Reviews for Merlyn Meet Arthur
Peppermint and Alihotsy chapter 1 . 1/27/2014
Okay, I hope that Marc and Andrew read this, because this is officially canon in my head. Like, now. And in my head, Laurel cuddles with Arthur because she misses Tommy (when she's not busy popping pills and being all lawyer-y), and she takes him on walks, and sometimes Thea does, and maybe even Felicity...

Oh. My. I think the show *really* needs to get a golden retriever for Laurel now and name him Arthur. Just saying.

Also, Laurel got Tommy a puppy! And it's a golden retriever, to be all golden like King Arthur! And his name is Arthur! fdjaklf;jdsl;fjdasl;jfasdkf;asdj! I can't handle it. Sooo many feels. And now I miss Tommy. :( What a great story- thanks so much for writing this!