Reviews for The Savage
riskeybusiness chapter 22 . 9/9
Love love love this story. Is there anymore to come?!
gisela19wwe chapter 22 . 8/5
Please tell me this history don't end like this because is not fair , I just love it and I wanted to know what would happen next
lia.a.karas chapter 22 . 7/16
Interesting so far update soon please
Suchislife42 chapter 22 . 6/28
I binged this fanfic in one night! I thoroughly enjoyed a different spin on Hermione's character and her experience. Hermione's lack of etiquette and the pack mentality are nice flavors added into this story. Draco's bashful nature towards Hermione is simply adorable. I truly appreciate fanfics that portray Draco and Severus as the complicated yet lovable men that I view them as being. At several points I had good laugh vith your vitty vording ;) I am a sucker for lemons and missed their presence but that can easily be forgiven with your creativity and devotion to complete this story :) I hope all is well and I look forward to your updates as we march towards the ending!
SrMacrina chapter 12 . 6/14
Wow, really unique story!
blackjack30942 chapter 22 . 4/9
Great story! Thank you for this wonderful adventure, and really waiting for more~
Haveyouseenmyprefectbadge chapter 2 . 4/7
omg the bat patronus... too funny. poor sev. his interactions with Hermione are delightful, love seeing him care for her.
Haveyouseenmyprefectbadge chapter 1 . 4/7
loved his description of the "barefoot" to hooch and Minerva
Hotmamantx chapter 22 . 3/31
Omg ! Can't wait for more updates ! Love this !
Amarenima Redwood chapter 22 . 2/1
Brilliant chapter!
Olivia Williams chapter 22 . 2/1
yay you updated so quickly totally stoked.!
Another great story loved it. more more more. The public's going to go nuts, looking forward to the Rita and Hermionie showdown hope it is epic. update update update
RhodaBush chapter 22 . 2/1
And an illegal Voldy!More soon please
houstonclay chapter 22 . 2/1
I’m glad Hermione was able to say exactly where Home is
viola1701e chapter 22 . 2/1
oh and I just bet they will be having lots of visitors in the next few days...and they will most likely have to explain how Hermione is still alive ;)
renaid chapter 22 . 2/1
I love the ship travel! And to get attacked by aurors led by Harry! Hilarious! Nothing is ever simple, I suppose.
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