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Brian1972 chapter 83 . 22h
Just found out that someone made a Youtube Audio Book out of this series. I downloaded it and a new read by listening to it. In this chapter I have to say while it is resonable for people in the 90s to have views on Chamberlain this view does him a massive discredit.

When one looks at what he actually did he was neither in denial about Hitler, the Nazis or Germany nor had he the option to wage war when several hobby historians say he should have. He was the leader of a country with a great anti war majority and a decade of cuts in military spending. When he traveled to munich hist Chiefs of Staff outright told him they had neither the troops nor mateiral to wage war (only the Navy was in a bit better shape but not by much due to Naval treaties and spending cuts).

So Chamberlain actually got the rearming going and bought the UK the time it needed. Thanks to Chamberlain the UK had Radar and planes to fight the Battle of Britain. Thanks to Chamberlain they had the destroyers needed to fight the submarine threat. For some of those things he even fought before he was Prime Minister.
wiseguy chapter 7 . 11/11
Annotation regarding a/b - (b-c)/b
the simplest expression actually is
x(ac)/b - 1
with b not zero
with x1 not zero

Now here is a little math challenge for the brightest witch of her age:

integrate from minus infinity to plus infinity

sin(a*x) / ((x22)*(x21)) dx

Hint: Transfer the problem to complex plane, check the holomorphic properties, apply residue theorem and jordan theorem

Then know that there are mathematicians who consider this childs play…
rabastan04 chapter 84 . 9/8
Wow what an epic journey. This was such an amazing read even though most of the math went over my head. I really like your world building and the subtle changes you created.

Thanks for posting!
Piletorn chapter 84 . 9/8
This story was really great. Thank you for writing it!
Polo chapter 1 . 8/25
Pro Whoremione Grabage fanfic
Alwin-nl chapter 48 . 8/22
“But then she went on and believed the most implausible things in the here and now without evidence”

Well, that’s exactly what “faith” means, right? There’s absolutely no proof of the Edison gods whatsoever and people still believe it..
r chapter 1 . 8/9

I barely understood what they said- •,–,•
lGrl0hwI9pfg8YLidY42 chapter 77 . 7/13
Here's something I don't get. The Goblet creates magical contracts based on some purportedly medieval law where the consent of the bound parties is not always required (if an authority over them enters their name). And supposedly, modern contracts can't work like that.

But why couldn't some sufficiently capable person just create their own goblet, enchant it using their own version of contract law in which they can enter anyone into any contract, and... you know?

It surely can't be that changing *social* ideas about what kinds of contracts are valid are also binding on what kinds of contract-related artifacts can be magically created?

Even if my "goblet of letting me force anyone into anything (or, at least, force them to suffer the penalties for noncompliance)" is too much for the magic to bear, it should still be possible to create a new artifact like the goblet and use it to make binding contracts using medieval standards for validity.

So I think in this scenario Hermione might not want to accept McGonagall's assurances that just because the goblet can do it doesn't mean it's otherwise possible, at least until they are much better justified.

Anyhow, this is a good story, one which I come back to and reread now and again - thank you.
huongdaoroma chapter 21 . 7/4
I'm so glad you didn't kill Vector off when you had the chance leaving her to Voldemort lol
Guest chapter 12 . 6/13
It's not like an evil psychopath sneaks in and tries to kill somebody every year or something. Brilliant! This is my favorite sentence out of the whole series so far.
Blur chapter 1 . 5/26
Bro, real talk. Good story but that annoying ass shit misandrist ahit of “Boys” is cringe as fuck. That and the fact that you went the Ginny rouge, girl looks like the dude’s mom. Harry has mommy issues .

I doubt you will ever read this but I hope next time you can cut how much “Boys amarire?” You put in
Elizabeta Jerose chapter 62 . 5/22
I’m not too sure but isn’t it a 150 pounds instead of 1500 that Harry spent on the omnioculars? Seeing as they’re ten galleons each, he bought three and the exchange rate is about 5 pounds to every galleon.
Efloresco chapter 83 . 5/17
"It was nothing," she said wearily. "I just talked to her like a person."

Efloresco chapter 52 . 5/15
This one is always werid to me. I understand the horror of a dementor on an emotional level, or at least I used to at some point. The problem is, what logical mind from the 21st century wothout some kind of Christian background would look at a dementor's kiss' syntoms and go, 'yep, must be the sould that's sucked out'.

Honestly, we know dementors feed on the kinds of mental energy that allow us to 'control' out thoughts, right? The kind of energy we can use to push away the horrors and look at things from a positive perspective intentionally. We also know that if they "complete" that process, a person has no reflective capacity anymore, no reactive instinct even. What this sounds like is more a brain-wipe. Perhaps even a wipe of all intentional parts of the CNS. There is 0 reason to postulate the existance of some entity called 'soul' there. As a metaphor for all that makes us human, it works, sure. Since magic works on symbolism a lot of the time, it's a perfectly apt description, but it would be a fallacy to conflate that with Christian mythology in any way.
Efloresco chapter 41 . 5/14
"None of the humans thought it was quite that funny, but Hermione, at least, could see why an elf would think so."

Once again, conflating a different psychological makeup with being a different species, or so different that someone deserves to be treated as such, is the exact kind of logic colonialists used to justify their attrocities.

Since this is exactly what Hermione would tell you, you should know better.

Elves are fully realized sapient beings and deserve to be respected on their own terms.
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