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Guest chapter 48 . 5/26
This has been an extremely good Alternate History story. The fate of the Kents is especially surprising but may well be realistic in modern society. With extremely high quality editing I suspect that this could become a series of popular graphic novels. The nature of the story would demand photorealistic artwork. I like how you introduced then shunted aside Lois. Even Steve Trevor is shunted aside. Steve and Lois are nearly interchangeable characters even in the mainstream comics. Having said all that, there are numerous misspellings and grammar errors in every chapter. somewhere along the way schools, at least in America, stopped teaching and demanding high-quality spelling, punctuation, and grammar. It has gotten so bad that both local and national newscasters are using bad grammar. I like how this story ends on a hint of a saucy note between Kal and Diana.
Guest chapter 38 . 5/25
Dear Readers, being as I once served in the U S Air Force I feel that it is necessary to clear up some mistakes. The generic term for a servicemember in the USAF is AIRMAN, or AIRMEN if there is a group of them. there is NO rank of "Private" or "Commander" in the USAF. Sadly, I'm fully aware that tv shows and movies get these kind of things wrong almost all of the time! Just imagine the frustration that the U S Space Force will feel once they become better known! For whatever it may be worth, I think that Clark and Diana are a natural fit for each other.
Guest chapter 31 . 5/25
Oh Clarkie, you got some 'splainin' to do! Back in the 50's "Superman" did a cameo on an episode of "I Love Lucy." In the 90's Lois & Clark did an homage to I Love Lucy. To all of that Krypto says "Rruff?"
Guest chapter 7 . 5/24
Trivia to ponder: In the 60's a lot of the major beer breweries had German names. The LPN program requires 11 to 13 months of study. I've heard (but CANNOT verify!) that professional nursing organizations don't like the program. However it's a good way to earn decent money and gain experience if that person wants to climb higher in the Nursing career field. By the way, the US Army has an LPN program, but you have to enlist in the Army.
Guest chapter 2 . 5/24
Abbie Hoffman's book is/was a REAL book! I've actually read it but that was a very long time ago. I don't know exactly when it came out but it must have been in the very late 1960's. On an extremely wild guess the Kents might have picked up some survival knowledge from the counterculture movement. Maybe they picked up their copy at a swap meet? I'd also guess that they bought their clothes at a Goodwill store or someplace was still possible to totally disappear in the 60's but that got increasingly more difficult by the 70's. There were a few other options that might have given them 10 to 30 more years but that would have required leaving the USA.
Guest chapter 48 . 4/19
It's pretty ironic, that even with a different upbringing, even with different situations, different allies, friends and enemies. Clark Kent becomes Superman in the end of the day. Not just in name, but in actions done and in how the world sees him.
It's wonderful that in spite of the shit the world become he's still a kind person. He has agency in the decisions he makes ie according to the situation in question, his own beliefs everything. He's still a good person. Even if he lost it all with his parents death he didn't become injustice Kal. He continued to believe in the fundamental possibility in the goodness of his fellow man. Its just heartwarming. He forgave Kori and Shayera. He didn't kill Lynch even when he wanted to. He didn't really start a fight with the justice league unnecessarily I just love it.

Now, onto the others. Hannibal's character progression...oh man. I could see him moving from coldly pragmatic about survival of his species, being a genocidal racist, travelling the universe and finally being confronted with hard truths in Despero's planet. Not only the delusions he allowed to perpetuate in his people but the ones he told himself. His quiet ever increasing desperation to save his species with the birthing matrix and finally his realization that all his searching, all the lies and all the bloodshed it was all for naught. This was a tragedy type story. You managed to make me engaged in such. The last tragedy made me physically ill and made me abandon a specific fandom because I was just so angry (they call it, Too Bleak Stopped Caring on tvtropes). You made me feel sorry for such a person like Hannibal despite everything, you made me satisfied with the whole sidestory. Would read again in the future. The whole story about Cathar, one would think it a pointless sidestory to provide a convenient alien invasion for Superman to destroy but you made it so much more than that.
The relationship with Kori. Nobody would have seen this coming at the beginning but surprisingly wholesome all together. Bonding due to being outsiders. Thumbs up to you sir.
Characterisation in my view, is this story's greatest strength. Diana's superiority complex in handling the situation when a paranoid Batman and ironically even a childlike Shazam would have pulled him into the fold in hindsight is amusing. Her not liking his name Clark is just hilarious. The fact that she keeps finding him whenever he goes out of his sanctuary made me collapse in amusement. The politics of the justice league and the fact that this doesn't change that they are fundamentally good people that they wouldn't actively stonewall each other. That Batman actually agreed to a compromise. It's a nice change in pace tbh.
The lack of a persecution complex. Both in Clark's thinking and in the story beats. You treat this people like complex characters. They make varying decisions based on the circumstances. Though the soldiers pointing guns at my guy whose busy with rescuing casualties of battle in public when he arguably singlehandedly made things leagues better, I gotta say, they stupid yo. Darwin awards to this mfckers.
The principal antagonists...the government. People don't usually say this but I'm glad this was never solved. Sometimes dangled plotlines is the right ending.

My only real criticism is Shayera. She just confuses me. Her entire story is utterly wtf is happening here.
Also, if you'd included Lex Luther as one of the antagonists, weapons manufacturer one of those rich men that take advantage of the little guy. It would be immensely satisfying to take him down a peg. Coz realistically it would be possible. You can't bring down a least without a revolution but you can bring down a robber baron. And who doesn't like to see smug bastards put down eh...
And not really a criticism tbh as it was in service to the story but the timelines here you played fast and loose with with them. ie making Kori an adult.

And also...I wouldn't mind a few sex scenes with Clark and Kori...just saying

I don't know if you'll read this after all these years but...thank you for writing this good story.
Guest chapter 48 . 3/29/2022
I love different storys of superman
Guest chapter 4 . 3/26/2022
GatorWithShades chapter 48 . 3/3/2022
I like the story, it was good. I’m a bit put down by the ending. But hey, nothings perfect
Guest chapter 23 . 1/12/2022
'Clark took a seat near the back, away from the others in attendance. He had the Smallville Crows baseball hat in his jacket pocket, having taken it off as he entered the building. It was just one of those things you do and don't even think about why you're doing it. It just seemed like the polite thing to do. As he waited for the lecture to start he idly wondered if it was where the phrase 'hat in hand' came from.'

Really? How stupid is he?
Guest chapter 19 . 1/12/2022
He knows people are looking for him and can't even bother changing a cap? Is he 5?
dyslecksec chapter 24 . 10/18/2021
The whole cat and moues thing between Diana and Clark was brilliant, I loved every moment of it.
Nagraj chapter 19 . 12/28/2020
Wonder Woman would easily capture Clark, she is a trained Amazon, but in most fan fiction she was always naive or clueless as how the world work, maybe it was mostly because of JL animated series.
Nagraj chapter 15 . 12/28/2020
Martian Manhunter is kind of villain in here, he could obviously helped the Kent's bit instead just watched from afar just to save his hide, Smallville Jones was much better portrayed. This is something I never liked in these stories of your where make life difficult for Superman without good logic or make him stupid instead of trusting guy.
Jason123456 chapter 48 . 11/17/2020
Great story. Question who was project omega? Waller had her locked up and she escaped but you never said who it was. I was guessing supergirl. But if they had no idea how to catch Clark ,how would they catch her.
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