Reviews for The Arithmancer
Reader99 chapter 84 . 2/15

I love your characters and how the world and magic is further developed. I like how you bring in science and math but don't bog the story down with it. Just... thank you so much for writing and sharing.

I'll be favouriting and starting the next story as soon as i can.
Reader99 chapter 83 . 2/15
Grimmauld place? Also, wow, this is only 4th year. Hermione has the most important newt for her. Next year would be umbitch? It's really interesting how the more things change, the more things stay the same. Or keep the same feel.

"No! Of course not…" Hermione said. Septima stared at her suspiciously. "…It was more like ten."
I forgot to comment on this like 3 chapters ago but i wanted you to know i love it xD
Reader99 chapter 82 . 2/15
So cedric made it to the graveyard after all. I forgot they could see into the maze this time. It occurred to me that cedric could try following harry, but i discarded it because how would he know what happened in the first ten minutes, forgetting the visibility xD

I'm glad he's still alive at least. And it didn't feel like a retcon, it made sense that he could survive this time. I can see voldemort being so impatient to get his body that he'd tell barty to leave him be and deal with him after.
reader99 chapter 81 . 2/15
I can't wait to see what you do with the task itself and the graveyard after. Harry has a bunch of good spells in his repertoire this time!
Reader99 chapter 80 . 2/15
Ahhh, lots of suspense for the next chapter. I am really enjoying the story!
reader99 chapter 79 . 2/15
I can't wait for Hermione to figure out Rita is the beetle
Reader99 chapter 78 . 2/15
That was a much cooler task, even if it was still underwater so no one could really see.

Im surprised nobody else thought of the coin, but i did read through the chapters closer together than they probably did. I forgot the coin didn't let Hermione send messages before though.

I really enjoyed this chapter!
Reader99 chapter 77 . 2/14
What kind of class schedule are you on where you have group theory before partial differential equations? Not judging, just curious. I was a mechanical engineer and we didn't have group theory or linear algebra but did have differential equations. If it's what i think it is, that class also covered partial differential equations. (Though i think an earlier calculus also did? Partial differentials were done with respect to a single variable) I actually liked partial differential equations and differential equations in general, partial because you can ignore unnecessary variables and regular because there's a lot of cool patterns. (I like patterns a lot)

I switched majors to industrial engineering and then we had some linear algebra, which i liked. Matrix operations are like puzzles.

I talked to a math major last semester and the group theory she was doing was a grad student class and i did not exactly follow.

Just curious, do you think polar coordinates would relate to magic? Because they (and imaginary components) relate to electricity and i could see some magic have similar properties and such.

I really liked this chapter
Reader99 chapter 76 . 2/14
"Great," she said. "I now possess the technology of 2500 BC."

Oh man i laughed so hard at this. XD

Also I'm looking forward to seeing what you did instead of the bubble headed charm, because i can't think of anything. At least going based on the idea that the bubble headed charm is a switching spell that constantly refreshes the air around your head with fresh air from some where nearby. Because that sounds like basically the simplest way to do it.

Without using the herb Neville advised them to at least.
reader99 chapter 75 . 2/14
XD that last paragraph was perfectly placed

Now I'm curious about the context.

Really well written chapter once more!
reader99 chapter 74 . 2/14
I really really love how you break everything down and explain it. I've said it before and I'll probably say it again, but i just enjoy it so much.

I also like who everyone ended up with for the ball.
Reader99 chapter 73 . 2/14

Yes! "One of us. One of us." Dying

Also of course Luna would love Scarborough fair. I personally love it. I like celtic music in general as well.

I can totally see her and George and i am kind of happy for it.

This looks to be going in a really cool direction! I wonder who krum ended up with?
reader99 chapter 72 . 2/14
I really like the photography idea.

Also, i can kind of imagine how much research you put into this chapter based on what i would do and i just want to thank you because it was really cool to read.

I'm still loving this story!
Reader 99 chapter 71 . 2/13
I didn't get the feeling like Hermione had to save everyone at all. I like how that played out, with the Dragon. Even if i still think teaching harry a lasso charm or the shrinking slip knot to retrieve the egg or tie up the Dragon respectively would have been simpler. It makes sense for Hermione to go for a solution which requires her to make a new spell though, because she can. I'm just (lazy) an engineer and tend to think in terms of "what can i do with the least amount of effort and difficulty?"

I enjoyed this chapter a lot!
the froggy ninja chapter 44 . 2/13
Man, really stripping them of all their tools this book.
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