Reviews for Weiss Reacts: Volume 1!
haydenunstopable chapter 53 . 6/23
This actually is really good. Dont doubt your abilities, no, talent
haydenunstopable chapter 3 . 6/17
I think it would have been better to have all 4 at the same time react to their trailers
Lazerwolf2000 chapter 1 . 3/30
Watcher of ways chapter 100 . 3/26
Can I have some persona 5 please?
Watcher of ways chapter 99 . 3/26
... that's it! Someone get me lady pentagast, the elf, the ice queen, and Inquisitor travelyn...YESTERDAY PEOPLE!
Watcher of ways chapter 98 . 3/26
SERIOUSLY! I cannot be the only one who's fighting the urge to conscript the rebellion...i-i mean the mages, no t-t-the Confederacy yes that's it the Confederacy!
Watcher of ways chapter 97 . 3/26
Did anyone else get PTSD induced flashbacks of dragon age Inquisition? Just me ok I'll go set with the elf she's the only sane one around here anyway.
Axcel chapter 2 . 3/20
Lol that looks like ninety percent of fics.
Leah Kazuno chapter 10 . 3/12
Should have been Ruler, I say. Or Ruler Alter Avenger.
Watcher of ways chapter 89 . 3/8
Out of Anton a epxy for a certain blonde hair alchemist or a certain bearded pirate who makes natural disasters with his powers?
Watcher of ways chapter 87 . 3/8
Wow...just wow. I'm guessing that the keyblades come out next year though.
Watcher of ways chapter 83 . 3/7
Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Beowulf end with the Beowulf getting killed by a dragon?
Watcher of ways chapter 78 . 3/6
...Is it bad that my favorite personality just so happens to be my favorite coffee drink? Also mocha! Don't you know that you have to make velvet accidentally kill Weiss before you can claim her? I thought that was yandere 101?
Watcher of ways chapter 77 . 3/6
*Sees tohru, squees nternally.*
*Finds out she's not the exchange student* Bad Elfie bad!
*Finds out that the transfer student is from a persona game I never heard of before.* Who in the name of Igor is that!
Watcher of ways chapter 75 . 3/6
I just realized...Weiss is a coralian!
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