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PPG evil's wrath chapter 1 . 11/18/2014
chapter 1:

the city of townsville, it was a peaceful day when the girls and the professor are getting ready for the best fall of their lives, ah the beautiful fall season on November when who's this girl in black and who's the puff in black? what do they want? the girl in a black dress with a long ponytail with bangs covering her right eye stares at the people of Townsville. she quietly says "the foolish people should parish... along the wrath of all darkness and villains..." at the powerpuff girls' house they start making new powerpuffs. Professor added the ingredients to the concoction and added the final ingredient and a huge explosion appears and there were two special powerpuffs, one is a girl with light violet eyes, had a light violet dress and has green hair with messy pigtails. a boy with blue eyes, has a blue cap backwards, has yellow hair but he has blossom's bangs, has a blue shirt with a stripe, has black pants with black sneakers. the girl in violet says "hello there, who are you?" the professor explains "well, my name is Professor Utonium, and these are your sisters" Blossom greets herself to the new puffs "hello there you two, I am Blossom and that's Bubbles and Buttercup" she points to them. Bubbles excitedly jumps up and down and screams out loud "WE HAVE A NEW BROTHER AND SISTER!" the boy in blue asked "why are you so excited blue girl?" the girl in violet says "um, what's our names?" Blossom realized and says "oh that, how about... Beatrice?" Bubbles cuts in and says "how about Bunny?" Blossom says to Bubbles "her color is almost like Bunny's" the boy in blue asks "who the hell is Bunny?" Blossom explains " well, she was made differently than us... she saved us and... she dissolved into her original ingredient..." her eyes shows tears for what happened to her sister... the girl in violet sadly goes to her and tells her "it's okay sis... where ever she is... she'll always be in your heart and in your memory..." Blossom says "you're right, how about Beauty?" Beauty smiles happily and says "I love that name" the boy in blue complains " WHAT ABOUT ME?!" Buttercup says "how about we name you bruse?" the girls complains "BRUSE?!" Bubbles complains "YOU CAN'T CALL HIM BRUSE!" Blossom says "it's not even a good name! name your own kid Bruse BC!" Buttercup yells back "SHUT UP!" the boy is not impressed with the girls. the professor goes to him and says "what about Zak?" Zak was impressed with the name he gave him. the girls stops fighting for what the Professor said. Blossom guided Zak to their room and gave Zak a bed instead of sharing the whole bed. later at night, when everybody is asleep, the girl in black appears in their bedroom and steals Blossom's bow, Bubbles' octi, Buttercup's blankie, and Zak's hat and disappears.

to be continue...
Guest chapter 4 . 5/7/2014
this was a pretty scary story that could scare alot of people but i really enjoyed it
cala chapter 1 . 12/24/2013
bubbles is a VAIMBIRE?!
kitteyz chapter 4 . 11/17/2013
yayz i finished it in one night!
Kitteyz chapter 1 . 11/17/2013
3 must keep reading...
Chaos Matsubara chapter 4 . 10/25/2012
i loved the fanfic.
i love it when buttercup is the lead, too many things are about bubbles and blossom.
charisma chapter 4 . 5/18/2012
so anyway think of some songs that fit this fic to name a few by WITHIN TEMPTATION In the middle of the night a demon's fate

the howling our solemn hour dark lantern by mandragora scream

hell by disturbed
Natey-Night chapter 1 . 12/30/2010
listin to Rihanna Disturbia when you read this
egwghegweqgqf chapter 4 . 9/9/2009
Wow, that was so awesome! I have to say, the girls as vampires would look pretty cool... : )
carlie chapter 4 . 8/8/2004
i,ve read [immortality syndrome] a while back m hm that was just okay this fic [sisters of night]is much better i end up noticing a lot of similarities between this fic and immortality syndrome that one part in this fic where bubbles beat up blossom towards the end of the first chapter that was trippy blossom followed bubbles to what was going on with her unaware that she,s become a vampire not only does she have fangs now but she,s become increasingly stronger and she converted blossom into a vampire making her stronger as well leaving buttercup normal with her average super strength which could be an unfair advantage on buttercup,s behalf as she fights against her pale looking sisters she almost did not fare so well against them oh yeah this is reminiscent of i.s except that buttercup is where bubbles was
autumn chapter 3 . 6/21/2004
mua ha ha ha ha man are blossom and bubbles certainly evil as little vampire puffs {vampire bubbles} join us buttercup don,t you want to see for yourself what it,s like to be a creature of darkness :she opens her mouth revealing her razor sharp fangs: an extremely evil look on her face/ it,s really invigorating the pleasure of tasting blood and feeling it trickle down your mouth after you bite your victim,s neck {bcup} you,re crazy what,s so satisfying about that it sounds disgusting to me even worse than kissing boys :yuck blah {vampire blossom} oh buttercup you,re so naive and ignorant but once you,ve become a vampire like bubbles and i already have you,ll love the taste of blood. {bcup} but girls no you can,t {bubbles}oh yes we can what,s going to stop us who,s going to stop us we,re stronger and faster even more so than we were before. it was an eye opening experience wasn,t it blossom {blossom} it certainly was bubbles and now we,re going to show buttercup just how life changing it was for us/ {bcup} hey girls look there is a red dragon behind you with purple eyes singing {my december} and his name is priscilla ; they say ; what where :urn around: and while the girls backs are turned buttercup makes a run for it flying away from them :bubbles noticing her escaping: {yells} get her don,t let her escape blossom :bubbles looks quite angry that their prey escaped {blossom who also looks quite angry} gets into a battle stance spreading her legs apart and her arms as well} they fly after her: bubbles looks quite furious: her eyes glow red as she fires lethal red twin blasts of light from her eyes they shoot forward narrowly missing bcup and striking a bus blossom fires her own eyebeams also missing and striking a car buttercup tries desperately to lose and elude her attackers who are also her sisters muhah aha ha
kristina chapter 4 . 8/14/2003
yet another great comic adaptation bites the dust the comic version of this fic is going to be so damn sweet BLOSSOM AND BUBBLES WERE SO EVIL IN THE FIC I CAN JUST IMAGINE HOW COOL A VISUAL REPRESENTATION OF {SISTERS OF NIGHT}WILL BE THE POWERPUFFGIRLS ROCK THEY ROCK SO HARD AND I,M A DEVOTED TRUE BLUE DIEHARD PPG FAN YEAH BABY YEAH the ppg are so fuckin awesome go for it polychrome your comic adaptation of this fic is going to be so cool and i do hope that you succeed in this project
Tortured Artist chapter 4 . 2/16/2003
Powerpuffs and vampires. What an excellent combination. That was great story.
jessica kat chapter 4 . 11/15/2002
i agree with everyone who says this is similar to (immortality syndrome}only with buttercup in the same dire situation that bubbles was in it was kind of cool how buttercup almost lost to blossom and bubbles she had a hard time combating them physically for two reasons 1 they were stronger and faster than her 2 they are her sisters and she does not want to hurt them if she can help it
DanielJacksonMPC is GAY chapter 4 . 11/12/2002
Nice ending to the story Parsec. It's a good thing I looked back in the list; I would have missed this otherwise. I'm glad it didn't turn into another IS with vampires for spice.
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