Reviews for Avengers: A Deal with the Devil
DaSalvatore chapter 53 . 9/8
I have to say that I was originally against this idea/pairing until I read your one shots. It's not that I don't understand an Evil!Tony, heck it's been done plenty of times in the comics, it's just that I personally see the character having a closer tie to humanity even if he is a (borderline?) high functioning sociopath.

Yet your one-shots showed me just how good of a writer you are -and- how realistic you make this Tony and the pairing. The only part I haven't liked in the entire 53 chapters is that there's no explanation for Natasha's attitude towards Tony. I would truly like to know why this Black Widow seems to want to do nothing more than torture Tony to death and back. Especially considering that she's abandoning all of her training in showing Tony in a number of scenes.
DaSalvatore chapter 33 . 9/8
You slipped at the end of this chapter. The idea to use the War Machine suit to repair Genesis was something Tony came up with already during their London/Hideout time.

I only bring this up because I've done the same thing by writing continuity errors thinking I haven't covered something in the past.
DaLantis chapter 53 . 8/31
I read this entire thing and let me say, it was amazing. I lived it and can't wait for you to continue. I really would like strange on their side. He has an ego, was betrayed basically by those he cared about, was alone, and doesn't care muchbfor shield. He also has magic and knows he can't defeat Loki. It makes sense he would form a contract with Loki to protect earth, stay out of their way, and assist them in battles against other beings that come to earth, but he has nothing to do with their revenge. Anyways awesome story! LOVE it
Sparksofrandomness chapter 53 . 7/21
Well hopefully Strange will be on Starks and Lokis good side, I mean from what I could see in the chp he's not arrogant enough to think that he has a chance against loki. Also Strange is very similar to Stark.
Celsius Fate chapter 53 . 7/20
oooooooo Strange is here!

I need more XD
TheDeadGirlRisen chapter 53 . 7/19
heheheh I wonder how strange and Tonys conversation is going to head strange: yer a mage harry- i mean tony tonyblinks* and...? strange: well we have to kidnap you away to train you. tony: no thanks. im already being trained. strange: what who could be trainig you? loki: me. *kills strangetony wakes up* tony: shame that didnt avtually happen. lol xD proabley not whats going to happen bit still entertainig
YJ FTW chapter 53 . 7/17
OMGPIOUSJidfpweafnijpon holy shit. that. was. AMAZINGGGGGGGG. I literally just spent the last 4 hours reading this from chpt 1 to here and I AM DEADDDDDDDDDDDDD. I never thought I would like a Tony/Loki fic(I'm really a Tony/Bruce shipper) BUT THIS IS SO GOOD. Like dark!Tony is already a great plot device but this takes it to THE NEXT DIMENSION! Your writing style is perfect; it flows very well and fills in plot holes so subtly I never enough noticed some of them! And the plot(god, the plot) is so rich and fulfilling that I am SALIVATING FOR MORE! I hardly ever take the time to leave reviews for fics but this is honestly so fantastic that I have to. You are a fantastic writer and I can't wait for the next chapter!
PS sorry abt all the exclamation points I got really excited .
PPS and all the caps;I started running out of adjectives by the end of writing this
PPPS pls don't kill Bruce(he's my favorite!)
PurpleFairy11 chapter 53 . 7/17
this is really good please keep up the great work
Inu Tashiro p chapter 53 . 7/17
Please update faster n can u make the chapters longer I finish them way to fast
Azera-v chapter 53 . 7/17
Wow, did you cause a truck full of mirrors to crack? Hope things calm down for you. Great new chapter, interesting to see Stark and Strange together. They do have some interesting things in common. Thanks for updating!
Missingwings chapter 53 . 7/17
Ooh, yes. Yes yes yes. I like Strange. And I liked this very much. Now, I'm curious. Is Strange gonna team up with them with the condition that they don't harm this under his protection? 'Cause that'd be cool. At the very least, he obviously knows something. And yay for annoying the Avengers! (I should probably be more guilty about enjoying their suffering, but... Hmm.) Absolutely amazing chapter, as always!
moriartsmajor chapter 53 . 7/17
ooooohh doctor stranggge
Melikalilly chapter 53 . 7/17
I love this story
randomplotbunny chapter 53 . 7/17
Miathemouse chapter 52 . 7/12
Awesome story i always thought Loki and Tony should team up both professionally and romantically please finish the story though i really want to know what happpen's and see Fury get his ass handed to him so please finish it soon :D
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