Reviews for To My Death I Fight
reyesemmanuel480 chapter 64 . 14h
Hey Bahamut Reishiki if your still active here on I loved this story maybe even the best one I read if you decide to make a sequel of this story your gonna make my life complete so I hope to see a sequel some time soon, take your time I don't mean to rush you, so thanks #beststory
Rodenmar chapter 64 . 10/15
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love this story but I absolutely hate Kinue Kinagase and Olivier Armstrong in this story with every fiber of my being.

Both their presences have no weight in the story other than making me skip ahead whenever they come up.

l love Alexander in this and my favourite change you made from cannon is making IsshinRagyo's equal
Kallavan chapter 64 . 9/14
So your decision is to... not have an ultimate decision? I can't help but be a little disappointed, but I will admit it is in character.

Right, so there's still some unexplored plot threads for a sequel I can only assume is hypothetical; the Hellsing elements, Alucard is still in custody of the Wandenreich, which itself is still at large, if Kisuke manages to save the Kamui. A sequel would deal with the TYBW arc which would be interesting to see, admittedly.

I liked the story, although I felt that the Hellsing elements were not fully necessary, and I would support a sequel, if you decided to write one.
justafan chapter 64 . 8/27
Terrible not even a kiss or anything just feel like i got blue balled i dunno.
hainbane chapter 30 . 8/27
So Isshin instead of protecting Ichigo's friends sends them to be a hostage and a hindrance. Nice move. Let them all be a toy for overpowered alien noodle monster.
hainbane chapter 15 . 8/27
i tried to understand the power lvls but now i am lost. So a normal human can overpower Matoi but is instant dead to Ururu. Inturn Matoi can fight Nui and later kill her and main Boss. But Urahara lost to Nui. How exactly does that work. I can enjoy powerless Ichigo in this story but when some alien noodles turn out immune to lvl 90 kido and significantly stronger and faster than captains ( Since Zaraki can only slow her for a bit) that is just breaking SoD so hard. Because if Nui is that strong than any type of resistance Earth can produce is pointless. She would never even in half paralyzed state suffer any type of injury from Matoi's dad. Not to mention Matoi would be slapped to death the moment her Kamui is not in active mode just from the speed alone.
JuanDeluxe chapter 64 . 7/2
i dont know know, I expected a better ending
Pokedomo555 chapter 63 . 6/21
Near the beginning two versions of the same paragraph, wonderful to read both times
Guest chapter 15 . 6/14
cant wait till ryuko fuck ichigo :sunglass:
legion29 chapter 10 . 6/1
yeah after kisuke got wrecked by nui i had a hard enough time taking this story seriously but fucking yoruichi not instant k.o ing her like what if you can only make a crossover story by making powerful characters weak as shit then you should stop writing crossover stories
GrimmjowTaichou chapter 64 . 6/2
So this the end?
GrimmjowTaichou chapter 55 . 6/2
And i thought Ragyo will be getting the Hogyoku
GrimmjowTaichou chapter 53 . 6/2
Oh my fucking god boi Aizen!
GrimmjowTaichou chapter 52 . 6/2
Bruh Nui dreaming at Ichigo's fight with Ulquiorra
GrimmjowTaichou chapter 41 . 5/22
What the fuck is this crossover you added hellsing into this
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