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Samudra Bintang chapter 11 . 7/5
rambling ahead! You've been warned. ...You know, this is one of few fanfics that got Sain's characterization right. His mind,an utter paradox, complicated yet simple sometimes. Since he is my favorite Rekka no Ken character, I am glad to see it. Poor guy stressed out so much in this chapter. He was torn between killing his comrades, or be killed instead. He did endure it.. Only to end up dying in the hands of his own mentor. I expect more character development of Sain, because it is just not enough. Well, s'you in the next update. Continue writing because you got fans encouraging!
Guest chapter 11 . 4/14
You should add validar to either join robin or fight aganst robin because you know validar is the father of robin
warrior of six blades chapter 11 . 4/12
poor Sain, he really had to struggle with the fact he had to fight his countrymen and almost died fighting his old mentor.

Though it seems to have shown just how deep their brother in arms bond is between Sain and Kent. Lord knows if that happened to any of my friends...I would've pulverized the bastard(s) who dared to harm them.

Still, I feel for Eagler having to fight for the sake of his daughter. Even though he clearly knew the truth, Lundgren probably knew the knight would realize the truth and held the girl hostage as insurance to make sure the knight used his men to fight the true heir to the throne, Lyndis.

Interesting to see Ike is now in the story, but what role will everyone play I wonder...
warrior of six blades chapter 10 . 4/11
I have to say that Robin really was lucky to have those kids help him and Lyn's legion with their sensing ability. They would've lost a lot of people to the Ballista and the Catapult if they didn't.

Still, to think Lundgren not only is poisoning her grandfather to steal his throne, but also called, Lyn a baseless imposter, while Kent and Sain are oathbreakers to make his knights have no trouble with the orders to kill them... Truly the man is messed up, but surely Grima isn't gonna sit back forever, he's bound to make a move like Katarina worries. It's just a matter of WHEN...
warrior of six blades chapter 9 . 4/11
A very intense and epic battle filled chapter of Robin, guiding Lyn and her legion into a raid against the Black Fang, with the help of the Phearean and Ostian knights. Robin had a truly smart and cautious tactic, but the skill of the Black Fang members were truly dangerous.

Plus the finds in their treasure chests suggest highly powerful connections. I suspect Grima has something to do with it, but at least the twins got their Mother's ring back with no casualties done on Robin's friends.

Still one grammar error on this chapter is in the end as follows: I promised that one would die on my watch, and I intend to keep that promise to the very end of this journey.

As you can guess, you should have wrote: I promised that no one would die on my watch, and I intend to keep that promise to the very end of this journey.

Also this mistake at the very end as follows: ... An failed to keep it. :I'm sure you can see the tiny and honest mistake made here. No flaming, just a small attempt at helping.

I just thought I should mention this to help you out. Other then those slight mistakes, good work.
warrior of six blades chapter 8 . 4/11
Crap baskets, the risen just HAD to show up during a kidnapping attempt of all times. Worse those Black Fang people know how to control them, to some degree anyway. Thankfully Robin's quick thinking and his teams abilities helped them defeat their undead adversaries.

Yet Robin's little discovery of Matthew being a thief and a spy meant to keep watch over Lyn is an interesting twist, but most importantly... Robin is finally starting to notice Lyn as a woman he is slowly falling for.

Should be interesting how he will deepen this bond in time, hopefully he'll avoid doing a Chrom mistake. If you can guess what I mean~.
warrior of six blades chapter 7 . 4/11
Well, that was a surprising turn of events for Robin. First they get some hope of gaining support and an ally in the marguess, only for him to get attacked by Lyn's power hungry uncle's soldiers and mercenaries. Then Robin unlocks a special power from Naga in a life or death situation against the leader of those knights, though Grima seems happy about it for some reason I dread to find out.

Only for the marguess to sadly reject help hoping to make her beg for his help, despite his racist attitude. The jerk deserved the warning he got from Robin and honestly a punch to the face would've been nice, but I know that would've made things worse...

Still, at least with 5,000 gold under their belt. Robin should be able to help his group and Lyn much better in equipment, I honestly think that robe though should go to Erk. being a mage he could use it very effectively...
warrior of six blades chapter 6 . 4/11
Nice to see Robin has regained some of his memories, though a bit troubling he remembers how Chrom died in one lifetime. Yet, I like how it unintentionally made Lyn show more of her concern and feelings for the tactician. Though both are currently unaware of their feelings growing for each other, I have to say it's nice progress.

Though Robin letting Erk use Thoron to advance the mages research and knowledge for a little while was both nice and understandable. Though it seems now he can study the book himself as he's with the group, thanks to Serra's "charitable" idea. Though mostly because of Sain's loose lips, if I was Robin I would have been tempted my self to throw the vase, and God only knows whatever else I had on hand, to shut him up.

Yet, I find Erk's feelings about a quick and painless kill as possible a good thing to see and respectable. At least he's not the type to enjoy their suffering, unlike a certain genocide master of dark magic and bird pun using annoyance I remember...
warrior of six blades chapter 5 . 4/10
Nice to see Robin and Lyn have finally made up about their little fight. Though Robin had to yet again make a dangerous plan risking himself to protect everyone else, but I have to admit it's a good plan to get rid of a leader and his archers. It was also stupidly risky as anyone these days wouldn't take a prisoner.

Regardless, it looks like Robin has gained yet another memory about Chrom and surprisingly a memory about Lucina helping Robin and Chrom fighting Validar as well. Even though both are people he still doesn't know, but I find the fact Lyn sleeps with wet tissues in her ears is an interesting quirk.

To each their own though...
warrior of six blades chapter 4 . 4/10
Well, that was interesting how Robin had to help the shy Florina, survive in her first fight against bandits after stomping one on the head with her Pegasus by accident. Though Robin's words and thoughts may be life smart and wary in a sense from his view of archers. I find it understandable as tacticians have to be wary of any worse case scenarios, but also have hope for the best as well.

Besides, archers back then are like snipers to us these days and no one likes to fight a damn sniper.

Though I wonder what power that was this, Katarina woman was trying to help Robin use because he was in a life or death situation. good thing Lyn saved him though, but I think Robin may have been harsh with slapping her without an apology. True, she wasn't listening, but an apology would've been nice and proper thing to do. Even IF it was done to make them be quiet long enough for you to talk.

Though Robin's thoughts on Florina needing help from Sain more then anyone else is also understandable, that guy makes shy girls easily become embarrassed and that in turn makes it harder for them to work together or bond.
warrior of six blades chapter 3 . 3/19
So Lyn has her new sword that only she can wield, while Grima is making a deadly deal. Robin better watch his back because now he has to deal with that damn Fell Dragon again...
warrior of six blades chapter 2 . 3/19
Well, Robin got to experience more flashbacks and find that old book Make him fall for you in a fortnight. I swear that book reminds me of Cordelia...and Sumia. Though Robin seems to be understandably annoyed at Sain's flirting and boasting, plus his forgetfulness that competes with "Teach"... He's probably in the spirit realm cussing about his forgetfulness being better then Sain or being more of a man I bet.

Still, Kent and Fredrick would have gotten along very well from what I can see, though I feel bad for the guy having to put up with Sain, especially if it's on a daily basis.
warrior of six blades chapter 1 . 3/19
Good start for Robin meeting Lyn and becoming her "Master Tactician", though I wonder if Robin was with Cordelia. Given his experience and feeling of familiarity of comforting a crying woman, like Cordelia's A rank support. Though Cordelia was my favorite for Robin, along with a few others in mind.

I noticed you misspelled giggles and jogs though. Be more careful of that in future chapters.
Betim chapter 11 . 3/13
This story is just amazing; i just think how amazing would be if we had a Lyn!Morgan
Guest chapter 8 . 3/12
Now this is a great story.
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