Reviews for To My Death I Fight
IsiahFlash chapter 3 . 3/26
Mako's a gigachad
Barbatus Lupus Rex chapter 17 . 12/26/2023
Dear god, i hate it when someone reveals they’re ability in mid battle. I mean what the hell is point of it seriously
ha chapter 34 . 12/19/2023
Ballin' And Can't Get Up chapter 34 . 10/19/2023
Wow. You are REALLY downplaying the Bleachverse and SUPER upscaling the Kill la Kill verse, which tops out at being able to barely destroy continents, of that. Yamamoto can casually reach the upper tiers of Kill la Kill in his Shikai, let alone his Bankai. Also, Uryu blitzed his SHADOW. In the SOUL SOCIETY. Ichigo dodged LIGHT before he even got his SHIKAI. Bleach is a massively higher verse than Kill la Kill, but I guess that would take all the suspense out of this if Kenpachi could just show up and one shot everything and everyone, huh?
Ballin' And Can't Get Up chapter 30 . 10/18/2023
The last person to put a hole in Ichigo's chest was Ulquiorra.
And we all know what happened there.
Ballin' And Can't Get Up chapter 2 . 10/11/2023
You realize that Kosuke has his Bankai, which would absolutely nuke Nui as a direct counter, right? As well as that, his lowest showings are near Nui's highest. In no world would she be able to kill Urahara, especially considering his foresight, he would likely have just used a disposable Gigai like he did when he fought Yammy the second time.
hi124 chapter 1 . 9/4/2023
at first I found this fic to be good, but my problem is that the power scaling is so bad and dosnt make any sense.
why chapter 36 . 5/19/2023
why? why waste nearly 4 yrs on this shit story. absolute garbage from what ive read so far and this is it. only thing more sad is the time i wasted reading this.
Redhunter17 chapter 12 . 5/11/2023
Wow, in 1 chapter ururu already got the title of worst character of all time, all interactions with her are so forced that my body cringed every single time her name appeared
RomanWolfEater chapter 64 . 2/3/2023
Just binged through it, gotta say one of the best fics I ever read respect
Anemone Iris Sidera chapter 64 . 11/11/2022
It took me a long while to finish this fic but I'm glad I did. It was truly enjoyable from start to finish and I'm a bit sad to have gotten to the end. This was in unexpected crossover and you made it work. Thank you making this fic.
Icura chapter 11 . 10/27/2022
Hahah, that vaccination.
cring cring chapter 2 . 9/26/2022
why didn't kisuke use bankai?
Man285 chapter 64 . 5/21/2022
Will you ever update?
Guest chapter 27 . 5/12/2022
"For just a moment Jackie Tristan looked like she might actually speak but instead she spat at Tsumugu's face, "Aller en enfers. You won't get a word out of me, you Nudist pigs! I'd rather die by Lady Ragyo's glorious hands than turn traitor!""

The correct French sentence here would be "Allez en enfer!".

"C'est quoi ce bordel, c'est que pour?"

You could shorten it to "C'est quoi ce bordel?", the second part of the sentence comes off as nonsensical in French.
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