Reviews for The Heart of an Author
James Birdsong chapter 23 . 12/16/2015
Wow. Good story perhaps but please continue soon
Vendela chapter 1 . 5/21/2014
It's a really good story, and I love the idea with a Mlp/Umineko crossover! I'm not very good at solving mysteries, but it's still funny to read, and it makes me happy that both Bernkastel and Lambdadelta are present in their pony/cat forms w Will more canon character appear? You are doing a super good job with the cast, and they really are in character :)
SunnyCloudyStormy chapter 1 . 4/11/2014
Awesome! *Press favorite)
thelittlegamers chapter 11 . 3/20/2014
Incredibly interesting. I already know Umineko, so I'm not totally helpless in the mystery part or the rules of the game. I'm assuming as few as possible, to not corrupt the search of the truth, but there is obviously some links between both or it wouldn't be a crossover between MLP and Umineko. I will try to write some of my thoughts, which can evidently be true or false. Theory time!

Fluttershy was the caretaker of the house for months. Far enough time to create the story of the Dragon-Mare - story that wasn't found in the library by Twilight, by the way. In the first chapters, she pointedly said she wanted to make an unforgettable memory of this meeting. She was also the one to introduce the legend of the Dragon-Mare and in the first murder, her body was conspicuously made unrecognisable.

Rainbow Dash was the one in charge of the weather. Strange how the weather turned out to become worse and worse, even with such a good weather pony to attend to? When she can - and strangely did - pierce the clouds to make innocent departs? She was also obviously and pointedly unfazed by the first murders and a willing participant of the telling of the Dragon-Mare story.

I would wager that in the beginning it was all a game, a way to spice things up, to make an interesting and unforgettable fake murder mystery for Twilight. It was probably prepared for months by Fluttershy, with at least the help of Rainbow Dash. Of course, Celestia and Luna were never present. They were probably told about the game and asked to come later. Pinkie Pie was probably in, too, but her participation is kind of murky to me.

I think nobody died for the first murder. Pinkie Pie was faking her death, and the body of "Fluttershy" was probably not the body of Fluttershy. She was hiding somewhere in the house. Her knowledge of the house and her servant key were needed to spice things during the game. At midnight, she would have unveiled herself and thrown a party, or whatever.

Rainbow Dash was the one to put the first letter down, obviously.

If you look at the second murders, and specifically at the reaction of Rainbow Dash, you can have the feeling that something really did go wrong. She instantly becomes incoherent and loses all her composure. She simply can't understand what just happened and react by broking the playground and trying to force everyone out. I'm assuming she doesn't know if it's part of the game or no, and that frightens her.

She tries to create a whirlwind, stumbles, fall, and injuries herself. Fluttershy, none the wiser, or maybe worried that the game went too far, puts a letter where she asks Twilight to come see her at midnight. At midnight, Twilight is so hysterical she kills Fluttershy and herself (and maybe Pinkie Pie) using magic, before Fluttershy gets the chance to unveil herself.

End of the story. Except for.

What exactly happened with the second murders? I think it was a suicide, but for some reason I can't honestly discern with clarity. The love story between Rarity and Applejack was obviously here for something. I think they didn't know about the game, became frightened, some lovey dovey thing happened, and they decided to kill themselves before being killed by the murderer. Which ironically didn't exist.

There is several alternative interpretation for the second murders. In one, Rarity and Applejack did know about the fake murders, and decided to fake a suicide too, without telling Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash didn't understand it and badly reacted. In another, Rarity and Applejack wanted to fake a suicide, but Rainbow Dash came so quickly she caused a deadly accident.
Guest chapter 11 . 3/18/2014
I really enjoyed the story.