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cemmia chapter 9 . 6/15/2014
Really good!
Valerie E. Mackin chapter 9 . 3/4/2014
Interestingly, as I was clicking away from the last chapter and onto this one, A Perfect Circle's "Noose" came on. That line about the halo slipping down...

Is it weird that one of the details I latched onto in this chapter was that Connor so very much has to be in charge that when he's this upset, after he's figured out what Pam and Murphy have been up to, that he rounds everyone up like Dad and says, "Off to church kids, you've been bad. Gotta talk to God about what you've done, since he already knows." That part where he nudges a rather mulish Pam off to the confessional is absolutely perfect.

I can't yet find the words for the whole story. It was literally so much that I had to take it apart piece by piece to be able to really do justice to any of it. It's so much bigger than the few chapters you put it into, and maybe I'm reading too deeply into things, but damn, this story is just so much deeper than your typical Boondock Saints story. You hit on just about everything that we know and love about the brothers: their faith, their bond, their hauteness (you knew I'd bring it up eventually), their ridiculous tempers... and you fleshed them out and made them more realistic: they're brothers, and they get jealous and petty and nasty with each other. This might be the worst way one of them has fucked with the other (intentionally or non), but it's most likely not even close to the first.

And then you bring in Pam, the absolute perfect foil to Connor's ego and Murphy's smolder. I couldn't imagine a more perfect way for this story to go if I'd tried.
Valerie E. Mackin chapter 8 . 3/4/2014
That realization moment. I have to say I'm happy to have never had one of those. I can't really imagine what is going through Connor's head. And that coming right on the heels of Murphy and Pam's last conversation...I know what's going to happen, and it's still wrenching all sorts of things inside.
Valerie E. Mackin chapter 7 . 3/4/2014
That picture there at the end...if I could draw it, that would almost be the cover for this story, at least for me. Pam, in the window, absolutely EVERY emotion on her face, and Murphy staring up at her from the street, hands shoved in his coat pockets, eyes absolutely blazing.

Those two, man...just...damn.
Valerie E. Mackin chapter 6 . 3/4/2014
That moment between Murphy and Pam where he's whispering for her to come...that has got to be one of the most intimate things I've read. It doesn't matter that there's forty-some-odd people on the other side of the door, they are the only two people in the world right then.

Also, the random songs to come up during this chapter: Arctic Monkey's "R U Mine" followed by "I Wanna Be Yours".

You and the guys are seriously in sync tonight.
Valerie E. Mackin chapter 5 . 3/4/2014
I've been trying to work out how to explain how I feel about this chapter. A lot of stories are inspired by something, a lot of times by a song, much like this story was. And the story is meant to be read, at least in part, while listening to that song, or to a a playlist of similar songs, because it fills out or even enhances what the story is trying to tell. In movies, they add songs to heighten emotions or help people connect better to what the movie is trying to show.

This chapter doesn't need any of this. This chapter needs to be read with nothing in the background, no movies or music or conversations, to distract you from every raw, brutal, uncomfortable, sizzling detail. It's hot, there's no denying. It's also the tipping point. One time between the two of them they might've been able to talk their way out of or even push to the background and forget. But she came back.

You cover all the senses here, and they need to be experienced without any sort of interference. It's not romantic, not in the traditional sense. It's harsh and very basic, and they both know it's so very wrong, and yet you can't separate yourself from understanding their want.
Valerie E. Mackin chapter 4 . 3/4/2014
Okay, two things on this chapter:

One: I love how you handle the shift from character to character. So many different points of view and types of points of view, and it all works and so, so well.

Two: While reading this one, I had that Arctic Monkeys playlist on like I told you I was going to do, and the two songs that played during this chapter were (in order) "Snap Out of It" and "I Want It All".

Fitting, yes?
Valerie E. Mackin chapter 3 . 3/4/2014
Oh, my god, when you switched from italics to not...I couldn't... I didn't even know what to think for a few minutes. I had to sit and stare and just think how close. How freakin' close was that. I've read the whole thing through, so I know what happens...and how horrible would it have been if she'd said it then. How so much awful. That's really what knocked the breath out of me in this one. The intensity between Pam and Murphy is not to be matched, but the thought of what it would have been like in the five or six seconds afterwards if she'd said it before Connor really reacted. Like, the look on his face and the tension that would've started winding up before the dam burst sort of thing.
Valerie E. Mackin chapter 2 . 2/24/2014
After the guilt and physical darkness of the first chapter (dim, enclosed confessional booth; Pam touching herself at night, in bed), the beginning of this chapter is an interesting contrast. It shakes things up, kind of sets the tone of how we (and they) are never going to be one hundred percent comfortable in this story, and that's kind of the point. You can't be 100% good with everything that happens here, because (unfortunately) one of the most exciting and enticing things about a tryst like this is that it shouldn't be happening. Things are not all okay in this world, and that's just a little more exciting than it should be.

You are seriously setting me on edge here, and I'm very good with that.
Valerie E. Mackin chapter 1 . 2/24/2014
I think the last line of this chapter is fairly definitive for what you do with the whole story. Nothing that happens here is going to be enough for any of them, in any way. No matter how much Murphy and Pam get of each other, it won't be enough to sate what they're feeling. No matter how much they apologize to Connor, it might not ever be enough to make up (to him or themselves) what they did. No matter how badly they feel or how many Hail Mary's, I don't think they'll feel okay with it for a long time.

And no matter how much they tried, I don't think any amount of willpower was going to keep Pam or Murphy apart. I'm not talking fated or true love or anything, but that single, absolute wanting desire that seems to shut everything else out and make you absolutely insane until you do something about it.

I had no idea I'd get this deep on the first chapter. Let's see what happens next.
M chapter 9 . 2/19/2014
Ugh this was so perfect. I was supposed to go take a shower an hour ago but I got so caught up with this. I've missed your Murphy voice (still holding out for a 'Charmer' update one day in this lifetime lol) so this was wonderful. Thanks for writing/sharing this.
Nmbr1Fanilow chapter 2 . 2/5/2014
"I thought you were the patient one." Oh, Pam, you've done it now.
Something I've always wanted to remark on is your handle of how to describe the energy that flows throughout Murphy (and Connor, for that matter) just under the surface. You write it in small, but affecting ways, much how he moves. Him sitting at the table like a well-contained wolf is a perfect example.
Insight into Murphy's frame of mind regarding Connor and women isn't something I ever even considered, but you have a direct line to Murphy EXACTLY as I imagine him.
So you know, when Murphy just says it..."would it have been me instead?" (paraphrasing), I yelped.
Nmbr1Fanilow chapter 1 . 2/5/2014
It was such a good choice to introduce the story in this way. The feelings and motivations are apparent through the atmosphere, Murphy's mood that you've communicated, and the little glimpses of what's underlying. You've created anticipation with this peek into our troubled Murphy and Pam's description of her downfall.
Incog Ninja chapter 1 . 2/5/2014
OTP! OTP! WOOOOO! *end zone dance* *head stand* *chicken dance in the end zone* *blows horn* *collapses*

Seriously, though, I'm super pissed I can't copy all my favorite stuff and flail over it, but you know I can't say enough about your Murphy. And Pam. And the confessional. O.O

Hunter's Grrrll chapter 1 . 2/4/2014
Brilliant as usual and I felt spoilt as I got to read it start to finish. Part of me rebelled at the mere idea that "my beloved Murphy" would go behind his brother's back like that BUT the inner turmoil that both Murphy and Pam experienced at your hands helped ease my feelings. Loved how you used the rosary this way as it is such an integral part of the boys.
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