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ZiggySmallz chapter 54 . 7/22
God damn. This story kept me up past 5am multiple nights. You should be getting paid for this. If I had money I would be demanding you start a patron so I could pay you for this. P.s. ryuko/ichigo ftw.
Speedyquader chapter 54 . 7/20
I just thought of something I think would be cool: have both Ichigo and Ryuko in the same Kamui Tales: Alternate Weave for when the Cocoon Seed Planet happens in that are some of my favorite parts of this fic.
Mingyu chapter 54 . 7/18
Eh, it may have been filling in holes in the story, but it had some pretty cool stuff. Good to see another perspective on Ragyo's rise to power. Thanks for the chapter!
Guest chapter 54 . 7/16
While I will say I kinda dislike the fact that you essentially made Ichigo's role in Bleach useless by him not even having any of those powers (also how did he have Zanpakto spirits then?) I do really like the way this story is going and your writing, that was my only complaint so far. Keep up the good work!
BiblioMatsuri chapter 54 . 7/16
Well. On the one hand, the afterlife is indeed fucked.
(Of-freaking-course the shopping addict would bring evil clothing back from a trip. Of course.)
...and what the hell was that about the Soul King and "not Life Fibers"?

On the other hand, Masaki going super mode and /punching Ragyo in the face/ was made of beautiful.
reven228 chapter 54 . 7/15
Nice chapter, it really gave a lot of background to this world and some of the characters motivations. I did enjoy the Omake at the end there, although given its content I'd almost say it was canon in terms of importance. Great job, I'm looking forward to the next chapter's fight. Keep goin and stay golden

Satsuki: They weren't two two ships passing in the night. They were two figures whose destiny pulled them together for this confrontation.

lazylegionspark chapter 54 . 7/15
This explains a ton of things and is setting up the next chapter greatly. Badass Masaki FTW.

However from what I understand this chapter implies that his Zanpaktou was never real which means the old man and hollow ichigo where just figments of his imagination. Potentially deep and disturbing.
erica.phoenix16 chapter 54 . 7/14
I liked the whole flashback sequences. :)
Rowknan chapter 54 . 7/14
Despite the furthering of the plot and the promise of a Aizen-Urahara collaboration to come I am thoroughly disappointed with this chapter and how Kill la Kill is completely taking over the lore of Bleach. You are essentially ignoring the first Bleach arc and how Zanpakto work. (Remember how Ichigo sent souls to Soul Society and purifies hollows? Only Shinigami can do that. No exceptions.) In addition by stating that Ichigo doesn't even have Shinigami or Hollow powers you are simultaneously stealing Ryoko's place in the story, ignoring the very idea of how Zanpakto spirits work, and making Rukia's actions meaningless. I could have taken the blow of Isshin no longer being a shinigami but the fact that you stripped away Ichigo's connection to Bleach is a bit insulting to the franchise.

With that ugly bit out of the way I did enjoy how you got inside Aizen's head and put him in a position to influence the story. While I'm sure I will continue to read To My Death I Fight as I enjoy your writing and pacing style I am deeply disappointed by the way the lore is going.
Guest chapter 54 . 7/14 explained the reasons behind the actions of a man (in this universe) surrounded in mystery perfectly. Bravo Sir. Bravo.
Guest chapter 54 . 7/14
All hail Aizen, Savior of the Universe!
Resisting the Borg chapter 54 . 7/14
That... was fascinating. And I have to say that my favorite part was Masaki laying into Ragyo.
The Hollow Luner Fang chapter 54 . 7/14
First thing I want to get off my chest is the fact that your story is a rare breed among the many stories on this site. Hell, there are very few stories that can even come close to what you're on your way to creating. You're on your way to creating a story bordering on an epic. If nothing else it is worthy if the title of "a piece of true literature."
I know there are some that will complain that you didn’t have any Aizen vs Ragyo fighting in it. I don’t share that mentality at all. This chapter was more than catch-up for what Aizen is doing on the battle field but critical in explaining his motives for doing so. A character like Aizen's motives are always clouded in mystery and no one can take his words at face value. The ONLY reason that Isshin listened to Aizen during the battle of fake Karakura town was knowledge of the original life fiber and the Hogyoku being made from life fibers. We, the reader, needed enough prof that when Aizen told Kisuke that his goals have always been to take out the original life fiber we could believe him. Kisuke already knew his answer when he arrived in Muken.
I was really glad to get context to the fight between Misaki and Ragyo the evening of their assault on the Kiryuin compound. With everything that was said with how weak Quinces are to life fibers it was assumed that Aizen's manipulation had to be a key component of their fight. Seeing that gave context to a lot more to come I assume.
Ichigo's Shinigami, hollow, and Quincy powers, though fake, where rooted in his actual bloodline. If I'm correct 'fake' is the wrong word to describe them, is it? His powers where false but not fake. If they were false they would grow to a level outlined by his heritage and give off the composition of his combined spiritual lineage. But the strength itself does not originate in the same place as another shinigami's power would. He may have already surpassed the point of his previous Banki while in Mugestu Zangetu form but he currently isn’t close to his Final Gestuga form. Since he previously exhausted his false reiestu to allow his life fibers to mature, this means that there are two different "sources" to his powers. If anything he could still regain the texture of his old powers and have asses to the techniques and abilities they afforded him.
The last big mystery/non-mystery that this chapter didn't put into words, but could have alluded to, is why the Gotei 13 hasn't gotten involved at all. Though I doubt that it's a simple explanation, it is still disconcerting that the Quinces got involved before Soul Society. The Battle for London is the only time that there was a possibility that someone could have shown up to take part in the war. That was only because Ywuha's direct involvement in the fight. This must be a huge plot point if you've been teasing it since Ryuken's fight with Nui at the beginning of the story.
I am quite looking forward to how this is going to turn out :)
kyrogue23 chapter 54 . 7/14
The best highlight of this chapter is that Ragyo was getting toss around like a rag doll by Masaki and I was loving every minute of it. Ragyo was feeling fear for the first time and was worry to die at her hands.
dreaddragonknight chapter 54 . 7/14
brilliant, u wrote Aizen perfectly in my opinion
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