Reviews for If The City Never Sleeps (Then That Makes Two)
mansts chapter 35 . 2/27
This was perfect!
secretrisker chapter 35 . 2/27
Loved this story
Guest chapter 35 . 2/23
Aren't they just the cutest?! You did an excellent job with this story. I was always excited when I saw it was updated. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of work with us.
haymitchsquell chapter 35 . 2/25
I love your writing:)
Guest chapter 35 . 2/22
Aww! They had a toasting! Is this over? I hope its not... But this called the Epilogue so... Great job! I remember I started reading this almost a year ago, it was 6 or 7 chapters into the story. I always looked forward to your updates they always made me soo happy. I loved getting to watch Katniss and Peeta grow together. I found your new story The Starter Wife, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens. But this fanfiction will always have a special place in my heart.
Fangirl chapter 35 . 2/22
Beautiful end to a beautiful story, sad to see it end but I'm so glad it ended like this. This has defiantly been my all time favourite Hunger Games fanfiction. Thankyou so much for writing this and giving us all this wonderful story! :)
SoThere chapter 35 . 2/24
Wait - no no! Is it over? I kind of hoped it might go on forever. :( Even if that is a ridiculous thought.

It's perfect that they should come full circle to a toasting. The story started and ended with them getting married; one legal, one symbolic; one "forced", one desired; one as strangers, one as lovers. They've been married for a while now, but it feels like they truly started their life together now.

Congratulations on finishing this story. One of the sweetest Peeta's around. And of course you'll have to do an outtake sometime of them a few years down the road with their babies... ;)
1FANGIRL chapter 35 . 2/22
My sister and I both squealed when we saw that you updated. Truly from the bottom of my heart, I have never in my life read such an amazing story. Everything is so thought-out, and written to perfection. I can't even come up with anymore words to say! I can't wait to see what you have in store next but I am for sure of one thing and that is that your next story is going to be as breathtaking and magnificent as this one. ;)
Guest chapter 35 . 2/22
I loved this story so sweet. Thank you for sharing with us!
Court81981 chapter 35 . 2/23
What a very sweet and fitting ending to a lovely story. Thank you so much for sharing. Brava.
DamphiricAngel2014 chapter 35 . 2/23
Awwwww... I want more with a baby!
foreverlarkjay chapter 35 . 2/23
Awwww I don't want it to end... Is there going to be a sea quell?
Soohari chapter 35 . 2/22
I really loved your story!
choclate lover chapter 35 . 2/22
I loved this ending! Please make a sequel! (Maybe with some babies?)Haha you're an amazing writter, I can't wait to see what you do next!
lhaine07 chapter 35 . 2/22
toasting was the best epilogue every. love every moment of it.
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