Reviews for Wreck This Journal, Sherlock Style!
Scholar of Imagination chapter 38 . 4h
Do you mind me asking if you have a heart condition? I do, and I like finding others like me! I agree, those things are SUPER STICKY!
Icecat62 chapter 38 . 17h
I love the journal simply for the fact hat Sherlock is being true in what he does in it. Anyone reading it could get a good idea of how he really thinks and feels. :)
Scholar of Imagination chapter 37 . 5/12
This was so cute! Thank you!
RoseJustice chapter 37 . 5/10
So cute!
Good job so far! This story is kinda making me want to do this Wreck This Journal thing~!
Icecat62 chapter 37 . 5/10
I wish they would have shown loopy Sherlock in that eppy. He was probably as funny as when he was drunk. :)
PumpkinKitten chapter 36 . 3/4
Ahh, Sherlock can be adorable sometimes. You know, when he isn't trying to be a drama queen or something.
This is a great idea. :)
MelodyOfSong526 chapter 36 . 3/2
So sorry to hear about your grandmother...completely an understandable reason to take a break from writing.

Now as to this chapter...I liked this one a lot! Entertaining to read! Perfect length for the simple journal entries. Well executed!
Icecat62 chapter 36 . 3/1
I am so sorry for your loss of your grandma. I will say prayers for you and your family.
MelodyOfSong526 chapter 35 . 2/1
Haha John always drops everything for Sherlock! He's a drama queen himself, as has already been pointed out! Nice work!
Icecat62 chapter 35 . 1/25
Lol Sherlock making John do the grocery list page. :)
lovlymelody chapter 34 . 1/11
What about a page where it says to list ten facts about my best friend i would love to see what sassy sherlock has to say about that.
MelodyOfSong526 chapter 34 . 1/11
Aww this one made me slightly sad! Sherlock could have lost his trust in John! Great advice that Mycroft gives, though...

One quick grammar thing: "...John said for a smirk." This should be "...John said with a smirk."

Overall, nice work! Really like this story! So much fun!
Icecat62 chapter 34 . 1/11
That was a serious chapter and very good. Loved the dialogue between John and Mycroft.
MelodyOfSong526 chapter 33 . 12/25/2014
Not much to do with the journal, but that's completely alright! Love seein that soft side of Sherlock, especially since it's Christmas!

Nice job!
lovely melody chapter 33 . 12/25/2014
Omg i loved chapter 33 its so-cute and i cant wait for the next chapter what if sherlock had a page in the journal that was about a drawing contest between two peopel?*coughs out John*
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