Reviews for Avengers: A Deal with the Devil
Rinnie1215 chapter 58 . 2/16
OMG I should be sleeping but I couldn't stop reading. I've read everything in one go and my eyes are soooo tired. BUT! I love this so VERY much! Thank you for writing this! And I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm in love and secretly I want my very own Loki. Especially after reading this...LOVE IT!
acetwolf94 chapter 58 . 2/15
randomplotbunny chapter 58 . 2/12
Fantastic chapter! :-D
Melikalilly chapter 58 . 2/11
I love this story
hellkiss chapter 58 . 2/11
This little box. I can't help but think if it works, then what?
But Tony already had access to it so even a graduate one shouldn't function. But what if?

Roger's doesn't still understand that Tony is considered a mole. Or at least undesirable? How dense can he be?

Want to read more. But good luck for your laptop
Melikalilly chapter 57 . 1/28
I love this story
Celsius Fate chapter 57 . 1/18
Damn it Tony stop arguing with Loki! XD

Omg there's gonna be a sequel? :D I love you!
Guest chapter 57 . 1/15
and I am going to be the smartass and ask if this one has gotten out of hand what makes you think the next one will not do the same?
DarkLord0012 chapter 57 . 1/16
Love this story so far hope and so happy u finnaly updated after so long I love this story and have reread it so many times hope you update soon can't wait to read what happens next
Cantwrite13 chapter 57 . 1/15
I wasn't sure about Strange in the beginning but homage to your muse. I like even more where this is going. Yay for a sequel.
Yoko Hasagawa chapter 57 . 1/15
Have I ever told you how much I love this story? 'Cause I love it! SHIELD just keeps digging his tomb deeper. Well... maybe if they have not been assholes things would have been different.
Sorry if my ortigraphy is horrible, english is not my mother language.
Theredcountsakura chapter 57 . 1/15
I loved the interactions between Loki and Stark. I'm also glad that Dr. Strange has decided to join forces with them. I can't wait until the next chapter!

I also hope you don't sprain your wrist again! I can't relate because I've never sprained anything before, but I'm sure it hurt. At every job there's probably always some you don't like, but it sucks that everyone sucks!
SaruwatariAsuka chapter 57 . 1/15

Also I’m living for Tony’s ragtag group lol Strange just doesn’t give two shits he just wants to bug ya tony and I love the dynamic with strange’s group you got it perfect

Honestly really loved the heart to heart my two boys need love ;A;
randomplotbunny chapter 57 . 1/15
InsatiableDarkness chapter 57 . 1/15
Thanks for the new chapter, it always brightens my day. :) Sorry to hear about your wrist, that's some rotten luck, eh? Plus, definitely 'yay' to the sequel! I can't wait for the next update.
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