Reviews for Mass Effect: The New Face of War
tanithlipsky chapter 55 . 2/16
very good.
The Wandering Reader chapter 55 . 2/7
Finally caught up with the latest chapter, And I must say Prof. You've got a lot of stuff brewing here indeed. These game of subterfuge between Chris, Ed and Jack is going to be interesting once The Reapers arrive. When that particular word was uttered by those three Saltorians a couple of chapters ago, I knew shit was going to get real. I'm looking forward to see how this guys Prof! The plot thickens, and we probably haven't gotten to the climax yet!
Zhilo chapter 55 . 2/1
Ah damn, i had forgotten the Geth existed by this point in the story, I cant help but be excited for what will happen when they mix up with the political mess that's currently going on!
I can hardly wait for the next installment of your story, but I understand the difficulties in keeping up with deadlines, specially with a work with this kind of polish. I am simply grateful you keep the story going and are resolute to see it to its end, and I am certain i will go along for the ride until the finish, because i doubt your story is going to release me from its grip before that.
Janizary chapter 55 . 2/2
Nice mission for the mobile platform. yay.
Druc1fer chapter 55 . 2/1
This was good if way too short. I 're-read all the turian's lines in Benedict Cumberbach's voice after I got to the end. I do have a concern though. I hope all this awesome tension you've built up isn' t rendered moot by the excuse of "the evil nanotech made us do it" when we get to the sequel.
V-rcingetorix chapter 55 . 1/31

Heh, hah.

Hmm ... heh ... hah.


Seriously, this is some good stuff. The subtlety I expected, with the taste of craziness for which I was hoping.

The time scale seems to be only a week for roughly 10-15 chapters? That's a lot in one week, lol.

Of course, the biggie in this chapter is the reveal at the end. I really like how you play with the god-like imagery, the titanic force versus the unstoppable object. It appears you have made the turian (tentatively labeled 'Saren'?) a super-powered biotic - on the level of a Matriarch at least.

As an aside, I think I've already suggested a few pages for biotic lore, and how it's measured in the galaxy, so bueno on that!

Anyway, the theme you've been following: gods fight titans, titans make man. It goes back to Greek lore, where Prometheus (titan of wisdom, cunning and forsight, depending on the translation and academic) makes mankind. Or Norse lore, where the giants and gods know they will fight, and who will win ... but prepare all the same. There, mankind is the deciding factor.

Two typos: 'what you are want to do' I think you mean 'wont'? It's Old English, so I don't blame you for missing it.

Also, 'the big buy' ... I think you mean 'guy' once more. Unless it's an interstellar sale ;)

Keep it up, and glad to see it going still! *sits down attentively*

You have my attention.
ErnestTheGuy chapter 55 . 1/31
Yay plot
maesde chapter 55 . 1/31
Of course, why not bargain with an eons old machine bent on destroying galactic life. Because of course you can use it to wipe out humans first. That is, if they even limit themselves.

Fucking Council.
The Impossible Muffin chapter 55 . 1/31
Harbinger, I've come to bargain!
Strykeruk chapter 55 . 1/31
'slow clap for the idiots bargaining with the Reapers'

Very good chapter though.
mundanebeast chapter 54 . 1/23
Excellent chapter
WorldStrider chapter 6 . 1/16
Hey, quite enjoying your story at the moment, but just spotted some mistakes to point out. I know you're basing a lot of this on the US military, but why would they still be using Humvees and and to a lesser extent helicopters two hundred years in the future? I did laugh when I read that and had a Jackie Chan meme moment, I was wondering when the Abraham MBTs would turn up. IRL Humvees are already being replaced and VTOL's would have replaced helicopters that far in the future, with no evidence of helicopters being around in the Mass effect universe. Even with this being AU, VTOLs totally outclass helicopters in every fashion so they would have been replaced. The only reason we still use helicopters today is because VTOL technology is still in it's early stages and working units are expensive to maintain and slightly less unreliable due to the amount of moving parts. Just thought I would point that out.

Oh, and the Orbital Drop Death Dealers...the name is so silly it's kinda triggering me :D. If you're going to copy the ODSTs just call them that, loads of people do and no one minds as the names too cool to pass up.
Pleaseworkforonce chapter 54 . 1/7
I love this story. The only parts that seem poorly thought out is the Sigma civil war, and the numbers for the navy. I personally don't like the Sigma civil war because it feels like it is poorly written fanfiction of THIS story. Taking well written characters and making them out of character as an excuse to have a bad ass fight.
With the naval numbers, it's just you have not told us how the hell the Allaince is putting out such an ungodly amount of ships. Like when I try to think of ways that they could pump out that many ships, I think of robotic factories eating large asteroids or even small planets to synthesize the raw material needed. Honestly AIs can fix the numbers problem easily. We just need to be given details on how it's happening.
AmethystPone chapter 23 . 1/4
So Cerberus here seems to play less like a true terrorist organization and more a Dark Shadow casted by the Light.
And they already have some knowledge of Reaper.
AmethystPone chapter 16 . 1/4
Turning this into Imperium of Man - Warhammer 40K isn't a good excuse to remove a characteristic of a character.

A character isn't a character without characters, for that is what make the character charactiscally unique and interesting.

Now he is just an empty killing machine that is comparable to Mary Sue Space Marine.
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