Reviews for Gladly Broken
Princess of Imagination chapter 1 . 7/7/2014
Sweet! Loved this one shot! Very well written!
miischall chapter 1 . 5/29/2014
Getting2KnowL chapter 1 . 2/19/2014
This whole story was absolutely brilliant! I love how well you captured Sherlock, from his ants in the pants nature at the waiting room (Bored!) to Molly being the one to babysit him, as well as have planned to keep him entertained by finding old case files. But this bit, was my FAVORITE!

"I am expecting a Mary or even a Mario in any of you kids' names, by the way." The blonde woman chuckled.

"Don't hold your breath for that to happen." Sherlock rolled his eyes. "My mother – she became fond of you during the time you spent there – will begin to bother me and, oh, god I can almost see her begging me for a grandchild soon. She knows Mycroft can't even touch people without getting nauseated, so all her hopes fall on me." He made a sad face and sighed, as if in pity. "Poor old and mentally ill woman."

"Sherlock!" Mary laughed. "Moira is a wonderful and smart woman whom is not even close to being mentally ill."

"She is if she thinks I am giving her grandchildren." He snorted.

-That part had me rolling! It was so in character, I could totally see it happening on the show.

I loved it, absolutely loved it all, especially the end when Sherlock and John are talking about love, and it being a chemical defect and Sherlock's realization that he likes doctors who have a thing for sociopaths, brown eyes and women with a no bullcrap attitude.
lovebirds413 chapter 1 . 2/13/2014
Gladly broken. That is a perfect way to describe it! Very sweet!
Belladcmum chapter 1 . 2/13/2014
Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!
lavanyalabelle chapter 1 . 2/12/2014
Gladly broken. I loved it.
Monsterprincess chapter 1 . 2/10/2014
Very sweet baby story - I got to thinking while reading this on the name Rose. I guarantee it, just to make a Doctor Who connection, Mary & John's baby will be called Rose lol. If there are not any already, there should be a poll on what Mary & John's baby will be named when the new season begins.
Oh and thank you for spelling "Blonde" with an E. Any time I write Blonde I always see others (whether on internet or elsewhere) I get subconscious when I don't see the e (just blond) and wonder, am I spelling it wrong. Right or wrong, I like the "e" version :o)
Guest chapter 1 . 2/8/2014
Jesus Christ, first of all, its not OOC at all! They are all very in character and it feels so real! You wrote it so beautifully. Sherlock is so adorable. Ugh and Molly just knows him so well its cute. And one of the best parts is that John talking about holding his baby for the first time. Oh God, i can see Martin Freeman as John Watson says that in the series and it is so sweet. Your writing is amazing. Bless you.
Rocking the Redhead chapter 1 . 2/7/2014
What a wonderful story. It made me so happy to read it and ohhh the Sherlolly feels
amanda chapter 1 . 1/30/2014
This is very sweet! Good job with your characterizations. And I would not have guessed that English was not your native language- you handle it well.
OnAMission chapter 1 . 1/31/2014
Can I request a second chapter in which Sherlock is gladly broken? ;) It was great darling. Loved the bits about the files Molly found.
Crimson and Chrome 42 chapter 1 . 1/30/2014
This was amazing...And calls for a follow-up, in which Molly and Sherlock become parents!
lady555 chapter 1 . 1/30/2014
StephLopez chapter 1 . 1/30/2014
That is so sweet! :') Love it! And your English was fine don't worry :)
You should write one with Sherlock and his newborn
superlc529 chapter 1 . 1/30/2014
That was wonderful! I loved it. I knew they had to work Sherlock's name in there somehow. ;) Molly was really clever in distracting Sherlock from being too bored. I absolutely loved his musings about a certain pathologist there at the end. :)

Sherlock as a Godfather. I have a feeling that's gonna happen on the show too and I can't wait to see that. I hope they'll make Molly Godmother too. I thought they were gonna say she was in this story, but I feel like it was implied.

Everybody was perfectly in-character. I could picture everything perfectly in my head. Great job! I loved it! :D
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