Reviews for Band of Misfits: Taking Flight
SSB chapter 10 . 11/4
please,please,please update
SSB chapter 9 . 11/3
hope you update
SSB chapter 10 . 11/3
please,please update
SSB chapter 11 . 11/3
SSB chapter 9 . 11/2
when will you update after the world ends
please update
SSB chapter 10 . 11/2
i hope you update this story
SSB chapter 11 . 11/2
ipods and buds 1239,
please update this amaing story,i want a wonderful
hiccelsa ending and i love it
SSB chapter 2 . 10/31
please update
haleda07 chapter 11 . 8/24
this is a very very amazing story don't stop
White Hair and Violet Eyes chapter 11 . 6/14
LOVE THIS STORY! I hope you update soon bc I am getting jitters over Corona being the one who gets hit by the Eternal Winter instead of Arendelle! Anyways- read this in less than 2 hours and so excited to see the endings to their stories! Hope to read from you soon!

imagination77 chapter 11 . 5/5
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Dang it man! I'm crying! *hyperventilates* PLEASE! COME BACK! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?! AGH! D':
Guest chapter 11 . 4/12
Please continue it is a wonderful story but I wish that when hiccup got found out when he returned the princesses to their kingdoms and while he returned princess Elsa the tribe of the hairy hooligans come to arendalle and pick up hiccup and executed but stopped by Elsa and you continue the rest
Holusis chapter 11 . 3/18
One of the most amazing multi-crossovers I've ever read. Pretty awesome and intricate character development despite the numerous main characters haha. Keep up the good work! Will be looking forward to your stories in the future :)
Warlord of the Wind chapter 11 . 3/16
DUDE... I LOVE this story! It's like a perfect blend between the stories mixed into one. Seriously, update this story soon please. It has quickly become one of my favorites on this site, and let me tell you... that is now an easy thing to do. This story is so good, don't let it go abandoned or forgotten.
guest chapter 1 . 3/10
please update soon!
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