Reviews for Fairy Tales
Guest chapter 12 . 11/16
Omfg that was the best fic I've ever read. I laughed out loud literally every chapter and the feels were asdfghjkl! Keep it up!
JamieWayland chapter 12 . 11/6
Please write a trip chapter
Amai Aka-chan chapter 12 . 10/29
Wow this was so good. It was cute and funny, I laughed so much. Great job! 10/10 would recommend.
bananasplit444 chapter 12 . 10/29
Wooow I just read the whole story in one run! It's so fucking sweet, I love it!
haikyuqs chapter 1 . 10/29
Hello, I've stumbled upon this story on a rec list at tumblr and never have i regretted staying 'till 3 am just to finish it in one go! (but i do regret not knowing this existed for too long) I am so inlove with this and I can't even express proper words to express how I feel like asdhdgsjdhklcm?!D:xn! Thank you so much for this amazing and well written ereri fic! Damn, every chapters are worth the read /cries/
lizzy chapter 12 . 10/18
Oh my gosh! This story was amazing! I loved it so much it was great ~
Guest chapter 1 . 10/12
Loved it, can't wait to
Erenismine chapter 12 . 10/6
Omfg. Im in love with that story holy shit! That was pretty i have no words. I really liked it like... uhgggg i need an epilogue or anything but you made me love even more. Thank you so mich for this wonderfil story!
ChemicallyEnhanced chapter 3 . 10/1
Oh god, this is so funny. xD You have such a wicked sense of humor. I noticed that in your other fic 'Partners' and jfc, I love it.
Helluvabutler chapter 12 . 9/25
It was so beautifullll~~~! :')
Cosmicom chapter 12 . 9/24
Omg I just loved this and I loved how you developed the characters! There were just many times where I just couldn't stop laughing and this was also super sweet. So if ya write a sequel or something completely new, I'm gonna read it. Because,your writing-as cheesy as this sounds-can make a ton of people laugh and smile. The only thing I have to say is that the ending was a bit rushed but other than that it was awesome. Keep up the good work :)
Cosmicom chapter 10 . 9/24
WHAAAAAAAT OBAMA I'm sorry but when I saw that I just burst out laughing XD anyways I'm loving this fanfiction I'm so sad there's only two chapters left :,(
ShioriErz chapter 12 . 9/20
Perfect. Beautiful. Tearjerking. Funny. Need I say more?
dreamwithmealways chapter 12 . 9/11
This whole story was honestly gold. I couldnt stop laughing. I still cant stop laughing. Thank you for posting. Im sorry I do not have anything constructive to say, but thanks again and have a nice day.
Fiorea chapter 12 . 9/7
Loved this story! I'm going to check out your other stories now. Thanks for writing!
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