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Rogue Deity Master chapter 170 . 2h
Well this was a good time killer, I also see the path you went down. Nice touch and well written
Demi Deity Radic chapter 170 . 3h
Well after four days of research I found the story my elder brother is a fan of, surprised you made a new dragon to cover the realm of fire. To my knowledge the author is a friend of my elder brother and I know for a fact my brother designed and made a dragon from the realm of fire. I feel the author was not a fan of my brothers creation or in some way wanted to not get advice, either way I bet my brother was hurt that someone he classifies as a friend would do such a thing. Still it's none of my business but it does explain why he seemed down a week or so ago, he made a dragon who would have made a great plot twist and dragon to entice the readers and yet the friend figures "Naw I would prefer my own creations".
gabekaykwok chapter 170 . 4h
Love both chapters sorry for not leaveing reviews being busy.
bloody dragon fang chapter 170 . 5h
Well I can only say I am surprised but also somewhat surprised, it held a unique twist yet felt lacking in something. I don't know what but my gut instinct tells me of the lacking part, Still it was a pleasure reading this.
Bloody Rogue dragon deity king chapter 170 . 5h
Very surprising turn of events, I look forward to the next chapter and such
Guest chapter 169 . 7h
please do hiccstrid sorry if you already said if you are doing it or not i might have forgotten but please consider it
Eris chapter 169 . 1/19
Great chapter. Very exciting. Would like to see just Hiccup and Toothless go on an adventure again, like maybe visiting an unknown island? Hope you update soon again.
XenoHybridDragon chapter 169 . 1/18
Another great chapter! Keep up the good work.
rpglady76 chapter 169 . 1/17
If Blanca wants to be a mother that badly, she and Hiccup could always adopt a child. I'm sure plenty of Viking tribes have runts/hiccups that are unwanted that they could adopt.

I wonder how Freezer, Hailstorm and Tundra knew that fire dragon was there? Are they mutual mortal enemies, like Shellfires and Submarippers? Also, how did Hiccup and the rescue party get to the Fire Giants first, if Freezer, Hailstorm and Tundra left hours beforehand? Especially when they were flying, and Hiccup and the others were only sailing?

Poor Hiccup, the guy just can't seem to catch a break, lol. Maybe Glacia and Tusk can show up in the nick of time to rescue her dad?
Hello chapter 169 . 1/16
I have an idea
You know the El Dorado part?
Well let Spain attack them to steal the gold and they call hiccup back to help and he scares me off
Luke Cox chapter 169 . 1/15
When hiccup does have kids with his wife Blanca what power do they have when ther born because of all travel he done to gain alot abilities and plus being half snake guardian

When httyd 3 coming plus will the lightfury be Blanca partner dragon like her husband hiccup

Plus great story keep going doing good
Guest chapter 1 . 1/15
This is a shout out but I would also like if Hiccup were to have kids. I would also like him to have at least one or two child that’s adopted.
buterflypuss chapter 169 . 1/15
Good chap
PizzaParker00 chapter 169 . 1/15
Ah, we are going back into the Norse mythology now, personally my favorite, so yay :) Also, I was just wondering, what are you looking for in terms on length for this story? seems to be quite long thus far, and I am interested in seeing how far you want to go with it. Anyways, have a good day and keep up the good work :)
bloody dragon fang chapter 169 . 1/15
Huh, this was a not too much chapter. I mean it seemed obvious that Hiccup would face fire Giants when he already faced Ice Giants.
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