Reviews for A Snowflake in Spring
sanekittens chapter 30 . 1m
I waited forever... for a bleeding copout. Ugh, alright at least you finished it. Thanks for that I guess.
Infinity Comes To A End chapter 30 . 16m
This is the mother of all sh%* endings...

Just lazy.
Strikeman chapter 30 . 18m
Damn. As happy as I am that this story was finished, I'm really not happy about this ending. Like, it's pretty annoying when an author tries to wrap up everything with just a letter in the end. But I'm assuming that you've been having trouble continuing this story, so I'm not gonna give you any flack. Thanks for putting so much work into this, and I hope you write more amazing stuff in the future.
Vykktor chapter 30 . 20m
I have grown a disdain for Frozen as a whole due to the blatantly enormous amount of merchandise, the incessant songs that have an acceptional talent for getting stuck in my head, and its overall inflated positive regard. Still, despite this, I have found myself coming back to this fanfic. It's a guilty pleasure I will take to my grave, but what a pleasure this was. I do hope you continue writing, and congratulations on finishing a very interesting and engaging take on something I thought was irredeemable.
Guest chapter 30 . 20m
SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY YOU FINALLY POSTED AFTER SOOOO LONG Tears of joy! Thanks for not leaving us. I shall reread this again, I need to get the elsanna feels I once got a long time ago !
zuzu1911 chapter 30 . 23m
Ahhhhhhhh I'm a mess. I'm so happy you updated again and due to this I shall reread it all over again.
Thank you so much for this lil treasure even if the tears keep coming. It was truly something and I really hope you enjoyed it as much as us c:

Thank you
Guest chapter 30 . 24m
I'm sorry for that but I am just so in love with fic and have been since I found it when it was just starting. The ending, while not the sweet and happy finish that I'm sure me and a lot of others were hoping for, feels more real than something that might of come from a romance novel would have. I'm glad that I found this fic and got to read it as it grew and became one of my favorites that everytime I saw the notification for an update it brought a smile to my lips. Your writing is always fenomenal and just moving. You convey so much emotion and feeling in everything you have done. Thank you 3
Amnestyyy chapter 30 . 27m
I've been following this story pretty much since its beginning, way back in the day. I'm not exactly clear on all the particulars any more after all this time, but I distinctly remember it being good. Very good.

Which makes this a bittersweet occasion, really. On the one hand, I'm glad it didn't remain unfinished, abandoned and forgotten amongst the masses of stories that came before and will, undoubtedly, come after.

That being said, I can't help but feel like this chapter isn't what it was originally intended to be... It feels like the passion for the story died - the long time it took for the update to appear surely has something to do with that - and that this seemed the easiest and quickest way to finish the story off. That thought, and the feeling, makes me sad.

Don't get me wrong: this is not a criticism. Or, well, I suppose it is, but it's not meant to be chastising or anything. I know better than most that sometimes, your writing just ends up in a funk, almost impossible to get out of. Which makes me all the more grateful that we got this chapter - and a vague, possible happy ending for us to imagine - at all.

Nevertheless, I keep feeling it could have been so much more. But I've already covered that, so I won't go and repeat the past few paragraphs again. I loved your story, and will continue to love it, for however much that's worth. Thank you, and I do hope you continue writing - Elsanna, other fan fiction, or even original works - because it would be a shame to see a talent like yours gone to waste.
Neonyoshi123125 chapter 30 . 27m
I only found this story recently but it was one of my favorites.
I am so happy to see an update and to see this completed, thank you for that and all the effort you have put into this over the years.
it is incredibly emotional bordering on crying territory but I will say this is not what I was expecting, personally it seems a little sudden and maybe a little unsatisfying if youre looking for a HEA.
as a personal input with this ending if you so desired you could very easily do a sequel though I am happy with everything you wrote here, thank you again.
bananna54 chapter 30 . 29m
Beautiful truly beautiful. I have followed this story through thick and thin and now im at the I gotta say im sad its ended but im glad I got to enjoy this ride. Thank you for writing this story you're amazing!
Akira102 chapter 30 . 29m
NOOOOOO! IS IT OVER!? IT CANT BE! NOOOO! DX was a good run while it lasted... huuu... reached my heart and my feels. Great story... one for the history books.
maximus17 chapter 30 . 33m
no es lo que esperaba para el final pero espero que no sea el final
Guest chapter 30 . 34m
I’ve never cried so hard in my entire existence, and I lived through the great ages of glee fanfics, thank you for this, thank you for finishing it, now I can only wish you the best!
Guest chapter 1 . 35m
I have followed this story for years now and it is a little saddening to see it end but congratulations on writing and finishing a beautiful story.
Ghost Critic chapter 30 . 35m
whhhhhyyyyyyyyyy! Is there a reason this was so short? Do you just not have the passion for it anymore?
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