least recognize Usopp as Yasopp's son? I assume since ASL!Luffy at least met Shanks' crew, given he has Hat. Oh crap, if Luffy never met Zoro, Zoro would be dead! Unless in that universe he also joined Baroque Works. That would interesting.
TheAnalei chapter 3 . 2/12/2014
There's so many differences and similarities all at once. I like how Ace didn't eat the mera mera no mi and Sabo did, it's definitely interesting. And now both groups are keeping secrets about each other too. Mmmmm, I wonder how Luffy will react around Robin after that nightmare...
teengens chapter 3 . 2/12/2014
OMG WTF JUST HAPPENED? WHAT DID ROBIN DO?! I'm surprised that Robin is playing such a big role in this story, but I can't wait to see what it is!
RobinLynnSpade chapter 3 . 2/11/2014
I wonder what happened in their version of Alabasta with Robin for them to not trust her..was it the usual events and Luffy never got to interact with her (because he had two older brothers so he didn't have to fight alone and nearly die) so she never joined the crew, or something else? *finishes reading chapter* Ohh, so she attacked/tortured him in some way? The question now is, how/why..

And aww, Mugiwara Luffy is trying to spend time with Ace.
I was a bit surprised that Luffy never ate the gomu gomu no mi. I can understand how Usopp felt, seeing any Luffy not stealing food outright must be super strange. Nice touch having Sabo eat the mera mera no mi ;)
Great chapter! We got to learn about a few of the differences in the two timelines, and see a bit of the ASL crew's animosity towards Miss "Every-Friday" xD Oh, Ace..
MeikoKuran999 chapter 3 . 2/11/2014
I love this so much its so interesting, I can't wait to see what happens next and no matter what I still love Robin she's awesome, our Robin isn't the same as the one who hurt the other Luffy shes good now. Anyways great story so far and I love reading this every time you post the chapters are just so enjoyable and the story's really interesting actually.
Aviici chapter 3 . 2/11/2014
uh oh Luffy is getting attached to the other Ace poor guy and I wonder what Robin did to Luffy? Great chapter though so update soon please!
BeyondMyReach chapter 3 . 2/11/2014
whoah. Love how you further differentiated between the characters of the two world. The irony, that the only one who didn't eat a devil fruit in canon (at least I don't think he did yet) ate one in another world while the other two did not. Interesting. I would love to see you write another story featuring the other!Luffy&Ace&Sabo.
Anyway, this is chilling. The thought that Robin is capable of such torture (I mean, we all know Baroque Works is not all fun and game, but still) and thank god that she turned for better in canon. (I really should stop all of these suggestion, but how about canon!Luffy ends up in other!Luffy's body in the parallel world a few months after Wild Cards set out for sail?)
Btw, the other Luffy is extremely mature about separating Robin and Miss All-Sunday. Love how you showed that in any world, Luffy can be surprisingly keen at times. Can't wait to see how the thing between canon!Luffy and other!Ace turns out. I'm also kinda worried too, to be honest.
And would Luffy react to other!Sabo in much the same way, since to Luffy's knowledge, Sabo also technically died?
omg, I'm sorry for babbling all this stuff. I really need to go to sleep. I don't mean to give you a hard time to respond to reviews, especially since you just decided to start now. Okay, I'll shush now. Night. I really look forward to the next chap.
Redery chapter 3 . 2/11/2014
I really liked! Wonder what Robin did to Luffy. And it's a nice twist to give Sabo the DF but not the other two. Can't wait till they hear what happened to their other selves. Keep it up :p
Lady of the Shards chapter 2 . 2/10/2014
Oh wow. This is…
Great chapter 2 . 2/8/2014
Holy shit, this fic is fantastic! Well written, with a super crazy/feelsy/unique plot! Please update, I need to see how Ace and Sabo will react to 'this' Luffy's life! Thank you for writing this, its great!
LostFairyMantic chapter 2 . 2/3/2014
Oh my god this story is so freakin awesome! I've read stories about time travel, and all that stuff but I think that this is the first story where luffy meets his alternate self and brothers KYYAAAAA! Awesome! :3 love ya writing!
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