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Red Castellan chapter 39 . 1/25/2017
Luka... I like him. I seriously do. His situation is so much realistic and genuine. Like, anyone would do that for their family. And now I feel so bad for Royce. I disliked Tiffany but a part of me is wishing that she should have won, if only for Royce.

What happened to Luka's mum?! And Kile? Who sent that wine? I hope they are both okay... :/

This was a really incredible story Ben. And you improved SO MUCH since its beginning! Keep writing Ben, because you are really good at it.
Red Castellan chapter 38 . 1/25/2017
Luke won?! I am- I am shocked! I honestly thought it will be Shaune or Tiffany... okay I admit I skipped the in between chapters because I honestly couldn't help myself. It was a great finale and congrats to Luke! And I am so happy that somebody from D12 won...
Mayasha-chan chapter 40 . 1/25/2017
Wow! What an end to an amazing story! :D

Thank you so much for that send off for Luke! :) I still can't believe he won!

Seeping Wounds was such an incredible story! And I hope you are proud of creating it! :D
AKLNxStories chapter 40 . 1/21/2017
LIIIIT! This was so amazing!

Tbh as much as I like Luke... I'm way more excited to see the alternate ending for Franz since he was my fav and such a bean. Tiffany too. XD

Awesome job with this story!

~ Anna ;D
Alecxias chapter 40 . 1/21/2017
First of all: Where have you been? It seems like every time I think about starting to write my story you seem to update and make me forget about mines lol
Second: I love the title of this chapter
Third: I thought I had reviewed last chapter too. I wonder what happened to Kile? I suspect he's been captured by the rebels.

On to this chapter: (I'm reviewing this as I read so there may be contradictions as I read more.)
I'm actually happy for Isaac, he clearly does not like his job, being caught up in the drama of the Games. I doubt he'll be able to escape it though, despite all that's happened. He is still the escort, I don't think they'll let him go that easily.
Luke is brilliant, he's looking for that silverlining being the optimist despite all the things that has happened. The description of the recovery area is good, I can visualise it real clearly. Isaac's attitude towards Luke I'm going to write off as him caring, despite the coldness he gives at times. He's like the opposite of Luke almost that strangely works. I'm not even mad if he comes back as the escort for Twelve again, the way they bounce off each other is great.
The padding on the suit is a nice touch, obviously four days recovery and a couple slices of pie is hardly enough. Aurora is a cutie. There are also these moments when Luke jokes to himself that I can somewhat resonate with, I tend to do the same whenever bad things happen; silverlinings I suppose.
Isaac's advice feels like the same advice I gave those potential nursing students waiting for their interview at uni last Wednesday.
'A whispering hiss' Would probably bring shivers to my skin. It suggests that the president wanted someone else to win, possibly Tiffany? Happy District Twelve people? Say it ain't so! Little Lewis should be in that crowd cheering. Also did they not get bombed or was that a different SYOT? No it was definitely a different one.
Wait is Isaac not the escort? Man I confused it again, it's already typed and I have typed so many words already. Disregard that.
Yeah I don't know how Taser did that too. It's very exciting none the less. Luke keeping a straight face throughout the recap of the Games, very commendable. That last question made me think as well; what do most Victors do when they win their Games. I know when I write mines they're usually doing something trivial like Gardening and others train tributes like in One and Two. I would personally feel like locking myself in the house or maybe not even spend time there.
I forgot for a second that he belongs in Twelve, what a conundrum he's left with.
Aww that journal, I want Isaac to come back as an escort, he can still travel during the off seasons.
I'll be happy if people carry me places, would be nice.
Yay! They're reunited again! I know how much they both mean to each other. Still with the bad puns I see.
I've always thought that if you have a Victor as a relative that you're excluded from being reaped unless you personally volunteer. I don't know, I know that you'll have less of a chance now of being reaped because you don't need tesserae. There's still that chance and there hasn't been any canon ones.
I feel like Aruma is going to be an important person in Luke's life, a sort of mother figure for sure.

And done, I like the ending. It revolves around the people that gave him hope to win the Games. The people that imparted those things to him would definitely be an influential factor to his personality.

It's finally finished, huh? It's been such a great pleasure reading this. It's quite frankly one of my favourites for sure and one of the first SYOT's that I read and actually enjoyed reading. I remember the day when I caught up with the story and felt so downtrodden that I had to wait. And so I waited and I am rewarded with the finishing line.

Thank you so much Mental for finishing this, and thank you for giving the inspiration to write my own and hopefully finish it too. You've been through alot and I hope that you do continue the series even if you just update monthly or so. Regardless, your decision is yours and I can only offer advice.

Hope to hear from you soon! Take care, always!

li'l fat necrosis chapter 40 . 1/21/2017
great job fuck boy, only took you eight years
Red Castellan chapter 27 . 12/12/2016
Wonderful chapter! Wow there are so many people who want Franz to live... I hope Mariel is okay. Shaune is alive, that's good. He has to be one of my favourites.
Red Castellan chapter 26 . 12/12/2016
I liked Royce's POV. It had so much emotions. This chapter was great and so much detailed and Franz is adorable and HANS! He died! That was a shocker! I had mixed feelings about him, but I am not going to miss him too much so *shrugs*.

PS: Honestly jealous of your writing style man...
EllipticDART chapter 39 . 11/25/2016
Great chapter, I wonder what is going on behind the scenes. The unrealistic spine wip was pretty good. Keep up the awesome work Lution.
EllipticDART chapter 38 . 10/16/2016
the last two chapters where awesome. I liked the ending and congratulations to the winner of the games. I didn't expect my tribute to be in the finally. Keep up the awesome work Lution.
Mayasha-chan chapter 38 . 9/20/2016

Oh my God! My heart beating so fast! Their fight had me on edge!

I can't believe it! Luke won! I'm a bit worried about his intestines falling out...! But he's going home! :'D

And gosh, their final conversation together... It was brilliant!

Thank you for the great story! :D
Alecxias chapter 38 . 9/19/2016
That was such an intense fight! At one point I thought that Derek was going to win and then the shaking began and everything goes wrong for the both of them.

(I would just like to say that past me predicted Luke winning but the other past me decided that Derek was better)

your story has been wonderful, the way you can make the tributes each standout as well as making your Head Gamemaker feel real is what always makes the story for me. I think this was one of the first SYOTs I started readin and I'm so glad to see it get completed. You gosh darn better beleive that I'll be staying for the other chapters!

Luke I can agree as being the Victor, I did at one point wanted him to win. I guess that mindset changed as the story progressed and j saw Derek become more competent. Luke, as you rightly put, has been put to the side quite often and always linger with the others. It is quite a shock and a pleasant surprise to see him become the Victor!

I would say that Steven, Franz and Mariel were my favourites. The best death? Hmm Addie's spine being literally ripped out? I don't know but I always rememebr it.

Well I guess that's it for now! It makes me happy to see you finish this and definitely inspires me to just hurry up and finish my own for sure!

Can't wait for PutP to update! And to see alternate victors in this story too!

li'l fat necrosis chapter 38 . 9/19/2016
i would like an alternative ending with franz pls thanks
so chapter 2 . 9/16/2016
li'l fat necrosis chapter 37 . 9/16/2016
a little part of me wishes that she had the kid inside the arena
and then someone used the placenta as a lasso and choked her to death with it.
the kid can take her place.

lmfao don't leave for another eighty years, y'hear?
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