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chdez81 chapter 71 . 3/18
What a ride! It was fun, and is a little sad is over now. The good thing is :the ball is in the field (soccer refference)
Pungent chapter 71 . 3/14
I never thought I would see the day...

I love this story. All the way through. Nearly 300K words of action, intrigue, suspense, and mystery in a fantasticly developed world. I'm very eager to see your new works.

Don't forget about Monty Oum. RWBY would not exist without him.
Jester Seraph chapter 71 . 3/14
I'm still always so amazed by how few favourites and follows this story has compared to others of equal length; this is honestly one of my all-time favourite books on the website. The organic romance, the clean, consistent writing style, attention to detail, the excessive amount of intertextuality compared to other fan works, it call came together so comfortably. I hope you do revisit this AU, or the RWBY fandom in general, because you're an impressive writer that I'd like to read more of, but RWBY is the only fandom we have in common.
xXHawkeye1337Xx chapter 71 . 3/12
This is honestly one of the ABSOLUTE best stories for RWBY on this entire site. I've been reading since 2013, and I'm happy to say I've enjoyed the ride the whole way, every chapter, every sentence and word excited me, and it's all thanks to you.

Keep up the GREAT writing, you've done a flawless job!
Adser chapter 71 . 3/12
This has been fun.

Congratulations in finishing your longest fic to date, it is definitely a high quality one that has kept me interested from the beginning to the end. This fic is what got me into RWBY, as I have you followed for your GrimGrimoire fics and seeing this one pop up on my notifications again and again and again made me curious about the series.

I do hope to see you write more about this AU, or about RWBY in general, in the future. I know it will be a worthwhile read.

As a last point, I find really amusing how in awe you are at the size of this fic, when for me it is one of the smallest fics I follow. I suppose I just like long fics :P
Szaphyr chapter 71 . 3/12
Thank you so much for writing and finishing this
I think I've followed Belladonna Lillies from almost the very beginning and for a very long time it's been a treat to read never disappointing always with reliable quality writing that is so very rare
I loved your characterisation of Weiss and her relationship with Blake had me squealing like a mad fangirl
The fact that you not only wrote but actually finished these 71 Chapters is amazing and you deserve so much praise for that alone. But not only did you finish it but you finished it brilliantly something that certainly leads to calling Belladonna Lillies as one of my favourte Fanfic of all time and I can't wait to see what you will create next whether it will be taking place in this universe or in any other I will be right there following it.
Till then and thanks again for this amazing story
Truna chapter 71 . 3/12
Wow, I can't believe it ended just like that. I've followed this story from my 7th grade to now as a junior in high school, and this fic was such a constant source of entertainment for me. It's been a wild ride seeing the characters grow alongside my own personal growth. Thank you for everything you give to this community.
MissGardenia chapter 71 . 3/12
Congrats on finishing, it was a great read!
yuiseppe chapter 71 . 3/11
Dezo, you legend. I hadn't expected the last 3 chapters to be released together but what a pleasant surprise! Loved this series, the setting and the snarky exchanges between our heroines. Though you may protest otherwise, the pairing had always seemed like a question of when and not if ;) thank you for this brilliant story, I look forward to your next work, as always.
SeraphChronoMage chapter 71 . 3/11
Wow, what a ride! I really enjoyed all the worlduilding you did for this, with the Second In-Dust-rial Revolution and the Faunus and all the little details and depth. You must have researched like a Beast to get everything, and all the effort made it shine gorgeously. Thank you kindly for another amazing story!
NightingaleDream chapter 71 . 3/11
Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this amazing novel! I really don't know what to say except that this story was expertly written. I enjoyed every update, every twist and turn, and every monochrome moment. Now, time for me to binge read it all at once because I just can't let go yet!
Stewbacca94 chapter 71 . 3/11
This was an amazing journey to read through, and I dare say we've all been really fortunate to behold such a magnificent piece of literary artwork. It was like you were channelling the spirit of Arthur Conan Doyle when you were writing this, and I've already been inspired to start planning a fic for the Pyrrha and Jaune idea you thought of for this AU.

Given that I'm already in the thick of writing a RWBY mafia piece at present though, it will likely take a while for the Eye of Ra story to come together. Anyway, may your next story be just as fruitful and rewarding as this one. Cheers from Down Under.
Warclam chapter 71 . 3/11
Wow. I wish I had something more articulate to say, but alas not.

The story was, as I have come to expect from you, better than canon. That's pretty easy for RWBY, sadly, but seriously this was amazing. I was really glad to see Burning Gold folded in at the end here.

God, the story hooks at the end of the AU… You don't take requests, of course, so I shall merely mention that I would be deliriously happy to see Penny in this continuity.
RealTerminal chapter 71 . 3/11
Jesus bloody christ.

When I stumbled upon this I tried several times to forget about it, because it looked long and huge and massive and all sorts of words that make me insecure as a writer and a male, but Monochrome, and quality true AU's are so damn hard to find in good sized helpings that I binged the first thirty or so chapters and began following.

I can't believe this started back in 2013, I didn't get into the series until S3-E3 and didn't get into FanFiction until the finale arc.

This has been one hell of a rollercoaster, and I'm so glad to have seen it till the end, I can't wait to see more RWBY from you. Good luck 3
DeamonHunter chapter 71 . 3/11
Awesome story, loved the ending too! Please expand upon this AU when you get the chance!
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