Reviews for To My Death I Fight
erica.phoenix16 chapter 4 . 3/22
Please update soon.
BLADE OF ILLUSIONS chapter 58 . 3/20
I finish to see at last your 2 final chapters (work problems) so forgive my lack of review befor this, again great development Ill keep atention for your amazing work
Guest chapter 45 . 3/5
When is ichigo going to get his harem with the sister I think two is just infant for him what do you think
Guest chapter 58 . 2/27
Hilarious man i
Mingyu chapter 58 . 2/28
You tell 'er, Olivier! Booyaka!

Nice bit of a break here. Gotta get the funny in while you can. Thanks for the chapter!
KuramaFTW chapter 58 . 2/27
Ok so there are some interesting things going on in this chapter, Nui suffering from a mental and emotional break down, everyone getting set for what appears to be the final battle with Ragyo, and further proof that Ryuko likes Ichigo (seriously make them official). Still with all of this going on it makes me wonder if we are close to the end of this story. I mean normally I'd think yes but with the fact that Ywach is still out there and he would likely make his move after Ragyo is defeated I do wonder if we are going to go into the Thousand Blood War Arc. I mean it would make sense to do so even though a fair number of the Sternritters have been killed. Anyways keep up the great work and update soon.
Black cross0 chapter 58 . 2/26
This was a good chapter, it gave the preparations and planning and licking of wounds at the same time genius! Also I like that nui saw the last moments with ichigo and rukia and it is just making hear brain fall apart and it's through that that ragyo's plans all come crashing down, can't wait for the final battle man!
dreaddragonknight chapter 58 . 2/26
good cool down chapter, wish their was more embarrassing moments in it because that shit is priceless
Speedyquader chapter 58 . 2/26
The second paragraph in this chapter has a duplicate right after it, just fyi.
erica.phoenix16 chapter 58 . 2/26
Poor Orihime, I hope that Satsuki, Ryuko, Amu, Ichigo, Mako, Uyuu and Chad all have the chance to rescue her.

Thanks for updating. :)
Mart-kos99k chapter 58 . 2/26
Thx for the chapter nice little fresh berry moment there at the end but I'm still rooting for pure berry.
kyrogue23 chapter 58 . 2/26
I just hope they are moving in for their final assault against Ragyo because it is a long time coming. I just hope that Ragyo didn't do anything to Orihime like she did to Satsuki or Ryuko in the show. Nui is finally having thoughts about questioning Ragyo and her methods which could lead to betrayal. This plan of theirs better work because it looks like they have ran out of time and better be more prepare than ever to stop Ragyo's plan.
mds777 chapter 58 . 2/26
Why did Ryuko hit Isshin? Ichigo I can understand, but I thought Isshin was talking to Satsuki. So why...? O.o
MythAnime chapter 57 . 2/10
I honestly dont care about any of the characters except for ichigo and ragyo I want to see their relationship develop and see what her plans are for him
Legionnas chapter 36 . 1/25
So I take it that the DTRs have been redesigned to be more like an anti-life fiber Metal Gear.
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