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none chapter 2 . 1/15/2010
I tried to give blood once but the gay thing was not on there.
Bunny-Snake chapter 2 . 12/7/2009
I luv this story I have to state that even if I am christian go to church dont swear and stuff like that I do not discrimiinate so dont judge all christians like that plz xD
Inna chapter 7 . 3/4/2009
I'm so glad this story's around. Continue at it!...Even though you haven't been for awhile now. Anyway. I feel lots better. I live in the liberal Northeast US and all, but my mom is a huge right-wing Christian; she wants to illegal-ize gay marriage (I'm kinda lazy right now and I don't wanna figure out the real word meaning "to make illegal"), is against gays in general, says that Islam is violent, yadda yadda yadda...I, on the other hand, am liberal (though Christian, too). It's very tiring, especially that I'm still in high school and can't move out yet. So to summarize: this brightens my day.
timme chapter 4 . 4/28/2008
kurama offers to help induce the abortion, but the one he loves most in the world was an unwanted child with a bad life growing up, but is happy now. kinda hypocritical?

i do believe in choice, but i also believe the woman should choose to keep the child, especially if the conception happened consensually without and health complications. money isn't a good reason to kill what could be your kid, let alone "assuming" the kid wouldnt' have a good life if it was lead to adoption, just because of a few statistics? bull. there are many organizations that specialize in matching unborn babies with families that want to adopt them. there are always so many that want newborns.

sorry; i'm not standing on a soapbox here, and i think these fics are a good idea, but it just seems that they were a bit too accepting here. friends also try to discourage friends from bad or hasty choices, especially when they are too deeply involved in the issue to see the long-term affects. most woman never recover from aborting a child.
yllom21 chapter 7 . 2/15/2007
Very interesting story. I agree with all your points, especially homosexuality. I also agree with the entire American thing. I don't know if you're American or not, but I'm a yankee and you'd be surprised by how many people want Bush gone. I don't know one single person that supports him.
Kurama's death angel chapter 7 . 10/19/2006
... this is very accurate to what is happening now i think is one of the most realistic and detailed fanfic ive ever read . i hope this contenues i like the insite of this keep it up! _
Anna Jaganshi chapter 7 . 10/13/2006
lol I'm relly getting into this you two! Keep it up, I REALLY wanna see how this turns out!
Mandi chapter 4 . 9/27/2006
Hey there, just wanted to say I like the hypocrites you are finding, very amusing, and all too true. I just felt I had to say something with this chapter, however- about adoption. While it may be true that older children and fosters who are put up for adoption, usually past the age of two, may have trouble adjusting, that isn't so for babies, especially if they are adopted shortly after birth. In most cases, they are as well adjusted, maybe better than their peers, and grow up to be very successful. This may be bacause the parents who adopt them can't have children any other way, so are extra protective and nurtering to the ones they adopt. Anywho- I've done research on this subject for various education am adopted myself :) I'm just shy of completing my docterates in earth science and education, so I"d say I'm a pretty good example to go by :)
Nanashi Tsurunaji chapter 7 . 12/1/2005
I think, because of this fic, I need to go do some more research on current events.

However, I DO know why 'good' christians don't like sodomites. Goes back to the story of Lot, who lived in Sodom. E-mail me if your interested in the full story, and I'll try to dig up the site I found it on. I wouldn't want to bore you with details if you don't want to know.

~*God loves everyone. Except gays. And Jews. And that black kid in the back.*~
borderline-mary chapter 7 . 9/6/2005
Very powerful, like the first four chapters. I appreciate that you addressed this particular issue: it's all very well and good to hate the way things are, but it's just as bad to be negligent and refuse to do anything about it. A very good point. Many who bring up issues like the ones in previous chapters are right, but few point out that we can bring about change ourselves if we weren't so lazy. Note that I'm talking about social reform; you were correct in saying that people who are poor are not necessarily that way because they're lazy. And you can be poor and still affect social affairs. In any case, wonderful story (which I'm glad didn't get booted from the site) and I wish you were still doing more chapters.
borderline-mary chapter 4 . 8/31/2005
I haven't the time to read more because I have class in ten minutes, but I wanted to review and let you two know that I really enjoyed the four chapters I have so far read. You feel very strongly about these issues, and I happen to agree; what I want to applaud, however, is your unashamed statement of your views. Bravo. I will read the rest of the chapters after class.
tentailedkitsune chapter 6 . 7/24/2005
To quote BHS: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Finally, someone said it in a way that won’t get them thrown in jail for treason! This fic is going on my faves, and I’m going to check out those links you offered in the notes. It’s true, how Bush is running this country to the ground in the midst of another Red Scare.

People are the most amazingly stupid things on the face of this poor, battered earth. Every time someone starts to talk about the virtues of democracy, I like to remind them that Hitler was elected democratically. And I think Stalin was, too…not sure on that one.

As for your University of Discrimination, I’d like to add that at Baylor University in Texas, a student was expelled because he was gay. Well, it’s more like the university stripped him of his scholarships and he couldn’t pay, so he was forced to drop out. He spammed the school staffs’ emails, (not a smart move) and is now facing criminal charges. I will only say this: The school started it.

Your Beginning of WW I chapter scared me because I’ve been worrying about something like that actually happening. When it does, anyone who wants to organize a protest march or hunger strike or something, feel free to contact me! In fact, there is a new edict in the process of becoming official that will change immigration laws. I don’t really know how it will affect minorities other than transsexuals, and I don’t have the link to the site, but it will force all documents to show the birth gender of the person, meaning that transgendered persons will be open to discrimination by police and health care professionals.

On a related note, there is a new law that will allow doctors to refuse to treat a patient who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. It also expands to allow doctors and other health care professionals to refuse to treat people based on their religion, gender, ethnic origin, and race.

Same sex marriage is legal in Canada! I’m moving up there!

I hate the United States.

I just wanted to comment on a few of the other reviews I read. I'm sorry this is such a long review.

BHS: I know what you’re talking about. I think it’s called reverse racism, and I see it in my school all the time, mostly between the Hispanic students and the whites, since there are maybe four black students in our entire school. And it’s okay, I’m non-confrontational at school too.

foxgal: the only good news I can tell you is that Bush can’t be elected for three terms in a row. I think. He may try to change that…

animesbabe: Don’t worry, you spelled homophobia right. Don’t let your age deter you from getting involved. You are never too young to let your voice be heard. If you have an opportunity to change the world for the better, use it.

Pepsi Gal: No one is attacking you; I’m sure everyone can agree that we all know at least one Christian who is tolerant and not a total jackass. Personally, I know two.

Bloody Cross: I couldn’t agree with you more, about both the Pro-Family crap and the stupidity of not accepting gay blood donors. Gay people have families, too! And STDs are now far more common in heterosexual people. And yes, these authors are doing something right.
Bibliotheque chapter 7 . 7/21/2005
I love this fic. You know what you should do one on? Racial discrimination. This happened to me in class once-I'm white, by the way-: I was sitting next to this black girl, and our teacher told us to get a science book to look something up in. The girl's purse was on top of the pile of books, so I picked it up and carefully put it down right next to the pile so I could get a book. ANyway, when the girl went to get a book, she's all like, "Whatchoo messin' with my stuff for, bitch?" I didnt' say anything-I'm very unaggressive, sadly-, but just sat there. Anyway, the girl gets a book. Her friend-who is also black-does too, and in the process of doing so, knocks the purse onto the floor. The girl just keeps talking with her friend like nothing happened.

Also, you should write about discrimination against just, y'know, people 'cause they're different. See, at school, I'm always really quiet, and I wear really baggy clothes and I wear glasses and I'm in advanced classes, so people are always picking on me-yelling at me, being generally mean, throwing things at me, making fun of me, stuff like that. ANyway, yeah. ALso, they try to act all friendly so I'll help them with assignments. God, it's SO annoying.

Anyway, there's a couple of ideas. Go on those, would you? ANyway, update soon, this is wonderful, okay?
Bibliotheque chapter 6 . 7/21/2005
THANK YOU! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU! MARRY ME, PLEASE! Ahem. Sorry. I am SO tired of people treating emails and IMs and even FANFICS like they're not really writing! I mean, it's SO annoying! GOD! No wonder so many people are illiterate! In my SEVENTH-GRADE English class, we had to go over writing complete sentences! Why are people so stupid? GOD! I'm sorry, really, but I have a passionate love of writing-and I'm good at it-and people not taking it seriously really annoys me.
Bibliotheque chapter 5 . 7/21/2005
I like better too, although HAS got more options...I agree with what you're saying-we're really screwed-up. I don't think we're the good guys. I actually really don't like America-we're stupid and fat and homophobic and narrow-minded and everyone except Britain hates us. We're screwing things up really bad, but it'll right itself eventually, becuase that's just how those things work. Of course, people will suffer, so they'll try to fix it sooner, and it'll get fixed. Isn't that wonderful? And lately, lots of places-like fanfiction sites, for example-have had pretty wide-spread gay-support, and those things are becoming more and more popular every day. So, it'll eventually get resolved. Well, that's what I believe. I mean, seriously, think of the outrage if, say, gay porn was banned-I know about ninety percent of the heterosexual men in the US would bitterly complain about the lack of lesbain material (-_-0), and there'd probably be riots and stuff. I am pro-just-about-everything-open-minded-and-tolerant. Ha! Go me. Anyway, this fic brings up alot of good points. And I don't think your fic can get banned just because people don't like what it says-the moderators have to obey the rules, and not all people are horrible. Reviewers can be icky, though.
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