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JustASimpleReader14 chapter 29 . 8/13
crish chapter 29 . 8/13
FUCK. dude. where do i start. firstly im happy youre not dead as hell and that you updated, second this chapter was a fucking suckerpunch. please please PLEASE dont give up on this fic, i check at least once a month to see if its come back by some miracle. at the same time however I want you to take care of yourself, so if ur life isnt letting writting happen then thats perfectly OK. another great chapter to a great story!

best wishes!
VivaciousElsa chapter 29 . 8/9
I finally got around to reading A Snowflake in Spring, yay me! I was recommended this so many times, and I totally see why. My brain is mush, because I read 130,212 within 12 hours(with a small 3 hour nap somewhere in there); so yeah, a lot to process and remember.

I reallyreallyreally liked this story, to get started. I could feel the passion in your writing, and I was just swept away by the characters. You caused me to have a permanent goofy smile for 70% of 12 hours, so thanks for that. (:

The strength of this story is the flushed out characters and the very welcome, yet surprising(and bold) events that pushed the story forward time and time again. Like, when Anna confronted Elsa on her feelings on Elsa's bed after the teasing in the art room. Or when Elsa made her first sound as she embraced Anna with her parents in the lounge. Oooh, and the time when Anna engaged in the first move to kissing; like really? That was so good! Especially the most recent one with Hans being pushed down the stairs, like wow. Did. Not. See. That. Coming. During these moments, I was a nervous wreck, with my mind racing about the possibilities, and you somehow chose the most interesting route that I didn't think of. Oh, and all the absolutely adorable Elsanna moments that happened whenever the two were near each other were COMPLETELY lethal.

My heart was pained when either Anna or Elsa got hurt, but you managed to make each one a learning experience for the characters, which lead to more growth. Really, that was some solid writing!

I'm so very happy I read this, it for sure revamped my love for Elsanna. The only part that has me kinda worried is that apparently the last update had like a year in-between chapters. But I'm going to hold onto the hope and believe the many times in the notes that you said you'd finish the story for sure, no matter how much time goes on.

Geez, my brain needs rest. I'll likely sleep about cute Elsanna interactions, which is a soothing thought. Umm, expect another message in your inbox from me within the next couple days, finishing my thoughts on this lovely story, I'm not really satisfied by this review; it feels more like brain vomit after too much stimuli. I really look forward to any future updates, but as always please do not feel pressured by me. I want my favorite authors(yes, you're now one of my favorites) to feel happy and enjoy writing, so please, take your time. Have a wonderful day!
SAm chapter 29 . 8/6
Can you pleaseeee continue? :(
I reread this story at least 15 times already..
jazi chapter 29 . 8/5
ighhhhhh dang your sweet sad filler FILLER XD
Theshiplover chapter 3 . 7/26
I'll be reading the whole story than give a good job and talk about it
Guest chapter 29 . 7/21
When are you gonna update ...if i mean well if your gonna continue this story that is...I really love and hoped that elsa and Anna would have had a happy ending
FireFox05 chapter 29 . 7/18
Ohhhh I can't wait for the next chapter (like plz update soon this is a really good story)
Melody21 chapter 29 . 7/16
Wow! I literally came back to just for this story! This is a friggen master piece of fanfic work. Its so compelling and your writing style is easy to follow. I laughed where i needed to and cried when prompted. I got so immersed in this fic! Im so on board and im excited for where this is heading. I feel so bad for Elsa and Anna right now. This situation would bedifficult for anyone let alone these cute smol beans. Hans is the best antagonistic mental person ive read! Seriously this story is epic and im very happy to have the privledge to read it. So thank you for sharing.
Kimbus polly chapter 16 . 7/9
I don't think anyone would expline themselves crumpleing to the ground. I've noticed this about a lot of writers, and I'm going to tell you. Cause I love you and I don't want you falling into this pit of incoherency. If your character is telling a story and unless there trying to expline a dramtic story. Never wright them explineing actions, their not wrighting a story, you are they are telling a story theres a mighty big diffrence. No one would say that they crumpled to the ground unless it's someone seeing this happen. Example, "My wife was devastated, that she crumpled to the ground crying." Now if it happened to her it would be something like this "I felt so devasted that I just couldn't take it, and I just fell to the ground crying." Please understand that their is a fine line between how a writer tells a story, and how a normal person tells a story.
ecnatsnoc chapter 29 . 6/28
I like your story,I like the shy,sheepish elsa...
YourNervousAuthor chapter 29 . 6/27
Hey CS! Hope everything is going well for you so far this year. Just wanted to leave a review saying it's been awhile since I've read this fic but it's just as much of a gripping emotional rollercoaster as it was the first time. Excitedly awaiting the next update. Have a good day! :)
ChickenCheescake chapter 29 . 6/20
Is that the end? there more to come, i'm confused...
Shako chapter 29 . 6/12
Hey, I'm just dropping in to say I love this story of Yours, thank You for creating it:)
lee.hunter chapter 29 . 6/5
Wow, and wow. So many feels. Amazing. Thank you for sharing.
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