Reviews for A Snowflake in Spring
CatherinePrescott chapter 30 . 10/11
NOOOOOO. I loved this story so much. I literally just finished binge reading it. I want more! It was so captivating and beautifully written. There’s an emptiness in my heart now that it’s over. All the praise to you for writing this. Thank you. I only hope that one day I can read more...
SingItAllAway chapter 30 . 10/4
So I just binge read (is that a thing) this whole story and I love it so much! Not usually a fan of Elsanna, but the way you write them and the fact that they are not related helps a lot.
All of these characters you’ve created are so complex and well thought out, I’m amazed!
Anyway just wanted to let you that. Also don’t worry about the haters, just know that there are definitely people out there who really love your writing!
Guest chapter 30 . 10/3
Will Anna be a therapist if we get a sequel? Since she managed to get Elsa the 'Ice queen' to like her. Would she be just as great if she became a therapist? That would be interesting. She becomes a therapist and meets Elsa in a few years and they hit it off again.(just a thought though). Pls make a sequel
Guest chapter 30 . 10/3
Pls give us proper sequel! Since Elsa says 'forever yours' and basically confessed to Anna. Will we get a sequel that's about them meeting up and there romance? It's really cute and this is a sad way to end it.
GARNiDELiA chapter 30 . 10/2
OmegaKenichi chapter 30 . 9/28
Why must this be the ending!? It's amazing, but I want moooorreee! Just a one-shot featuring the two of them like a decade later or something like that!
OmegaKenichi chapter 27 . 9/28
You are an evil little vegetable, you know that?
Hinatawolf chapter 30 . 9/24
Wait so is this complete?
ftx777x chapter 30 . 9/20
Please dear author, have mercy on our hearts. Let there be a sequel.
WerewolfKing350 chapter 30 . 9/15
I think I hate you. How dare you just leave it like that. I thought Hans was going to be revealed. I thought they were going to end up together. I was so excited for that. There had better be a sequel because this story CANNOT END HERE. It’s not fair to them, me or the readers and I will not sit back and accept this is the end of the particular Elsanna story. You need to save Anna from Hans and bring Elsa and Anna together as they were meant to be from the very beginning of this story. I love this story but it needs to be repaired. WWWWHHHHHHYYYYYYY! Are you trying to kill us with this ending? Ugh! I need a happy ending to this because I did not spend the past six hours reading for it to end like this!
WerewolfKing350 chapter 27 . 9/15
No Hans, you bloody bastard. I don’t care how mentally deranged you are, if you hurt Elsa I’ll kill you... assuming that was remotely possible but I’ll include a painful death for you in one of my stories. Please don’t let Hans hurt Elsa, PLEASE! AAnna needs to save Elsa!
WerewolfKing350 chapter 23 . 9/15
FINALLY! The romance can begin! YAAAS! I’m so excited now and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen! And I was right! Anna made the first big move! YAAAAAS. Good job!
WerewolfKing350 chapter 21 . 9/15
Oh dear, Elsa is so conflicted and confused... I swear to GOD if you reveal Anna is her sister I will loose my mind...

I love this story and I can wait to see what’s next. The characters are developing beautifully and playing into a beautiful story.
WerewolfKing350 chapter 20 . 9/15
Oh boy, things are heating up and becoming dramatic. I like this chapter and the bal was amazing and now I can’t wait to see how Elsa is going to react
WerewolfKing350 chapter 19 . 9/15
I love this chapter, so many important interactions. I hope Anna makes the first move but I’m sooo excited to see what’s going to happen next. The fact that the mum knows and isn’t upset is wonderful. You, my friend, are a very talented writer and I’m very impressed with this story and the amount of thought and planning put into it. That being said, let’s keep Hans out of the picture.
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