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the last hunter chapter 23 . 11/29
I find myself saddened at the thought of not being able to continue reading this since this is the last available chapter, I will be thoroughly overjoyed to begin reading any new chapters that find themselves here.
May yours words always be silver, wordsmith
nevergreen chapter 23 . 11/24
Hope to read more from you soon :) this is excellent, I love the way you write Harry. Is there a pairing or is this going to be gen?

Fingers crossed there is a lot more!
Lord Claw chapter 23 . 11/13
This is a very good crossover, I find myself much less interested in the parted where Harry returns to earth and just wanting to see your version of Fem-Harry in middle earth.
SixPerfections chapter 7 . 11/4
Don't they have gender pronouns? I'm fairly certain Harry would be upset the moment she realized everyone thought she was a man.
TheFanFicDevourer chapter 2 . 11/2
Your his/her pronouns are starting to flop in this chapter, mainly when Dumbledore visits to tell Harry of what he knows. Aside from that it's really good so far and I like how you've fixed a few of the errors made by the author of the original fic. Just wondering though is Harry going to be her actual name or is it short for something? Doesn't really matter much, but I was curious. Good job so far though and thank you for writing.
carisa.bruderer chapter 23 . 10/29
Hope for more soon.
Psyka chapter 23 . 10/21
Awesome great chapter so did Fawks like meld with Dumbledore or something please update again soon please can't wait for the next chapter
Blob chapter 23 . 10/21
Love your writing, can't wait to read more from you :)
Master Bombadil chapter 23 . 10/16
Glad I found this story! The original one was one of my favorites, though I don't remember much of it.

Did Madam Pince have a copy of the animagus book in her desk because she was reading it? It occurs to me that Harry could return it now.

I got a good laugh out of Eomer's reasoning about Harry appearing as a girl to be underestimated. It sounds like exactly the sort of thing a medieval prince might think.

Gollum's dream about killing Hedwig alarmed me...I'm glad she didn't really die. I kind of want to see her drop him in Mt. Doom.

Going to check out your other fics now.
Currently Blank chapter 1 . 10/16
Love this story. Can't wait to see what happens next:D
Lamreal chapter 1 . 10/7
i like the idea of the story, i just cant get a girl called harry to flow... its fracking my mind, lol
Merlenyn chapter 23 . 10/1
So, I'm guessing somehow that Fawkes merged with Dumbledore? Sorta maybe? Hmm... I suppose we'll have to wait and find out later or something... lol

Anywho, loving it! Hopefully not too much time has passed since she went back this time... since it's been a couple days in her world now. And hopefully the broom goes with her and she also finds her animagus form and all that fun stuff. Also, I wonder if she'll be there for the lighting of the beacons or if Gandalf and Pippin have managed to accomplish that before she returns? And what about Denethor... will they get through to him at all or will he be doomed? And Faramir! I LIKE Faramir, and I want him to survive too like he's supposed to in canon... and I continue to hope that things go well with Frodo and Sam and that Golum doesn't get a chance to kill Hedwig...

As for everything else, I love that she's figured out a way to master Occulamency even if it required her to focus on pain and stuff first, perhaps after a while of getting used to it she can focus on something other than pain? And yea, it'd be kinda amusing to find out what Snape's reaction to her story is... lol I wonder what'll happen when the war is over though? Will she go home and never return to Middle Earth? That'd be kinda sad, it'd be kinda nice if she was able to go back later if she wanted to, like if she ever actually started to like someone there and wanted to stay with them. I think I remember reading that the travelers usually stop traveling once their mission has been accomplished... but Harry's always seemed to be an exception to the rules, so I suppose we'll have to wait and see! Hopefully whatever she learns while there helps with the war against Voldy, perhaps she brings back something that can help? I know other's trying to travel with her might end up dead, but it'd be kinda interesting if someone came back with her in the end. heh But again, time will tell. I'm just looking forward to more story! And maybe some more for "This Isn't Even My Final Form." :)
Counting Sinful Stars chapter 23 . 9/29
This is such an amazing fic! I love it so much! You're doing an incredible job. :)

You mentioned pairings for Harry at one point? What about Aragorn/Harry? (I know he's with Arwen in canon but...)
Guest chapter 9 . 9/27
Yeah;you have really written everyone in the fellowship as a moron for not noticing that she is a female. Lazy writing.
Guest chapter 3 . 9/27
Messed up pronouns many times. Did you just copy the other story and forget to edit it?
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