Reviews for A Snowflake in Spring
ColdsWood3154 chapter 30 . 11/8
Finished this last week and decided to give an interview.

I agree with the other reviewer. The last chapter felt rushed. There's no closure for most characters like Hercules and Megara, and what happened at the staircase with Elsa and Hans. Anyways it's an 8/10 for me.

Also, Frozen 2 is right around the corner. I'm still interested in your future Frozen fanfics, preferably a sequel to this please hehe, to tie loose ends. And if you still don't know you're the author of the most favorite and followed Frozen story in FanF .. I would say it's a reason to give another a try.
Guest chapter 30 . 11/7
it's a beautiful story I loved! thanks for writing it ! PDT: any epilogue? or sequel? please
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 30 . 10/31
Oh man, this was brilliant. Seriously needs a sequel though. Huh, maybe there is a sequel, will have to go have a look.
Guest Selma chapter 30 . 10/24
I had a blast reading this story! Unfortunately, the ending felt very rushed, and there wasn't much closure for most characters. Like what happened to hans (is he worse than before, or is he gonna be on the road to redemption?), or Anna (how does she feel about Elsa after everything? Is she ever gonna hear Elsa's voice? I kinda thought that was vital to the story, what with Anna really wanting to hear it and Elsa really wanting to talk to her, to at least say Anna's name, I mean her vocal chords work though they'd be very weak, but she's made a sound before so they're not paralyzed, just need exercise), or elsa (did she actually begin recovering on her own? What really happened on the stairwell? I was kinda hoping we'd get more of an explanation on why she was mute after she returned that fateful day, and why exactly she shut even her parents out completely- but I wasn't pressed to much for that latter part, mostly hoping), or meg and Hercules, or ever gerda! Haha, I just love gerda she's so funny sometimes. I don't know if you lost motivation for this story so you decided to end it there, or if you were going for something ambiguous, but eh. Although it's less of a did-they-or-didn't-they ambiguous, and more of a wow-that-ended-abruptly-and-loosley-untied. Needless to say, I'm not a fan of the ending. But rest assured, I very much enjoyed the rest of the story. It was very fun, I had some good laughs. It was also emotional, I cried a little. And it was very cute, it made me want to pinch almost every single character's cheeks at some point. Even Edna's, that mad lady. The ending may have been lackluster (in my opinion of course, I'm sure there are people who strongly disagree), but the journey there was very much worth the read, and for that I thank you. I'll probably reread it sometime next year just to go for a ride and enjoy it again. And if you by some chance make any sort of continuation of this world, you better bet I'll be there reading and supporting it! Naturally that's probably a long shot, but a girl can dream! If not, that's okay. :b Again, thank you for this story. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey. :)
ZoeNightshade2214 chapter 30 . 10/15
I just want to say I started reading this 5 yrs ago when it was first written and just recently decided to delve back into my favorites. Maybe it’s because of the Frozen 2 release coming up, maybe I just miss losing myself in fictional stories. But I realized I never read the last chapter. I think I fell away after Ch. 29 and never got the conclusion. I was left sad thinking the story was abandoned and I’d never see the conclusion to this tale, but then I realized it was finished. I do wish to know how it all pans out, but this was a perfect end to the story. It leaves the reader wanting more, but also draws a nice close to the overarching story with self reflection and progress. As long of a shot it is I’d love to either get a 5yrs later kind of one-shot or even just s return letter Anna might send in response, but I am happy with this end. I picture Elsa reading it as a voiceover while she writes and snow falling outside as the screen slowly fades to black.
L chapter 30 . 9/23
Thank you fot this story. It’s beautiful!
Please, write a sequence
kitsunenosenshi9 chapter 30 . 9/7 there gonna be a part 2. this was marvelous, but it leaves it so open ended and desperately want them to live happily ever after...thank you for writing such an amazing story.
Clare chapter 30 . 8/23
Please make a sequel because this is a lovely story and I would love to red more and the development of elsa and Anna relationship
Bekahh2 chapter 30 . 8/17
This is a beautiful story and I read it within two days. It is rare to find a story that is extremely well written with flushed out characters. I love what you did with the Disney characters and I had fun noting the different fandoms. I want to encourage you to keep writing. Not for us, (as much as I would love a sequel ) but for you. You have a gift. Thanks for all the time and work you put into this.
dark wolf of death chapter 30 . 8/11
NOOOOO! THIS CAN'T BE THE END! I'm so sad! I was hoping there would me so much more! I wanted to see Elsa and Anna get together, and see how Anna describes it when she hears Elsa's voice for the first time, for the two to go on a date, and to find out what happened in the stairwell with Hans!
I hope and beg you write more or a sequel! You are an amazing writer and I LOVE this story!
Me chapter 24 . 8/10
I love it
Guest chapter 18 . 8/10
I LOVE edna in this!
Guest chapter 15 . 8/9
I thought she would make something like 28 with her hands
leftmymindonabus chapter 30 . 8/5
I really hope there is more. This can not end here.
YueA chapter 30 . 7/14
I am extremely frustrated. Because the ending was sad? No. Because THIS IS NOT AN ENDING.
There's no closure. What happened to Hans? And Anna? Her final act in the story was to play the matchmaker? Seriously?
This is disappointing. Unless there is a sequel (even if very short) planned, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
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