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TreeHugger chapter 6 . 11/9/2002
It is a good thing that the small gap in the cave didn't give make Legolas pause and he went right in. Facing ones fears is never an easy thing to do or to overcome.

Aragorn is not going down without a fight, is he! I still really like the nickname "Ellahir". Very clever. :) "Go away" *snicker* You have to love those two!

Poor Elrohir. Trapped as Legolas had been and all the sounds, smells, and sights brought back those terrifying memories for him, but he didn't give in to his fear. First step on the road to conquering it. BUt then the candle goes out!

Oh no! Oh no! The cave is collapsing again and they are not out of it yet. And the Troll isn't dead? Ah! Good, the roof fell in on it! That was a close one! You really had me worried there for a moment! :)

Finally they are out and none too soon. I am glad they are able to argue, that means they will be alright! :) Elrond takes things into hand and I KNOW everything will be alright.

So Arwen arrives "Oh no. Not again." on a horse not her own! ;)At least she has the grace to look guilty about "borrowing" Asfaloth this time! But she didn't ask if she could. LOL Very funny, nin mellon! Good tie in with the movie! Tell her Elrond! You do not take things that do not belong to you without asking. I wonder if she asked before she road off to find the Hobbits and Strider! LOL

Poor, dear Elrond. HE doesn't trust any of them...with good reason. What an interesting life he must lead!

I like young Nifael...don't kill him please, even if he does seem to cling to formalities a bit too much. So the bridge is repaired that had washed away "So I had noticed" *snort* I guess he did notice - first hand!

Great chapter! But I can see you are about to wrap this up. One more Troll to be found and vanquished from the face of Middle Earth! I hope you have a new story waiting in the wings for us when this one is done.

My update? Hm...Well...soon...

Elenath sila erin le!
gemstone chapter 6 . 11/9/2002
I really enjoyed that chapter, especially as Arwen seems to be just as bad as her brothers for getting on Elronds bad side.

It was a nice touch at the end, with the messenger from Mirkwood. Wonder were this new character will lead?

You have a really good writing style, and i always look forward to your updates.

I'm also reading the stories that you recommended. There really are some fantastically talented writers on this site. Alas, i'm not one of them, but reading brilliant stories like yours will just have to do.

'Til next time. Gemstone.
Irishelf chapter 6 . 11/8/2002
Hmmmm. Interesting chapter. Ok sorry but this review is sort of more questions. First off, my e-mail is down so I cannot send messages-therefore my sample cannot be sent to you. Secondly, I'd like to know how I post my own story. Does it cost money? I looked on a help page here but it's all ramblings on about terms of use and all but doesn't say anything about how to post a story. I thought it easier to ask you, for first of all, you speak "english" and not "computerish" (the java script and that crap {excuse my french}), and second of all, I'm a bit tired, it's 11:30 at night, and I can't get on the internet tomorrow (parents' rules). If you could answer these questions, it would be of great help to me. You've been more than nice to me for these last few weeks and I appreciate it. Again, thank you for everything, and keep up the good work on the fanfiction story; it's as good as ever.

JastaElf chapter 6 . 11/8/2002
*snicker* Skippy is "Lassie" over here in the US-a lovely collie, the light brown and white kind. And similar dialogue. "What's that you say, girl? Timmy fell into the well!"

Excellent chapters, pray pardon me for being lame and not reviewing more often. I know I am due updates on both DarkLeaf and Scruff... Life has been intervening lately, bit there will be updates soon. Perhaps very soon! (grin)

I love the characterizations you have here-the genuine-ness of their reactions, the interaction between them. Nicely balanced between book-verse and movie-verse, too, so they're approachable to all segments of the audience.

Looking forward to more... (grin) And reading about Legolas's arrows with the little gold oak leaf on them, I was reminded of what my archery teacher told me in arrow-making class: don't fall in love with your ammo! It will break, it will get lost... (grin)

I'd say more, but my arms are tired. Trying to learn how to draw a longbow using the muscles in your back rather than your arms is tiring work!
PuterPatty chapter 6 . 11/8/2002
Great chapter. I'm glad everyone got out of there pretty much none the worse for wear. And I'm also glad that Legolas was the one to save them all-yay for my elfboy!

LOL at Arwen "borrowing" Asfaloth. What a clever jab at the movie. I'm glad she was there to point out her brother's and Aragorn's mistake. It is a very good thing that Legolas was around. That elf never gets in trouble himself. Hah, yeah right! Probably next chapter, right?

So yeah, four trolls down, one to go. Wouldn't it be nice if everything went smoothly and nobody got hurt? Nah, not really; not nearly as exciting.

So I have to wait and see about Ashia, huh? I'm always up for well-written Legomances, but even if it's not a romance, I'm sure it will be enjoyable as all your stories are.

Write On!
ccg chapter 5 . 11/7/2002
Uh oh... a cave in! Not good! At least Legolas isn't inside the cave... I'd hate to see how he reacts.

That was clever of Aragorn to show Legolas that he was not well enough to go out that night. I also liked the idea that Elrond can't control Legolas. I've never really thought of that, but it is true.

I really like your characterisation of Arwen and the way you show she's sad about making the choice of Luthien. But who this Ashia that Legolas mentions?
TreeHugger chapter 5 . 11/2/2002
JAY! I know I usually start at the beginning of the story, but...YOU ARE SO WICKED! What a cliffhanger! Yes, we were warned, but really! Great Valar! I know I gasped outloud. I knew where you were going when the Troll headed for the cave, but AI! That was truly wicked! :) But as you know, that is the best kind of cliffhanger!

Okay, now to the beginning.

I liked Aragorn and the twins recounting what had happened after Legolas had been knocked out and the subsequent joking and banter.

I really liked the little touch with the fletching of the arrows and carving on the oak leaf. Very nice! :)

Stubborness versus steely determination... No one would win. Thank the Valar for Aragorn's clever intervention. There was no better way to handle the situation. That Ranger is very smart and has very kingly qualities when it comes to defusing a volatile situation. "He tends to take responsibility for things he can't really control." Arwen does have much insight into his do you!

Legolas telling Elrond about what had happened at Dol Guldur was just as painful to read as it was the first time. And Elrond's remembrance of Math'rin and Elthan were very touching.

But then...Aragorn and the twins must be in the cave, the Troll went in the cave, there are cries and crashes and the cave collapses! And you leave it! Well, you know what that means! WRITE QUICKLY! PLEASE!

Great action packed ending and thoughful chapter all around!

Elenath sila erin le!
gemstone chapter 5 . 11/2/2002
I loved this chapter. The way Aragorn disuaded Legolas from going on the hunt was pure class! Next time i'll know better than to ask which one will be injured next, as it will probably be all three! Can't wait for the next post. 'Til then. Gemstone
Lady Winter chapter 5 . 11/2/2002
Lovely! I just wish you hadn't stopped! I especially like how you make sure to point out Elrond really has no control over Legolas at all. I find it interesting that Arwen is sad over her choice that she loves Aragorn. Sad that already she realizes she must make a choice? Good job! Please continue soon!
PuterPatty chapter 5 . 11/2/2002
Great chapter, Jay! So much good stuff here.

Very fitting that Legolas is a little edgy and wants to get back out there. I loved Aragorn's method of convincing the elf he wasn't ready.

Legolas and Arwen have a great relationship. I liked their talk. Who is this Ashia? My curiousity is ever so peaked.

Elrond is very wise, isn't he? I'm glad he spoke with Legolas and got him to see he did what he had to do.

Okay, so no, you didn't kill any elves this chapter, but it was ever so sad that you reminded us of their deaths, Elrond's memories of them were were painfully touching. And two, look at what you've done to that cave! Grrrrr...must know about Elladan and Elrohir and Aragorn now. How ever will Legolas come to their aid? And what of the second troll? Grrrrr...Update soon!
arabella thorne chapter 5 . 11/1/2002
Another great chapter and a very clever ploy by aragorn to make legolas stay put...and very good with elrond and legolas and his tale about what he had to do in dol guldur..Like this one alot and agree with the other reviewer about the fine portrayal of Arwen...a woman of spirit and skill...excellent!
Kellen chapter 5 . 11/1/2002
Head injury caused a few problems. I really like how you're treating Arwen, too. A lot of writers either make her someone to hate or a wimp. *smiles* I like her in your story.

Hmm, caves. No one really likes caves, now do they?
Arabella Thorne chapter 4 . 11/1/2002
Well, this is a pleasant surprise! I like this very much! Very much indeed. Clearly written great fight scene with the trolls, I loved the idea of Arwen and Legolas being bethrothed..and actually in the small gene pool of elves in Middle Earth, I have always thought he logically would be the only elf worthy of her...

But I loved this, I loved your elrond and I loved the fact that it had been awhile since Legolas and Aragorn had seen each other..

a very good story! Good pacing and descriptions...and I have to say, I think its kind of sweet Legolas gets called "elfling."" Its usually poor Aragorn who gets called something endearing because hes a poor mortal human..
Alisha B chapter 4 . 10/31/2002
Wow! Wonderful writing! I can't wait for you to post more!
Kellen chapter 4 . 10/29/2002
Nice...just read all chapters and I want more. You are so very descriptive. I love it.

Ouch. Head injury. Dang, those are troublesome.

cheers, Kellen
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