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Guest chapter 30 . 4/5
OOOOOOHHHHH! I was waiting for this! Made my day! Thanks :-
Truna chapter 30 . 4/4
Yay! New BL chapter! (hah)

Great work as always. Has this Doctor been mentioned earlier in the story before? His accent is quite charming. w
Typo thread chapter 30 . 4/4
It's one think - thing

There's no other word for it. missing "
MayaBlue chapter 30 . 4/4
Thanks for another great installment (and a coy checkmate reference, if I'm not mistaken).
Spikesagitta chapter 30 . 4/4
Ah. I was about to comment on his yoda-ish speech.

So why didn't Weiss hit the guy and tie him up or something? I guess she doesn't want the White Fang to know they are working together. At least not yet. No point getting a target painted on Blake's back by the White Fang.
Craxuan chapter 30 . 4/4
I know Yoda obviously, but had no idea about Hellsing since I've never watched it. Made me nostalgic and somewhat headache reading that. Would probably not understand a single word if the words were spoken instead, ugh.

Also, I wonder. I'm in a hurry so I haven't checked the front pages yet, but if Dr. Verhart is a new character - of even if he isn't, and has shown fatherly concern for Weiss during the beginning chapters - I wonder if he, as a fellow researcher may be tempted by Hyde's research. What you are told does not equal what you saw. What if after defeating Hyde, she unintentionally dragged her father figure into the dark side as he took over the abominable study?

... And my little demon is acting up again. I'll have to satiate it with some pure souls mixed with corrupted needs. Later
Spikesagitta chapter 29 . 3/24
Oh no. I finish all the current chapters in one go. And now I have to wait a month? Dammmmn

Looks like Blake can do the soft approach as well. Well, better then her first attempt with the warehouse duo.
Somerset chapter 29 . 3/13
I am confused.
It turns out part of my confusion was just not knowing what Somerset House was or why Blake would go there. I only just learned that Somerset House used to (but doesn't anymore) hold the official records of wills. A quick sentence in Chapter Twenty-seven, right after Blake says she'll go to Somerset House, noting *why*, would probably be a good idea.
I'm still shaky on whether this was a total shot-in-the-dark, or whether Blake expected to find a will, and if so, why. Did she suspect that Jekyll faked his death? If so, she's pretty clearly wrong - as Weiss saw, he *didn't* fake his death in any meaningful sense, he uses a different name but maintains total continuity with his previous identity to everyone we've seen him associate with, never denying that he was at Ellespoint or any such thing.
But apparently he faked his death as far as the law was concerned, for...some reason? To hide from some unknown third party?
I can't tell whether we're supposed to know what Blake is on about, or we're *not* supposed to know and it has to do with something about the Somerset records that is yet to be revealed, or Blake is purely bluffing and doesn't have a clue what she's looking for except information on Jekyll'.
(Blake definitely is bluffing about Jekyll committing some fraud, or...I assume so? Whatever chemical salts or what-have-you he might have wanted to steal, faking his death wouldn't help him do that, except insofar as throwing off pursuers, and the only pursuers who matter are the Schnee Dust Company, who he wasn't even trying to hide from.)

I love Utterson.

Actually, "prim" summed up that reaction fairly well, he realized as soon as the words were out of his mouth, souring his mood even further.
"You'll have to forgive your clerk. I implied that it would be better if he took himself off for an hour to avoid any…embarrassing interruptions."
Utterson's brow furrowed. Morrow was a discreet young man, but even so the idea that his clerk would believe Utterson was the type to keep a mistress…moreover, the kind that accepted calls from her during the business day…it was positively mortifying. Just because the implications were flattering to his male ego did not mean that they were any less offensive.
"My good woman—" Ha! "My good woman, I have no idea what your intentions are, but if you think that I will blithely accept you coming in here and blackening my name, then I may tell you that you are most gravely mistaken."

I want Utterson to be forced to deal with Ruby for a day.
"Ah, Miss Xiao Long, I have had the pleasure -" Ha! "- of meeting your sister. I wonder if perhaps you have come to collect her..."
I don't know *how* my mental image of Utterson came to the totally-mistaken impression that Yang is a proper young lady who will be his deliverance. That must have been *some* chain of misunderstandings.
SunDragon chapter 29 . 3/8
Just curious, but are there any possible plans in the future for all of team RWBY coming together in this AU? Doesn't have to be a story. But possible a one-shot?
yuiseppe chapter 29 . 3/8
I find great satisfaction in the way you portray lawyers in your fics generally :D That we are both lawyers is just icing on the cake XD
Craxuan chapter 29 . 3/7
I have that sudden and strange sense that you've self-inserted yourself (at least partially, since you're a property lawyer) into the story and allowed Blake to bully the crap out of you. Is it fun? XD

That being said, interesting chapter. How much does the process described here coincides with the one in your country?
Guest chapter 29 . 3/7
I'm 100% sad because of the news that this will be updating monthly. It's one of the only fiction I'm currently following and looking forward for Saturdays. But oh well, thank you very much for your hard work :-)
Truna chapter 29 . 3/7
Aww, I'll be missing the weekly updates. Glad you're not putting it on hiatus though, and that you're giving yourself a break. :)

Oh wow, I really hope Weiss didn't kill the poor Faunus. I don't think she did, but that puts Blake in a difficult situation with the White Fang regardless. bad chapter 28 . 3/1
Not to be ubsurdly obnoxious, but I found it somewhat annoying that the brothers, Grimm, had their speech broken up the way it was. I know it's just a formatting thing, but it kind of bugged me. I found it really clever, though, how Grimm was brought into the story. I must say that that seems to be a talent of yours, like with the Faunus and weapons as well.

I am intrigued to see where Weiss' relationship with Blake goes, and if it will last under pressure...That makes me sound like Hyde, doesn't it? I don't know...
Pamphlet chapter 28 . 2/28
I feel a great kinship with the ladies, but it seems like from *their* perspective Garnet would be readily explicable.
*We* know from Chapter, er, 18' (which was actually titled Chapter *Seventeen*, my mistake) that whatever the nature of his connection *is*, Garnet probably was not too familiar with Hyde or Pandora before warning Hyde of the threat to Saulbridge, but neither Weiss nor Blake was privy to that conversation.
Basic principles: there are only three reasons for murder, or genocide in this case. Love (sometimes called revenge), money, or to cover up a crime. They've already correctly ruled out money - Hyde can't be paying enough to risk his job as head of security for the Schnee family. Garnet plainly has no love for Hyde, but he might have cared for someone at Ellespoint and want revenge for their death. Or he might want to eliminate the last living witnesses to a crime he committed. Or both, if he sacrificed someone else at Ellespoint to save himself and then decided to blame the Faunus instead of blaming himself.
My personal favourite hypothesis-that-is-wrong is a little more esoteric - that Garnet was at Ellespoint because he *is* a Faunus, disliking Hyde personally but bound and determined to protect him because that's how his mind was crafted. (*We* know there's no chance of that because Garnet never knew about Pandora's work, but *they* don't know that.)

It seems like Garnet-was-at-Ellespoint is an obvious assumption for them to make...unless Weiss know Garnet couldn't have been at Ellespoint because he already had his *current* job three years ago in 1886. Which is possible.

Hmm. It may also be possible that Garnet really *was* at Ellespoint, and just never had occasion to learn what the heck they were *doing* there...but in Chapter Nineteen, Hyde says it doesn't make sense for Garnet to have found them just from the name Pandora, and there's no reason to rub Weiss's face in that...unless Hyde just plain *doesn't know* that Garnet is hiding a past connection to Pandora.
Which *might* still fit if Jekyll just never took note of the guards, but...

To engage in irresponsible speculation...if Garnet had a prior connection to Pandora, but not to would be hard-to-impossible to encounter Pandora without encountering the man who seems to run Pandora as his personal fiefdom, so the most natural connection would be *through the Faunus*, any of whom could have told Garnet the name Pandora and that it was a subsidiary of his employer the Schnee Dust Company. And we *do* know of one deranged, potentially-loose-lipped Faunus who was running around for a while there...but that runs face-first into the lack of *motive* for Garnet to get in bed with Pandora...unless Garnet didn't know what became of Jack when he disappeared, and wrongly thought that whoever did the disappearing could have damaging information on Garnet...

"she found herself more relaxed"
This was so subtle I'm not even sure if it was intentional, but in the end it really *did* take the world's most exotic animal to get Weiss Schnee to relax, didn't it?
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