Reviews for Mass Effect: The New Face of War
Guest chapter 61 . 9/4
Oh you big motherfucker, i See something big on the horizon. Now this theory is Based on the existence of the catalyst, but it goes like this.
So Spokane want to Use the combined Power of the reapers and the Catalyst to travel through time to get his family back, question is who much will get screwed over in the mean time,
Chris works wants to Play Ingenieer while being the public face of Cerberus so work to the Evolution of mankind. In addition the Evolution of the sigmas because there is no way He not predicted that one.
Shepard... He will succed the ones, but what will happen with his mum? Let's See, i am still looking forward to the point where the old Team from me1 comes together.
And I See a big Shepard Miranda pairing on the horizon.
Well those are my thoughts, let's See what the Future mal bring.
The Prime Cronos chapter 59 . 9/3
So much for the innocence of the last character , well that was really fubar!
awsomeguy chapter 54 . 8/24
does hannah ever find out that john is her son?
The Prime Cronos chapter 43 . 8/26
Well Fuck yeah! Now that gave me one big shiver running down my back. Can't wait till the shit hits the fan
CMVreud chapter 60 . 8/6
Now THIS, is the first step on the road to something great, but terrible.
If you did this last paragraphs at (was it 'in media res?) the beginning, as Prologue, it would've become legen- wait for it -dary, even more than such as you did and wrote.
CMVreud chapter 59 . 8/6
WHat in all bloody FUCKS!?
Do you make every of your creations and/or plotline this... this... infuriating?
Goddamnit, I like it. It's really some time ago since I read something this life inducing.
CMVreud chapter 58 . 8/6
CMVreud chapter 57 . 8/6
Okay, this chapter has gone from #woooh~PLOT, #holdmybeer and #letsdothis to #justWTF and #howdumbisthisbitch.
Because, really, my view may be clouded by logic and undrunkenness, but really, how dumb is this bitch?
Toothless is best chapter 61 . 7/30
there's only a few stories i fell in love with as much as this one.
awesomeness-rocks chapter 61 . 7/27
The main issue I have always had with ME first contact stories is the fact that they always felt like vaguely related one-shots do to the fact that they take place over a long period of time and rarely have a constant set of characters due to the fact they focus more on world building and major events then the smaller relaships and charcters that are in those events.

You thankfully don't do that and the charcter devolpment of John, Miranda, and the s2 is one of the main highlights. Well that and the fact you are a incredible writer with your foreshadowing, (Tho halo), and the complete rewriting of everything mass effect.

This is a story that paints a bleak yet beautiful picture of humanity, war, and the lengths the former are willing to go to win the later. The charcters intentions blur the line between good and evil and shows the world It just all feels vivid relistic and real.

My only (2) complaint is the lack of love, relaships, or even crushes in a story. I get the fact that most of the main characters S2 and Chris are more robot then human, but still with a dozen main characters I have not seen one hint of a relaships. I hope you add one in there choughJohnMiranda cough

My only other issue is the fact that there is so many main characters often disrupts the flow of the story. All the main characters are well devolped and wonderful I often find them taking a second fidle to john who is who the storys plot runs through. Due to this and the fact you switch charcters at cliff hangers I would find myself scimming to get back to John.

I personally would have preferred One main characters with flashes of perspective of there but oh well 2 late now and I'm sure others disagree with me


John S1-1 is John S2-15 father
John kills Hannna after she kills Chris
Humans are warlike because the promethans made them so to combat the reapers

PS. Apologies for spelling had to write this fast cause I need sleep
Guest chapter 2 . 7/23
Review? This story makes me moist like Niagara
FPSCanarussia chapter 2 . 7/22
Why do people think the heart is in the left side of the chest? It's in the centre.
Anon chapter 15 . 7/19
I just quit reading your story. Wonder how many others did the same.
The Prime Cronos chapter 23 . 7/18
I saw what you did there, planting idias of how to battle the reapers. :D
Matthias8706 chapter 61 . 7/17
There he is! Been waiting for him to show up.

Great last two chapters, since i forgot to comment on the last one, see you in the next work!
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