Reviews for Final Fantasy 7: The Movie
Stratadrake chapter 3 . 5/3/2004
This hasn't been updated in over a year. It's not abandoned, is it?
So I hear the site's staff didn't like it. The only reason I can think of is the reference to real-life actors and companies. Stories -about- real-life actors/etc. aren't allowed under the site TOS ("Create Story" link, Entries Not Allowed #4), but this story isn't about the actors per sé, their names are just tossed in as reference points.
Even though this is more of a "movie" than a standard novellization or fic, I'd've liked to see a bit more description in regards to the lighting and mood of the scenes.
As a final note, maybe you should give it a PG-13 instead of a PG. It seems as if FF7 itself tends to warrant PG-13 ratings, what with all the violence/fighting and some harsh language throughout.
asdfadsfadsfasdf chapter 3 . 3/9/2004
Even though doesn't, I like this story. Especially the sexy, sexy Turks...great choices of casting! *drooling* Keep up the great work...
unamedfreak lazy to log in chapter 2 . 3/5/2004
awesome! i love it. characterization is perfect and the cast suits the characters. update soon!
oh yeah...can i have the cast list? pretty please
DarkSwordsmaster chapter 3 . 12/21/2003
I love this story. YOU BETTER REVIEW OR ELSE!lol just keep it up. this stuff is good.
Rage Aomori chapter 3 . 5/12/2003
*smiles dangerously* You will hurry up, won't you? VINCENT! *tackles*
jared chapter 2 . 11/3/2002
Make it a Cloud/Tifa Fic!
Hyne chapter 2 . 11/1/2002
Sounds very good so far! please email me with the cast! _~
RevanLight chapter 2 . 11/1/2002
Ha! Good idea. But... I have just one question. Who's playing Sephy? *hint-hint* Write faster!
drakonlily chapter 2 . 10/30/2002
WHOO HOOO it has begun... Wish I knew what movie I just quoted... oh well

I would like that final cast list... Cause I dont know it looks like fun...

Will this follow the game exactly? Whatever you do I can't wait. This is a good

Paillette chapter 2 . 10/29/2002
Excellent idea! I can almost see the movie!

Bibie chapter 2 . 10/29/2002
Hey, a nice writing ! Aeris is Natalie Portman ? lol...:) Catherine-Zeta Jones is Tifa ? lol louder...:D Mark Wahlberg is Cloud ? Grreeatt casting but I prefer Mr.T as Barret. However, pls email me for the casting...please...*winks*...
practikalmagik chapter 2 . 10/29/2002
oooh oooh i want a cast list, specially cos it has Viggo, Stephan Dorff and David Boranso(Boranaz maybe? of Angel fame, please tell me he's in it!)in there, this looks like it's gonna be fun
delphiamike18 chapter 2 . 10/29/2002
Hey, this story rocks so far. A lot of stars, and you somehow managed to match the characters with actors who not just look alike, but have a kind of personality like them!

Keep up with this one!
Reno Spiegel chapter 2 . 10/29/2002
Yay. . .glad to see this back up, and glad to see it's not post-Meteor. . . You offered, I'll ask: Can I get a casting list?

Thanks, and continue as soon as you can.
jared chapter 1 . 10/24/2002
Please let it be a Cloti fic!
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