Reviews for The Arithmancer
Gran Marioshka chapter 66 . 59m
She has to stay, she has to!
VdW-89 chapter 66 . 6h
Loveeee it! Can't wait for the next post :) Great story.
Guest chapter 65 . 4/17
I knew hermione would come to hogedyhogworts
Without her Harry would probably die
NorthernLights25 chapter 66 . 7h
The thud is classic. Great job.
mdman1 chapter 65 . 8h
Review for the next chapter.
I really should have waited before posting that review. Anyway I absolutely love the theory portions along with the plot. Its simply brilliant.
mdman1 chapter 66 . 8h
This is without a doubt one of my favourite fics. I smile every time I get the update notification.
Elased chapter 66 . 14h
Am I allowed to be say that among all the activities in Hogwarts, Hermione's next paper is actually what excites me the most? The girl's project is always fun to read, even when its just hypothetical ina fictional setting.
Starfox5 chapter 66 . 15h
Ah, good chapter. Loved the discussion with Septima, and the fine touch with Dobby using a pronoun for himself. Well done!
fraewyn chapter 66 . 17h
Of course she will!
SpaceHead3 chapter 66 . 19h
I don't review often but I just have to tell you what a fantastic story you have written so far. It is easily one of my favorite stories on this site. Keep up the great work!
macksimize chapter 66 . 20h
Gosh darn it, I get so engrossed in the story, only to get to the end and realize I have to wait another week for the update! I'm still such a fan of the relationship between the twinsHermione. I have to admit, I was hoping for HERMIONE'S name to come out of the cup...anything to keep her at Hogwarts! Though maybe finding the 6th exception to Gamp's Law will convince the 'rents that our girl needs *ahem* appropriate tutors ;P Can't wait for next week!
SirKaid chapter 66 . 20h
I just love those last two lines. She's not even surprised anymore at the inevitability of Harry getting into life-threatening trouble. Less "oh no" and more "this shit again? FML"
Avalon Valour-Vantrair chapter 66 . 20h
I know it's not probable, but I still wistfully hope this turns up to be a Fred/George/Hermione pairing

Hopes aside, this probably one of the best written stories I have ever read. Seriously in my top five at least.

Your detail is impressive, and the characters are very well written without seeming to AU.

Is there any chance of getting a copy of this?
Aliens of Doom chapter 66 . 22h
Oh, Hermoine, you're going to hurt yourself real bad one of these days if your first response to something like that is to just slam your head on the nearest available surface.
slayerofonions chapter 66 . 23h
just HAD to do a cliffhanger, didn't you. Great chapter! bye
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