Reviews for The Best Defense
SilverMidas chapter 53 . 10/14/2023
Awesome Story.
Guest chapter 31 . 8/31/2019
Aw man, I told my kimono the wrong way all the time!
Last week a Japanese exchange student told me that the collar was supposed to form a y...could've used that a lot earlier.

Love this story! I've been reading it for three nights straight now!
Hi chapter 3 . 6/13/2019
Yoko and Kurama are the same person. Yoko literally means demon fox.
Guest chapter 9 . 10/1/2018
Vanessa Masters chapter 52 . 1/18/2018
Back to the muggle world, but is there more? I hope so! :D
Vanessa Masters chapter 51 . 1/18/2018

Oh, solidified unicorn blood!?

This is getting real serious, real quick!
Vanessa Masters chapter 50 . 1/18/2018
Kurama is exposed!

And to Harry, and attacked by a demon!
Vanessa Masters chapter 49 . 1/18/2018
So wait...Kuwabara has to attack Hiei if he doesn't ignore him?

So confused, but as long as it goes smoothly, and Yukina is alright.
Vanessa Masters chapter 48 . 1/18/2018

Yukina...are you...I mean...Huuuuh!?

Is she gonna...marry, or mate, or sleep with Kuwabara to have twins!? O.o

I might be way off, but that's how I'm reading this.
Vanessa Masters chapter 47 . 1/18/2018
Oh wow, yikes!

So, did Voldemort do what he planned, or didn't it?


And Draco forced to apologize, not something he's good at.
Vanessa Masters chapter 46 . 1/18/2018
Oh, could what Voldemort is doing be effecting Kurama?!
Vanessa Masters chapter 45 . 1/18/2018
Yeah, Ron, don't worry, I mean you can change the chess pieces...thou changing one to harry doesn't quite count but...

Oh boy, they still don't know the ritual, and maybe, just maybe, Yukina could be the key. Or clue.
Vanessa Masters chapter 43 . 1/18/2018
SO Harry is blocked, intense! Really, it's unthinkable, but this is a terrific Spirit Detective Harry Potter Crossover, the best!
Vanessa Masters chapter 42 . 1/18/2018

Neville did great, the molly queen chess piece, and Hermione warding Youko, intense!
Vanessa Masters chapter 41 . 1/18/2018
Getting intense! What is Voldemort's plan? I'm terrified!

yet driven to read more!
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