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Guest chapter 16 . 11/12
I've liked reading this story, and hope it gets continued. Dresden has another, more logical reason, to not be with Rias after this though, and it is more basic than the hurt she caused him. She chose herself, over him, and was willing to use him to her own favor.

Rather than look at the act itself as the reason, it is the personality itself be looked at, as e cannot ever believe going forward, that her having made the call once that way, that she would not do so again.

In some ways, I would actually not mind this being a Sona match, rather than a Rias one... and I believe that is another reason Levi-tan wanted him at the school.

I also liked he late interaction between him and Miltelt.

Look forward to more.
Johannes de Silentio chapter 17 . 10/29
Hey! Thank you for this story!

Great characterization you got going here, a Jim Butcher-worthy Harry Dresden experience! And way to go making High School DxD into a more Dresdenisque universe without losing the... special flair that makes High School DxD into what it is.

Great work.
Etokaiten chapter 7 . 10/27
Harry: ffffffff-
Etokaiten chapter 6 . 10/27
Nin Nin~
Etokaiten chapter 3 . 10/27
Harry be reppin' them levis.
Etokaiten chapter 1 . 10/27
I feel you bruh.
BlackRevenant chapter 5 . 10/18
Ok seriously.

Started reading this cause other stories recommended it.

But, this Harry is pissing me off. I know very little of Dresden Files, but in reading stories that cross with it I've done some research so I don't lose too much in translation.

And one thing that comes across clear is that Harry Dresden is NOT a bitch. Squishy sure, but not bitchmade.

And the interaction with Sona and Rias msde him out to be bitchmade, he folded SO easily when he did NOTHING wrong. Hell I can even argue against reckless too. They (serafall included) have told him NOTHING yet they have an idea of crap going on in their city and allowed him to roam without general knowledge?

It is enough for me to stop reading. Like authors always say "don't like, don't read" and I couldn't agree more.

But I'm willing to write it off as early chapter bullshit in light of my new interest in Harry Dresden, and recommendations from the likes of Gabriels Blessing.

Fingers crossed.

Zachary2 chapter 17 . 10/8
Awwww man I wanted to read more, I'm looking forward to what happens in the next chapter.
51 chapter 17 . 10/4
ive read this a few times and honestly... i Love it. its super good. the part with he who walks behind and that is soooo good and probably one of my favorite things in this fic. in fact im probably going to read this again since its been a while. i'd love to see a new chapter :O
veritgo chapter 17 . 10/2
Just finished reading through this and wanted to say I really enjoyed it. You write a great young-Dresden, and some very fun to read snark. Levi-tan and Sona are fleshed out as very interesting characters, and Issei stuck in Raynare's body is great. Unique and Interesting.

Really hope to see the conclusion of the ratings game, how Harry's staff evolves, how Harry's power as a devil evolves, what happens with all of the relationships, and even Harry's talk with McCoy. Even if you never come back to this story, thanks for writing so much of it.

Lots of fun.
Luna's Meow chapter 14 . 9/21
Well, apparently problem one just went full 360! But still, he should have kept the blood.
Luna's Meow chapter 13 . 9/21
Very few issues with this story. It is a great piece of work compared to what is usually found at this site. Just a few points of contention.

1. Akeno. Her initial irritability with Dresden is understandable considering the demon traces that were lweft on him. However, once determining that her initial worries about him being the demon in disguise were unfounded, one would think that she would revert to her normal persona, which is not a bitch at all. This continued attitude towards Dresden has no reason behind it. They shouldn't have suddenly gone to rainbows and sunshine, but you'd think there would be progress. Not this constant fighting for no reason at all. Especially since that isn't her natural persona. It is, sadly, the single hardest part of the story to read. I get completely lost in your fic, as I should, but when they interact, the sheer lack of reason for their hostility makes those small sections like pulling teeth.

2. Rias. While I don't expect Dresden to suddenly fuck her, you think he'd at least be flirting with her considering his statement about "definitely taking her up on her obvious invitation" that night when he left to save Asia. Yet he has instead outright avoided her, without cause? Not meshing there at all.

3. There was one other thing, and I completely forget what it is. Maybe I'll remember by the next review. But, other than these things, the rest of the story is quite simply, amazing. Keep up the great work!
AndyScull chapter 1 . 9/17
Review is for all story, not for a single chapter.
Currently I read up to chapter 13. I just love how you wrote all those OC things. I never imagined some of plot twists, so I am definitely having a blast reading this.
No significant grammar or punctuation errors. English isn't my native language and I have absolutely no trouble reading the text (with few fanfics here I had to literally decipher each sentence word by word).
Grovtech chapter 17 . 9/12
Oh my! What a tangled web you've woven! At times I was concerned that Harry sounded older than he was at the time, but the banter and the writing were so much fun to read that those concerns were swept away.
Good Stuff!
Parks98 chapter 10 . 9/9
oh hell the F yes
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