Reviews for The Arithmancer
SilverShadowClaw chapter 44 . 11/5
Its crazy but I love this story because the math-magic linkages are actually believable. I'm an engineering student at university and linear algebra and matrices are used to describe the transformation/deformation of objects (usually solids as they are easier to generalize). To me it makes perfect sense that transfiguration uses linear algebra as well!
Amogus chapter 6 . 10/31
Truman from America?!
ValkSkadi chapter 81 . 10/28
It finally happened: I've started googling the concepts in here that so far went over my head. I'm OK on the chemistry (enough to at least recognise most of the terms and theory) but way behind on the maths. This officially means you've inspired me to learn. I love when stories do that. Thank you so much for sharing your work.
ValkSkadi chapter 80 . 10/28
I really love how you intersperse letters!
ValkSkadi chapter 80 . 10/28
Wow I'm impressed with hermione for working with Rebecca. I understand it's for the goal but wow that would be a difficult working relationship, despite all the fair points Rebecca brings up
ValkSkadi chapter 76 . 10/28
Wow, Ginnys voice really carries XDXDXD
ValkSkadi chapter 71 . 10/27
Halfway through this chapter- oh boy was this exciting! I can picture Hermione screaming herself hoarse. Wow
ValkSkadi chapter 33 . 10/26
Ha! The "and seemed to be gesturing to him I'm some kind of improvised sign languageline had me cackling
ValkSkadi chapter 33 . 10/26
Awe I'm always glad when a story lets filch have a nice day. Poor guy. Glad he got to do some magic
ValkSkadi chapter 21 . 10/26
I genuinely think this version of the hogwarts tales would have inspired a whole generation of young mathematicians. There's a book called the Number Devil (originally in German: Der Zahlenteufel) for children that I think should be recommended as bedtime reading material to all parents of kids above 6 or so. It's a little more on the nose as a maths adventure story but I get a similar sense of excitement for numbers, including complex maths, from this story as I did from that book. Quite frankly, it's nothing short of lovely. Thank you, and despite being beyond childhood, I'd still recommend you give that book a read. You might find it quite amusing.
ValkSkadi chapter 20 . 10/26
My gosh, I'm so annoyed with Harry. Of course there are reasons why he doesn't listen to authority but his insistence on being the only one who can stop the thief almost make me empathise with Snapes attitude towards him (though of course Snapes actions towards children and young adults are still inexcusable)
ValkSkadi chapter 16 . 10/26
I really loved the added worldbuilding in this chapter. Amazing ideas for how the location of hogwarts is kept secret!
ValkSkadi chapter 14 . 10/26
The great kitchen battle of 91 was amazing. I full belly laughed at the house elves preparing for peeves as though he was an earthquake.
ValkSkadi chapter 10 . 10/26
Lol amusingly mixed feelings here. I was rooting for the AU where she sits down with Alicia and the Twins rather than Harry and Ron but no matter, now I will just root for her having all the friends everywhere. Lovely chapter and looking forward to more!
ValkSkadi chapter 10 . 10/26
Just had to quickly pause and review while I recover from laughing about hermione being like "not my first choice" in response to the twins saying they're her friends.

But what I keep meaning to say and forgetting at the end of chapters: I really appreciate Parvati so far. As much as Hermione has had a rough time, she's actually correct that part of that comes from her pushing people away. I'm really impressed that eleven year old Parvati has already persistently made multiple attempts to give Hermione a chance to be part of the gryffindor girl's friend groups. That's super decent of her and so nice to read!

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