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Kal the Magnificent chapter 10 . 1/14/2003
*has already used up two boxes of kleenex* That was so sad! *sniffle* Poor Nifael! He's so funny though..always saying "my Lord"... ugh...had so many things to say, but can't remember them! Oh, wait, is it Tirnan or Tirana? Or are they two different people?

Hugs and Cookies )
Jocelyn can't seem to log in chapter 10 . 12/15/2002
Now THAT is a worthy happy ending! My only critique is I'd've liked some description of that momentous meeting between Legolas and Thranduil. That's something worth fleshing out, though the silence spoke volumes too.

Yay! Everybody's together again! Will there be a sequel? I always look forward to seeing your fics. I'd love to get more material from you.
Larus chapter 10 . 12/13/2002
A great last chapter!

Did you by any chance mention something about a story coming up *grin*? I'm waiting desperately, so please hurry... This one was truly a pleasure to read and I'm sure the next one will be too. I hope I'll be reading it sometime soon!


arabella thorne chapter 10 . 12/12/2002
An excellent and moving ending! Well done!
JastaElf chapter 10 . 12/12/2002
Oh Jay, that was wonderful! What a grand chapter... poor Thranduil, thinking his Legolas was dead... Poor Legolas, thinking his Ada was gone... the reunion was just fantastic, I loved it, loved the whole chapter, loved the whole story!

I know I should go back and review all the chapters, I'm so bad... But I just got caught up in it all! Wonderful, wonderful stuff...

Thank you for another grand tale! I look forward to your next outing.
TreeHugger chapter 10 . 12/12/2002
What do you mean that the angst factor goes up? This does not sound good!

I really liked that the Elves helped Darian's village. And I was LOL that Legolas was using words in Westron that didn't have Elvish equivalents. :)

Oh no! Oh no! He thinks that Thranduil is dead! Poor LEgolas! Poor Thranduil thinking that Legolas is dead! That is so horrible...but it is rather funny in a way too. I can only say that as I HOPE they are both to find out that they have been mistaken.

So sad. Yes, the angst factor is rising. His mother and baby sister dying. And all of the things that have befallen over the years, the lives lost, the battles, the arguments, the good times as well. So sad and bittersweet!

Poor Tionel! That must have been a shock to see the "dead" prince sitting on the steps. And then the "dead" prince wants to know what happened to his "dead" father. Nifael is lucky...well not really...that he was attacked. It saved him from Legolas' anger.

Sorry, I need a handkerchief right now. The reunion was just too wonderful. :) Shoot, Jay! It was great! That was just so touching and heartwarming. I loved it, my fellow Guardian.

First you have to make me cry, then I have to laugh at Poor Nifael so upset and worried because of his mangled message. Poor thing. Now Alfiel is calling him "fool of a second." LOL "Neither of you did anything wrong, it was just unfortunate." BIG understatement indeed!

Wow! He is actually going to call Legolas by his name! Major achievement! I am glad that Nifael will be able to attend the celebration.

Great ending to a great story. Of course there has to be a celebration. This is Lasgalen after all! AND Thranduil served the Dorwinion! WOW! It must be a celebration! Wonderful, Jay. Absolutely wonderful! Can't wait to see what you have come up for another story!

Elenath sila erin le!
PuterPatty chapter 10 . 12/12/2002
I had a feeling you would update today. YAY!

LOL-It was only hilarious in the way that you, Jay of Lasgalen, who has killed more elves-including one fine Prince of Mirkwood-than the battle at Dagorland did, hadn't really killed an elf-coincidently enough, thought to be the fine Prince of Mirkwood again-and yet all the elves thought you had. Believe me, Thranduil's grief was very moving last chapter, and Legolas' in this chapter (Ai, you did it again, Legolas thought you'd axed another) was even more so. He truly loves his father despite their differences of opinion.

You are in no way slipping on the angst-meter, nin mellon. Valar knows we wouldn't want you to think that. You'd probably go and kill some elves as a remedy, and we definitely wouldn't want that to happen. Right, Tree?

I really like that Legolas is the reason that the elves help the villagers. Awwww, isn't my prince the best?

Well, wouldn't Nifael find it appropriate to wake up after everything is cleared up. I really felt sorry for him though. He does take his duty quite seriously and to have caused a misunderstanding as grave as that-Oi. It was good of Alfiel to take some of the blame. LOL-the "my Lording" is back. Poor Legolas! (c. TH)

Great story, Jay. I'm sad to see it come to an end but am happy to hear another fic is in the works. Don't make us wait too long.

Legilmalith chapter 1 . 12/7/2002
Hi there. It's me...IrishElf! I finally registered on and I even have a story up! yeah! I read your bio. I know exactly what you mean when you talk about that English-American mix up. I get it all the time, except I'm Irish... People say "cool, you're Irish? What state are you from?" Grrrrrr! I must admit I haven't been a fan of Lord of the Rings as long as you have! (considering i'm only 14) I've read some of the reviews you've given of others' stories and you definately sound like you understand completely what you're talking about. I've never been to Devon before but my cousin has and he says it's glorious. This chapter is very interesting! I LOVE this story! Hope the next chapter is up soon! :-D

YunaDax chapter 9 . 12/7/2002
EEEK CRIPES YEEGADS! Struth, GEEZ and GAWD! Okay.. enough non-offensive expletives aside, this fic is bloody good! (scuse my aussie-isms here:) I'm dying to see see how Legolas turns back up to find the rumours of his death, will be most wonderful to read! I shall be honoured to join your GTAB group.. although I'm a stoic supporter of the BMTL (be mean to Legolas) brigade :) There's nothing like a hero in peril to get the blood rushing :)

Anyways, am looking forward to the next chap!
Larus chapter 9 . 12/7/2002
Oh... some twist you had there! I just hope that theyre able to sort things out soon enough. Anyway, keep writing, this story has been wonderful so far. And please, put at least a bit of the twins in it again!


arabella thorne chapter 9 . 12/6/2002
OOh excellent! well not excellent for Thranduil and poor Nifael...but I am glad hes reached Lasgalen...EVENTUALLY the truth will win out!
Jocelyn chapter 9 . 12/6/2002
Ooooh! Sadness! Not that I have any right to talk! ;-)

That was a moving chapter! I hope Thranduil gets word from Rivendell soon! Or maybe Legolas'll just show up at the door-boy, what a reunion scene that would be. Either way, better warn us to stack up the kleenex so we don't short out our computers crying.

BTW, I should've given you credit for that comment about Legolas and stone in "Elven Song." That was inspired by your fic, and I'd forgotten. My fault, and you'll get acknowledged in the next chapter.

Update soon! Just when I thought the pace was slowing down, you've got me all anxious again for the next part. Action's not the only way to keep a plot moving!
TreeHugger chapter 9 . 12/6/2002
First thank you for the reassuring e-mail concerning the fate of Nifael. It eased my mind...somewhat. He is still out there with Orcs nearby...:(

Oh! He is so hurt and alone. Poor Nifael! I do really like him, and want him to live a long full life. Not die alone in the pass on the way home!

Oh oh! Morlai is there! YES! :) Oh, Valar. He has chosen to go home, the longer of the two choices. I understand this need to go home, but I hope he made the right choice.

Mara and Darian are great for Humans! I hope that relations between the Men of that village and Thranduil and his Elves can improve. Darian is very brave to ride with Nifael into Lasgalen, unannounced as he is.

OH NO! OH NO! He told them - not his fault really - that Legolas is dead! Oh, Valar! Oh, Valar! This is terrible. And now Alfiel is running to find Thranduil. Oh no! The poor king! The poor king! This is horrible! What a terrible misunderstanding this is!

Darian doesn't want to intrude on this most grievous time, but he is too afraid to travel back alone. I do not blame him in the least! Poor guy!

Oh, Valar. Thranduil! I literally have tears in my eyes for him. How horrible that would be! I think I would want to die! Oh, and now Mirkwood seems an appropriate name for his forest. :( Valar. Now I am crying...Tomorrow...he lists all the things he will do tomorrow... Well, this chapter didn't cheer me any. I hope things will improve for them all. I hope that the true news will soon reach Thranduil...or he goes to Rivendell himself and sees first hand it isn't real, or that Nifael can awake and be well and tell him that all is well.

Oh, Jay! What a horrible place to leave it! You had better be busy typing away on the next chapter even now! Oh, the pain!

I think that GTAB sounds wonderful. Those of us who admire the great King should band together. He does seem to get a lot of abuse here on . Some of us know better.


Elenath sila erin le!
PuterPatty chapter 9 . 12/6/2002
LOL-too hilarious. Well, not really. I do feel sorry for Thranduil and all the elves of Mirkwood. The hilarious part is the elves all think you've killed another one of them when you really haven't...yet. I still don't trust you. ::eyes Jay suspiciously::

Nifael is quite the trooper and takes his duty *very* seriously. Heck, you think he was carrying news that Thranduil's daughter was getting married to Sauron. He was *so* adamant and *so* determined to deliver the message at all cost and complete his mission, but no he's just made a big mess. Misunderstandings, indeed.

I really like how you paint the elves of Mirkwood-their aid to the village people (LOL-I don't mean the Village People) during the floods and the sickness was a great addition. I, too, think Thranduil gets a bum rap, though there is some basis for it, but he is certainly not a rapist or an incestual father as he is sadly too often protrayed in some fics. Anyway, I think some of his lesser qualities trickle down to his people in that they are perceived as wanting nothing to do with the outside world and as almost xenophobic. It was good to see the elves of Mirkwood are quite willing to help their neighbors.

I'm anxiously awaiting to how Thranduil and the elves will deal with Legolas being alive. I hope they don't have to wait long, and I hope we don't have to wait long either. Hee, hee. I'm sure Legolas will be even more annoyed with the "my lord-ing" elf for causing this misunderstanding. I can just picture all these elves fawning over him when he returns and they discover he's not dead, and I know my favorite elf would just hate all that attention. This is going to be great!

Write On!
gemstone chapter 9 . 12/6/2002
This chapter was amazing. Really well written, quite emotional(and funny?). The misinterpritation of the message had me groaning for Legolas' sake(i bet he'll be in trouble when he gets back)

I was surprised though how sad i felt for the elves of Lasgalen, even though i knew myself that Legolas wasn't dead. Poor Thranduil, i could almost feel his heart breaking as i read.

It will be interesting to see how Thranduil reacts when he realises that his son is still alive.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

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