Reviews for Marriage Contracts and Other Headaches
Windchimed chapter 19 . 6/11
What a brilliant fate for Lydia! Thank you for sharing this story!
Windchimed chapter 16 . 6/11
This was a very interesting way to handle the Lydia/Wickham dynamic! I suspect there's more to Wickham's death than we've learned so far, but even if there isn't, this was refreshingly original.
EmlynMara chapter 19 . 5/7
Sweet fun story. Thanks for sharing.
Thankyouchi chapter 15 . 4/25
Thanks. I enjoy your bathtub of fluff and Wickham's ending.
tarlily chapter 19 . 2/17
Yes, I want to see them matchmaking for the Colonel and Georgiana! I've really enjoyed reading your story. Write again SOON.
tarlily chapter 18 . 2/17
Fluff with a drop of favorite recipe!
tarlily chapter 16 . 2/17
Hehehe...oh no! What a way to go...well at least he was with
tarlily chapter 15 . 2/17
Old bat!...oh, that's priceless! As for Wickham, he's no longer funny.
tarlily chapter 14 . 2/17
Oh oh, I have a feeling that Lydia is up to no good! So what's new about that?
tarlily chapter 11 . 2/17
That Wickham is delusional!
tarlily chapter 8 . 2/17
Ugh! He's the last thing they need.
tarlily chapter 7 . 2/17
Ahhh, the sparks are flying!
tarlily chapter 6 . 2/17
Haha, that's so kind of Bingley! Always thinking of the other
RomanticLover1 chapter 19 . 2/17
I felt that this story was both slightly on the short side and perfect at the same time!
I think you had a fantastic plot and it was well written, although I do think that it lost a bit of description towards the end.
I did like how everyone had a happy ending! I also thought Lydia's ending with a shipping business was a very original idea, which I have never seen for her (usually she ends in misery or a stable husband).
If you do write a sequel, I look forward to reading it! I also look forward to reading your other works when published (have read The Dastardly Mr Hurst and the Cowardly Mr Bingley, which was also great).
LAB1 chapter 19 . 12/20/2016
Super cute story! Just the right amount of angst and intrigue!
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