Reviews for For In Dreams
ItsReaper chapter 28 . 11/30
The relationship between remus and sirius feels forced. What about tonks?
Attrix chapter 1 . 11/28
Attrix chapter 1 . 11/28
First Hart and Ginny fanfic that I am going to read. Hope you finish so that I can feel accomplished afterwards.
HunterZX chapter 65 . 11/12
One of the best stories I've ever read of HinnySoul Bond. I hope you continue this great story.
Yayah22 chapter 65 . 11/7
Finally catched up on my reading... Love the story hope you update soon...
Dobby99 chapter 65 . 10/30
I'm very sorry that I didn't review for such a long time. At the moment my internet is pretty bad and it will be till the end of July 2018, I have to write this (and most of my reviews) with my mobile phone and it always messes up the spaces, punctuation and smileys... So I don't like writing reviews with it, but you deserve a review, so I write one!Since I haven't read any of your chapters in the last few months, I read it all over again in the last week and I'm really glad I did, love it! I also like this new dark theme, but I could also do with some more Hinny fluff xD
Very interesting, this Astral projection... Daphne is great xD maybe Harry and Ginny really should look into counseling :P
I look forward to more and hope all this stuff with their soul bound and Fate will clear up and we will know more... At least they now know more about the horcruxes!
Sorry for my grammar, I hope you understand what I wanted to say nevertheless xD
Guest chapter 6 . 10/23
I noticed that not all the mind conversations are italicized in this chapter.
Katie chapter 65 . 10/22
So I just binged your entire story in about a week and wow! I am in love! I really really hope you finish this story! I’ll be really disappointed if you don’t! Anyways! Keep being amazing! Thanks bye
Lily Penn chapter 4 . 10/17
This is really good. You are an amazing author. I think you just need to pick it up a little bit. (:
WinkingSkeever chapter 65 . 10/13
Finally some resolutions can't wait to see what they do about it and add some more hinny fluff plz
Novum Arkilum chapter 53 . 10/14
Wanted to make one correction before I forgot about it, and that is that international flights usually go from London Heathrow international airport or Gatwick international airport, I think London City Airport was shut down several years ago dur to being to close to the city center.
Starrya47 chapter 65 . 10/12
you're so evil first off
second off, I msut tell you how much I love this story, it's so well written, I remeber when I first decided to read it I wasl ike mehhh this seems weird, due to other soul bond stories I have read and I'm so fucking glad I decided to read this one.
The stroy itself is so well written and just it's really good.
I wish I had better words to describe this ah xD
Thank you for writting this story
Stephanie O chapter 65 . 10/10
I really liked Daphne in this chapter, especially when she recommended counseling for their traumas! Lol. Just curious, the voodoo version of "mother" supposed to be different from the French word? Because "manman" is used in the chapter, but the French word is "mamman." (It auto corrected to "manman" at first for me, so I'm wondering if this happened for you?)
Stephanie O chapter 64 . 10/10
Wow, that was a pretty horrific rousting of the death eaters from Azkaban...but I trust Kingsley's task force will find them.
speedsONEandONLY chapter 65 . 10/9
The cup is the only one not accounted for.
You did say the goblins
Are searching the vaults.
So maybe they find it?
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