Reviews for Never Use Shadow Clones to do Your Paper Work
Rickjames196 chapter 15 . 30m
Ahah omg I bet nibi is controlling her. Oh it was sleep walking, fail. Naruto faced off again'st zabuzabu, so I dun think he would ask bout why use a sword when you got kunais. Oh god yugito thinks she raped him and he ran away bwahaha.
Rickjames196 chapter 14 . 54m
Aww he not gonna say bai bai to hina Y.Y I guess they ain't that close, tsunade usually has a problem with him getting with mei xD. Poor Ao & chojuro hahaha. Hahaha "If I hear any reports of unwanted sexual advances, this deal is off" Lulz genma is so badass. Isn't the hiraishin team a 3 man squad? Why is genma alone? I believe all three are needed. Oh the others just weren't mentioned XD. Bwhaha Naruto K.O'ed himself. I think all his girls shoulda gone with him to each village. They ain't op and can prob use the training too. Yugito is such a cute kitten.
Rickjames196 chapter 13 . 1h
Hahah sasgay got saved by his brother. Aww nuu my hina Y.Y Akatsuki failed so badly hahaah. Now we know why they are given partners. They are worthless by themselves. xD tayuya genjutsu'ed sasori? o.O Bwhaha hidan just walked away. Aww poor hina, at least she told him. Aww his hypotheticals ahaha. Bwhahaah they shuffled to include kuro. Bwhaha oh god her dad heard her talking that BS, you are evil ahaha. That stair joke was hilarious...after I read it like 3 times and got it ahaha. Wewt, Mei shows up. The house gonna need more rooms.
Rickjames196 chapter 12 . 11h
Aww man fu got blown up.
Rickjames196 chapter 11 . 12h
Aww he got yugito to use the haku philosophy. ahaha shithead, did I just hear tayuya sneeze? Sweet they took tenten hina and hana...they better not die. Poor injured ninjas, Naruto coulda sent a clone or two to help them back home. What if akatsuki kills them? Naruto forgot to bring gaara. Man how the fuck they gonna beat kakuzu... Hina better not die Y.Y hahha hina switched to hidan. Curse mark is friggin hacks...Hina just saved one of Naruto's wives. Lucky pinktsuchi. Omg hina got stabbed... ugh. hina better not be dead ugh...
Rickjames196 chapter 10 . 12h
Aww so cute he had a clone carry sasgay away. Aww that kakashi bit was sad :/ Well he finally gave up on sakura. Guess jiraiya's talk got to him.
Rickjames196 chapter 9 . 13h
Ahaha so we finally see what he did. Rather tame, but classic Naruto. Bwahah he broke her chair too? Friggin evil. ahaha pinkutsuichi. Dun dun dun it turns out it was all an elaborate ploy between Naruto and temari, to get the other girls so wear temari's clothes. Team seven always gets the worse c-ranks XD. they are evil, let her go out with pinkutsuchi on her back. Aww fu's sensei Y..Y Aww kyuu still being a cry baby? Hahah at least chomei is friendly. Oh god he made neji stumble. HAhaaha so cute, they are chummy now. Aww shit if akatsuki attacks now they are fucked. And so is the peace plan. Xd was lightning sword guy aoi? Only one I can think off. Oh yea they went on the ibiki's brother mission, that's when aoi shows up. Hahah gotta love Naruto abusing his new parrying skill.
Rickjames196 chapter 8 . 22h
Aww haku's speech. Aahaha kuro is such a perv. Psh you know hina would never go to the hotsprings with her teammates. Hahha poor Naruto, his sexy jutsu is a master piece. Omg I forgot the whole cloud hina thing, I'm sure she had a heart attack when yugito said cloud. Bwahaha hina saw him without the byakugan. I really hate you for not adding her into the mix Y.y At least this version of Naruto cooks for them unlike the LTN Naru. I hope he gets kuro back tho, he is being too submissive. Aww cute naruxyugi moment, wonder what he did to kuro. I'll find out later, nap time.
Rickjames196 chapter 7 . 22h
sweet, Naruto will actually learn something in the training trip. Dang Naruto is super weak :/ I thought fu had supah strength, might have been a fanfic thing I guess. Dun remember where I read it.
Rickjames196 chapter 6 . 23h
sasgay not gonna run away? Awww Naruto gonna miss out on ibiki's bro. Aww jiraiya's speech was cute, even if it was a jab at hinata... Awww iruka gave him the talk. I never got the talk... I always did wonder why I couldn't turn into a tentacle monster hmmm... Yay kurama gonna get to chill with his brothers & sis. Aww they un like each other. Kyu just had to start talking politics XD. Aww kyu cried.
Rickjames196 chapter 5 . 7/28
Hhaha kuro is a freak, she wants tsunade to get gangbanged. Baki is totally gay for his acting kaze comment. He shoulda been like "heck yea, lets" Bwhahah insta-promotion, that was hilarious. I'm still mad it didn't happen in canon. After all that trouble he went through bringing her home. I like that this is pre shipudden, I really felt bad for shika in LTN :/ Awww cry baby Naru, that was a sad ending.
Rickjames196 chapter 4 . 7/28
That uzumaki explanation makes no sense. If there were any in the leaf he would have gone looking for them. Or asked sarutobi. Psh temari and kankuro picked up gaara when Naruto fucked him up. They didn't know he is the one who fixed him? Psh you know Bee has no tac' he should have dropped a few bars. Hhaha min min getting embarrassed from beyond the grave. You know tsunade is totally gonna use the shadow clones now. She un care bout them lil mistakes ahaha. Wtfuq! omake kuro, what a fucking creep.
Rickjames196 chapter 3 . 7/28
So cute, even in this version fu is just adorable. Naruto is such a cheapskate. Aww fu thinks they staring at her. Ahaha jiraiya peeped on anko. Bwhaha kotetsu fainted, he missed his buddy. Wasn't feeling that omake...
Rickjames196 chapter 2 . 7/28
Sweet this one starts pre shipudden. You'd think the konoha clans would have found the info too, not just the enemy villages. Hahah sasgay lost. Wish sarutobi didn't die, how would he have dealt with this hahaa. Hhaha harboring wood for, that's hilarious.
Rickjames196 chapter 1 . 7/28
I love LTN even if it's not my regular genre, lets give this a go. Wonder who leaked it? Prob snowden. Awww kushi is not famous in this fic Y.Y Aww shit that's how madara finds out lulz. Poor mizukage.
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