Reviews for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows (Clue Version)
zombie chapter 14 . 1/12
“To rescue our damsel in distress, Barnabas Collins.” That gave me a chuckle! I also loved the DnD references! I’m a huge DnD nerd, my pet is named after a character in my favorite DnD podcast. I found it interesting how Sam went about revealing all those things to Barnabas. So casual, considering the content. I love how blunt Nurse Jackson was!

I wonder why Sam didn’t argue more, considering he really wasn’t in favor of their plan at all. I don’t know where the fifth scene is leading for sure. Are Hoffman and Stokes going to be a thing? That’s my only guess. I had trouble keeping track of who was who in the office scene. A lot of things going on at once! The confrontation with Willie and Barnabas was so emotional! I really liked it!

The mail opening chat with Elizabeth and Roger was an enjoyable recap with their discussion. It also sort of analyzes the fact that there are two ghosts at once, which is something that didn’t even occur to me. And I loved the organic way Willie and Wadsworth’s discussion unfolded. (I’ve been so wiped out that I wasn’t sure exactly what to say.) I definitely enjoyed the episode! Thank you.
HCB chapter 21 . 12/30/2020
It's cool to hear the behind-the-scenes stuff before it gets polished. And it's funny, too! So, is it going to be "Up the Down Staircase" or "Up the Down Escalator"? Or it could be "Up the Damned Staircase." :) The first one seems more relatable unless Liz decides to install an escalator at Collinwood. Barnabas would raise his eyebrows at that! Ha ha! That small commentary during the "extensibly overplayed" intro music!

We're all ready, Milligan! "Up the Downed Escalator!" :) I thought that Sir Milligan and Hecubus were cute and random, too. After the ostensibly overplayed music." Ha Ha! Well, it is the usual intro. What can we say, right?

I would believe that Lily was communing with the bats. That's a good introspective observation about Bill's death. Hmmm, that's all after the story of his death? The way the audio cut off, it seemed that it was more to come. Well, if there's a second half, my dear, please send it. I'm chomping on roasted Bavarian almonds from work (the convenience store inside the building sells them for $3.50 each and 2 for $6.00 in roasted almonds, pecans, and cashews-I had all three :)) and drinking lemon and ginger tea while partaking in Bill and Liz's conversation and enjoying my favorite Night Gallery episode "The Caterpillar." Thanks for sharing the Bill and Liz scene!

So, let's see what is going on with Liz and Bill (again):

What a lively rendition of "Drunken Sailor!" Are we sure that Liz didn't time travel to audition with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra? "Communing with the bats" :D Please tell me Barnabas was one of the bats. Ah, the rational questions asked about the kidnapped Vicki, but just like MST3K reminds us, "It's just a t.v. show, I should really just relax." Interesting that Liz would think of Roger as being a possible murderer. But then again, after watching a few of the early DS episodes, Roger had some questionable ways about him, especially when Liz caught him trying to sneak into Victoria's room late one night to question her about Burke. That was a lot going on with Bill. As for Liz finding out about Maggie's connection to Josette, I think her curiosity and desire to know more of it was cool. After all, I don't think many of the characters really acknowledge the possibility of Maggie being a reincarnation of Josette (although I think the show should have fully focused on Maggie's ties to Josette rather than the rebound Vicki).

And now Scene Three of Episode 21:

Well, Bob! The spooks and spirits of Collinport need you to serve the drinks and keep the juke box going :) Bob the Bartender...why did I think about Bob the Builder? Bob, I guess, is going to be the constant survivor in Collinsport. After all, somebody got to pour the drinks, right? Yep! Dog droppings, or in this case, wolf droppings, are crap indeed. Oh, Chris! Really, Chris?! You couldn't go behind the bushes as a werewolf?! When werewolves mark their territories, they will surely return. Will he return for Bob the Bartender? I hope Werewolf Chris left the droppings because he couldn't make it to bathroom (or bushes). I guess the Josette side of Maggie got delicate sensibilities to not say "crap." I would say that may be the jukebox could be playing the background as Bob is cleaning up. I don't think it's necessary to have the ocean noises since the jukebox would drown it out any way. Just my thoughts.

Dude...but that was hilarious for a werewolf to leave his scent in scat at The Blue Whale. Yet, he left TWO scents...still not a pleasant mixture. Ohhhhhh, Chris. Or maybe I should call him Werewolf Chris? Either way, I really enjoyed this scene, my dear. Keep it up! And now, Episode 21, Scene 4 (and it's 4:26 pm, I started this email after

Brute IS fitting in Chris' situation. I love the Amy scream and voice :) The usual stuff: grown-ups never believe the children (which is why pedos get away with their crimes at times, but that's another issue). Amy has a good insight on her brother's torture with the werewolf curse. I think the considerations between Amy and David was like, "Well, we're on our own with this thing, so let's investigate the West Wing to forget our troubles." Yep, two, curious-minded, children. I wanted to say adult-like, especially when it came to David taking charge of the situation, but I didn't know if that would have been the factor.

Since this is short, I don't have much to say on this scene since I'll need more details with what the kids are up to. Yep, usually grown-ups don't believe the kids (especially about the "funny uncle", but that's Lifetime network special to touch on later). Yet, it is cool that we have Amy already aware that there is something sinister about Chris' situation.

Ha ha! You definitely touched on that point of parents not caring what their kids are doing online or offline through Hecubus!

And now, let's see what is going on in Scene 5 of Episode 21:

Hecubus gave real commentary on today's society, regarding the nonexistence of parental guidance on kids (not applied to every parent though).

And now, let me see what's going on with Mags/Josey and Barnabas/Barney (I just felt like being playful with their names :)):

To tickle Barnabas Collins would be odd, but tantalizing, to witness. It kind of made me smile just to think about that. I looked up Scissors Coup, but I still don't really get it since I never played Bridge. Either way, the scene between Mags and Barney was cute. Tickle him, Mags! Tickle him!

That scene between Barnabas and Maggie was cute. When she said that she knew that he'd be ticklish due to his repressed nature, it gave me a feeling of seduction from Maggie. I couldn't tell if Barnabas sensed that unless he pretended to not let it affect him.

Looking forward to the gathering!

Now, shall we continue with Episode 21, Scene Six? Yes we shall!
So, I'm trying to understand this conversation, so Wadsworth knows Willie, but doesn't know him? So, basically, he was an acquaintance, but not a close friend to really tell Roger that he knows him. I found the image of Willie and Mrs. Johnson smoking together funny in a surreal kind of way. Was Mrs. Johnson's cigarettes being stolen a part of the storyline in DS? If it was, did Willie steal them? So, I went over the script and I got what Wadsworth was saying about not knowing Willie as he was to the Collins household as opposed to how Wadsworth knew him as a younger man. I get that. I had a little trouble with the time thing when Willie mentioned completing his morning errands and getting done by midnight. What did he do all afternoon and the early evening? And was Wadsworth giving him money for the work Willie did or just because if everything Willie went through?

The delivery men are ALWAYS frightened of Collinwood. We know that, don't we ;) Okay, I remember this interaction between Roger and Willie because I didn't think I got the gist of Wadsworth knowing/ not knowing Wadsworth. Okay. let me think...Didn't Wadsworth mean that he didn't know him as Willie is now? Or that he was not a close acquaintance with Wadsworth when they first met and Wadsworth offered him work? Or whether or not Wadsworth knew Willie as a scoundrel? For me, it's like I know him, but I don't know him personally. It's been a while since you explained it to me, so feel free to correct me.

Julia's voice kind of squeaked when she thanked Willie for taking her and Eliot's coats, but that's minor. So, the only stuff I got out of this was about whether or not werewolves were affected by eclipses and everyone at Collinwood coming together to solve dilemmas. Although the standard is that werewolves changed at full moons, I'm open to anything. I was trying to figure out if Julia's concern about the moon was a reference to Chris, but I couldn't tell. As for solving dilemmas, what can I say? Usually, the residents and long-term residents of Collinwood do usually solve problems together (sometimes). I don't have any questions for this scene since it's just basic conversations to me.

Well, Maggie is a "living spirit." That was a good one with referencing that Chris Jennings "keeps changing", meaning that he changes into a werewolf and changing his mind to stay with Amy. Ha ha! Maggie losing all respect for Chris if he left the dog droppings! "They're wolf droppings, dammit!" LOL Well, Sheriff Patterson got to collect ALL evidence, right? *shrug*

Oooohhhh! "Amorous gentleman turned demon?" A reference to Barnabas kidnapping, brain washing, and torturing Maggie, leading to that torture-healing scene in MJD? Will you be adding in a moment for Eliot to address Maggie calling him "Ben"?

Thanks for the Kid N' Play reference. Will there be a dance off between Wadsworth and Willie and Barnabas and Elliot then? :)

Your description of this scene reminded me of Barnabas, Julia, and Eliot getting together to plan their hunt for V'Angelique before she bit our dear Barnabas again. (Damn YouTube for taking off free DS episodes!) I don't know why, but this meeting is giving me "Clue" tease, with Wadsworth leading out this meeting. Julia's reaction to Werewolf Chris leaving wolf droppings behind was hilarious (She reminded me of Mrs. Peacock with the hysterics :D). Oh, the DS background music! YES! It goes well with the atmosphere. It was a little difficult to keep up with who was speaking to whom, but I hope I caught on well. Awww! Eliot and Julia kissing. I need to revisit "Complications."

So, we're chilling with Sam and Darrin? Cool! Let's take a peak...
Is that light jazz in the background? I couldn't really hear it that well, but I heard the cymbals and light-sounded beats. It is 60s-ish like Darrin is sitting in his easy chair, having a cigarette, while Samantha is standing by, explaining the situation in Maine. I like it! Darrin couldn't come up with a better advertising idea: "Zoom: A Rocket"? I think Samantha was being nice when she praised his idea. Wait a minute, so does Season 5 Bewitched have the new Darrin on there? That's right Samantha, point out to her husband that witches and mortals both have good and bad tendencies. So, Darrin wants to go to Collinwood to do business with the Collins family? Didn't he hear the part about Sam going up for witch business? Will he go and get caught up in the mess going on? Darrin's sudden interest in the Collins’ showed him as an opportunist who would have no idea whom he's dealing with. Did he really say that dealing with the supernatural elements of Collinwood "might be fun"? As much trouble he had in dealing with Samantha's mom and other relatives? Alright, Darrin. I can't wait to see how Darrin will survive Collinwood, Daryl :D

And now... The Children's Hour, uh, I mean Episode 21, Scene 9. I forgot that The Children's Hour was a whole different ball game!

That's right, people. NOBODY'S watching the children while Vicki's away. (She and Peter are still with the Addams family, right? I forgot.) That ugly pink thing! Ha ha. Welp! Everybody's got different tastes. Ohhhhhh, Quentin. What will happen now with our young, brave souls?

Soooooooo, Episode 21, Scene TENNNNNNNNNN!

"Pulled out of...HIS ASS! I didn't see that coming, Daryl! LOL! I had to rewind it to just to make sure I heard it right. Why did Roger sound as though he had a scotch before he arrived? Maybe it's just me.

Quentin left for France...hmmm,,,,just like Barnabas "left" for England. Hmmm...

"Goodnight, Johnboy" Ha! Good one, Roger! I think it would've been funny if Quentin said that over the phone. So, where is Quentin sending little Amy? I guess we'll find out next time :)
Hidden Object chapter 19 . 10/30/2020
The intro was very informative. It’s been too long since I listened to 18 to know what you changed. Admittedly, I don’t usually get most of the character interaction with the intros. I don’t remember, The kids in the hall (other than the name). So, I looked up one of the episodes and watched it. Silly and funny.

I enjoyed Roger poking fun with “ …rather than turning out to be some queer, supernatural concoction no one can describe!” And his comment of, “I’m not even sure who anyone is anymore”

I liked the lines, Maggie saying “Everyone changes the world.” And that Samantha Stephens “Made a choice to be different.” We forget at times that we have a choice and it’s okay to be different. We also forget that even the little things we do change the world, not just the big flashy stuff. We all have the power to bring about change.

With Endora and Samantha: Really felt and understood the frustration of being harassed for choosing to be a housewife. I laughed when Samantha said, “This is like watching a soap opera” It’s so true that people tend to look at others misdeeds to comfort themselves about their own.

Bus boy! LOL Enjoyed hearing the jobs Nicholas Blair was suggesting he could do.

I enjoyed hearing Mrs. Muir and Carolyn Stoddard’s friendship grow. It’s so true that we may know deep down that we are loved, but we need to hear it. It was neat to hear of how Elizabeth was growing. I hope at some point she will talk freely with her daughter instead of by proxy.

For Liz, “Not troubles. Hopes.” – it truly matters how we view life. It’s encouraging to see Lily’s positive spin on it. Hearing the truth is needed and freeing. It’s too bad Bill had already died before learning it. The thought of a ghost sleeping is interesting.

Milligan: “Oh? Who cares?” LOL – he’s worn out by this whole thing.
Be careful what you wish for, Amy. You might just get more than you’ve bargained for!
Thanks for the distraction from everything going on in the world and on the home front.
Having the script helps out a lot. Not only do I follow along better, but I can mark things that I liked.
HCB chapter 20 . 8/2/2020
Oh, David! Ha ha ha! Yep, Barnabas and Josette/Maggie will outlive him. Okay, I just thought of something: aren't Angelique and Quentin immortal in MJD, too? I don't think I ever thought about them being in the same state as your main couple. And Sarah and Caleb? Please remind me. And thanks for the Madonna refresher. It clicked back to me.

Now, let's see what Hecubus and Milligan are doing in this new segment:

The surprising detail from our guys? I was kind of tickled by the Fifty Shades of Grey references, and how you connected with the different "shades", so to speak, with Collinwood. So, what happens next with Julia, Carolyn, and little Amy?

So...PIT Episode 20, Scene Two:

In the beginning, you had Julia refer to Carolyn as 'Ms. Stoddard', but later refer to her as 'Carolyn.' I was just pointing that out. I was literally cracking up at the sound of the toilet flushing, Daryl. It's that big, awkward relief from all seriousness that made this scene pretty cool. Oh! Carolyn figured out that Julia is in love with Eliot. Sweet! The part with Carolyn telling Julia that she didn't need a sedative but could get some brandy to calm herself was gold to me because it Roger coming out of her. I imagine Roger would turn down a sedative, too, for three glasses of brandy, in my opinion. Amy was a resident at Wyndcliffe? Gee, I wonder why (Did Chris put her in there to protect her from himself?) Hmmmm, the creature went away at the sight of Amy. Well, for those of us who are familiar with this series, we already know why, but for those are not familiar with Dark Shadows, I'm sure they'll have questions. This was a good scene.

And now, Scene three of PIT 20!

I'm not surprised that Amy isn't afraid of lightning. She seemed to be fascinated by it by the way she acknowledged it. I just thought about something as the kids were talking about the West Wing: on Disney's Beauty and the Beast, the Beast warned Belle to stay out of the West Wing because it was forbidden. And when he caught her in there, he got pissed! Those West Wings are definitely forboding, aren't they? Amy just knows...? Reminds me of little old Sarah Collins with that statement. "I just know." Wow! I'm looking forward to what they'll find inside of Collingwood's West Wing. Thanks for sending another scene!


Okay, I wasn't overly tickled by this scene, but I found the revelation that Peter Bradford's grave was empty an intriguing find. You gotta love Gomez and his enthusiasm! Peter sputtering at the end was kind of funny when Gomez thought that Peter wanted to commit forgery when technically, Peter would be forging his own name. A complicated situation indeed! Sorry that I didn't have that much to say about this scene.

And now for the glorious Episode 20, Scene 5 (I just finished listening to it several times to collect my thoughts :)):

In the beginning, when Sarah answers Maggie/Josette's question of where she was off to, Sarah replied, "I need to have think.." Was that intentional?

Oh, Barnabas! *giggle* Daryl, you made him so charming and poetic that I started giggling and blushing. And the kissing moments? Awwww! And I loved that line that he gave Maggie/Josette: "When it comes to you, any number of people, I suppose." Yep, we're still adjusting to her identity. I wonder if Hans might come out for a visit. Oh, I'm going to need Wadsworth to pop up and explain his psychic abilities. After all, he is now part of the family :)

But to answer your question, the interaction between Barnabas and Maggie/Josette was cute and romantic. It kind of made me want to download my Amazon Prime app again to watch some DS episodes. Oh, wait. I got some DS vids in my YouTube account and my Best of Barnabas DVD that I'm running down. This was a great scene between them. Keep them coming!

Episode 20, Scene Six:

Chris brought me back to Julia's scream when she saw him :) "Some of us are more than one person"- clever statement. I find it funny and irresponsible that Chris would leave money and sister with someone he hardly knows. But then again, it is a soap opera, so senseless choices happens. I know that he wanted to protect Amy and all, but how does he know that Amy would be safe with Maggie? I remember the "uniqueness" comment. My Barnabas made that comment when he first met her at the diner. I'm sorry, but where was Maggie walking to when she confronted Chris as a werewolf? Okay, so Maggie knows, but the question is how will Chris respond to her revelation?


I don't have a lot to say about this scene, but I found the conversation between Captain Gregg and Sarah to be refreshing, assuring Sarah of her place within the Collins family, especially with David. It was funny how he complained about the living always moving his stuff around as though they were really being jerks to him. I mean, after all, they don't get to interact with Captain Gregg, so why would they care, right?

Okay, so now I understand the captain a little more. So he's helping Sarah to cope with the changes of relationships at Collinwood, namely David, Amy, and Sarah. Sarah has to get used to Amy's presence and to get along with her just like Captain Gregg had to get along with Carolyn and her kids. And as for David forgetting her, well, since his connection to Collinwood would never be broken, I doubt that he'll forget Sarah. Thanks for the info!

So, let's see what's going on in Episode 20, Scene Eight:

Maggie's sense of humor was really showing in this scene:

"Pistachios, if you don't mind."

"Oh, I heard crazier, especially around here."

Chris: "Maggie, how can you be so absurd?"


I found that I was getting a little bit of Wadsworth tease from Maggie when she called Chris out for avoiding answering her question with a question. Was that intentional?

And then we get Interrupted by Carolyn (Really, Carolyn?) before Chris could answer whether or not he is a werewolf. Dog gone it, Carolyn! Nice touch with the record player being abruptly stopped :) Well, Chris was able to avoid the question for now. I guess that I'll have to wait for the next scene or so to find out if he'll howl the truth :D

Now, let's see what's going on with Maggie and Carolyn in Scene Nine of Episode 20:

You know, I never thought about Carolyn actually going to a public school with Maggie, Chris, and Joe. I always kind of thought that Carolyn was home-schooled or went to some sort of finishing school. Wait a minute! I just remembered an episode of DS when a friend of Carolyn's from school came by for a visit before Chris attacked her. I can't remember the episode number, but I remember Barnabas being charming to her while Julia was giving her the side eye of jealousy. Tee-hee!

Any hoot, I liked Carolyn's sarcasm about Barnabas' true identity ("Cousin from England? Hardly!"). It was like, "Oh, course I know who he is. He bit me and enslaved me under his vampire power to screw with Julia. Of course I know who he REALLY is." Chris going "far more berserk" was a great line. Was that in comparison to Barnabas' past evil behavior? So that's how Carolyn copes with her monthlies! I would imagine that she and Maggie would get together to wade out the week together. I find their interaction over Barnabas, the revelation of Maggie being Josette, and Chris being a werewolf surprisingly tame. I guess that I was expecting Carolyn to be a little more surprised and awed over Maggie being the real Josette and Chris being a werewolf, but I guess that after dealing with Barnabas, what would surprise Carolyn Stoddard at Collinwood?

Thanks for sending me this scene. I look forward to knowing what Tony is talking about with Carolyn.
Until next time, dear friend!

And now, my thoughts on Scene Ten of Episode 20:

Yeah, let's all repeat it again: JERK! Does Chris really believe that Amy is okay with being left at random places? I know that he got the uncontrollable werewolf syndrome, but he needs to do better by Amy. And what was with answering Amy's question with a question like she did something wrong. She didn't run away from Wyncliffe, she came back with Carolyn to Collinsport. And then, why would he put his little sister in the sanitarium? That is like some emotional trauma crap right there! Chris lacks self-awareness when it comes to understanding how Amy feels about being abandoned by him. In spite of all that, I think the best line in this scene was "I'm not seeing it (the flashlight) work." I can imagine Amy rolling her eyes as she was saying that. I liked your Amy voice, Daryl. Thanks for another scene. Will the flashlight work on the next scene? :D

And now, onward to the inexplicable scene eleven, episode 20:

Okay, so since this is a short scene, I don't have much for it, except for Chris being a butthole again. So, he's comfortable leaving Amy at Wyndcliffe, but not at Collinwood where it's not so institutionalized? I want some explanations from Chris "Butthole" Jennings! You know, he doesn't deserve a drink. Can't we just smash a silver amulet on his forehead just for the way he treats his little sister? *sigh* I know, I know. He needs healing, too. I wonder how will Maggie, Carolyn, and Tony get Chris to leave Amy at Collinwood. Let's find out!

So let's see what's going on Episode 20, Scene Twelve:

Okay, so this was an interesting scene. I have to admit that your Chris and Tony voices sounded similar, but I was still able to keep up. I noted the part where Chris mentioned that Tom usually kept Amy. Was that true on the show? I don't recall Amy being with Tom unless I missed something. Oh, the dreaded pentagram! On the show, the pentagram on the victims' faces looked so silly that I actually laughed because it would usually cover their entire faces :D I hope the barmaid will be safe in this relief series. If not...well, it is Dark Shadows. I was tickled when Chris' rapid footsteps sounded at the end of the audio. I was like, "Where are you going, Speedy Gonzalez?" Ha ha ha!

Episode 20, Scene 13 again. And now, onward with the review!

Unfortunately for Chris, this will be another ghastly morning after for him. That was a great scream though! I know you gave me a warning about it, but it still caught me off guard. I pictured in my mind the screaming girl scene cutting to an 80's teen house party with the music playing while Jason Voorhees lurks outside the house, coming up with ways to massacre every teenager in there (while Crispin Glover once again attempts to dance). I smirked at that thought :)

Thanks again, Daryl!


zombie chapter 13 . 1/7/2019
I liked this intro. Milligan not wanting to introduce Hecubus was different. I also really enjoyed the background music, maybe I just hadn’t noticed it before, or is that new? I was listening on better speakers this time so the sound quality was much better. I liked that Barnabas for once admitted to his wrong doings, which is a bit surprising because he’s not only admitting he did something wrong, it’s in relation to Josette. I also was not expecting Dr. Hoffman to make her feelings about Barnabas so obvious.

I really liked the background music in the third scene, too. I think it added a lot to the dialogue that was going on. I also oddly related to Loomis in this scene. I like how Josette finally finds out why Barnabas did what he did. I also related to this scene since I was about 16, I have been disassociating the majority of my life. When I come “back” it’s similar to how Josette feels in this scene. I actually do call it “coming back” so the fact that that’s how they call it in the scene was ironic to me.

“I don’t work here,” ha ha! Sounds like something I would say. I’m not sure what Morticia means in the next scene but I’m definitely excited to find out more and see where it all this is going. It’s hard to tell what Barnabas is thinking in the following scene. My only guess is suicide, but I feel that’s a bit too grim for The Pit, so I’m not sure. This was very intense! It’s got me on the edge of my seat! Holy shit, that was awesome! I can’t wait to hear the next pit episode and see what happens! Stay awesome.
HCB chapter 18 . 12/14/2018
I enjoyed the intro to Scene 1! The "how'de'y'do" interaction between Hecubus and Milligan was humorous with sensuality attached (at least, that’s what I got from the conversation). Loved the "Raggedy Master" part with the reference to Tina Turner's Auntie Entity. Did you ever see her scene as Acid Queen on "Tommy"? She was great in that one musical scene. Originally, David Bowie was supposed to be Acid Queen, but Tina beat him out in auditions. Interesting, right?

I liked Scene Two: The meeting between Captain Griggs and Josette was pleasant, but there isn't much I can comment on besides Captain Gregg's relating how he offended Endora. I thought that it was a great idea to have Maggie in Josette mode rather than herself since Josette can relate more to Captain Gregg, two old souls conversing with another. That was a good lead up to when she meets Samantha and her peeps :) Either way, I enjoy all the scenes that you send me. I really do enjoy your work and creativity. And I'm glad that you show interest in my work outside of Dark Shadows, too. Oh, so much creative juices flowing and I love it!

And now... Scene 3:

That crack that Hecubus made about everyone drinking on the show was a great line! After all, it is true (i.e. Roger). I like the interaction between Bill Malloy and Liz, but I felt that she could have sounded a little more shocked or surprised to see her old friend. She sounded a little deadpan. I mean, I know that Liz has a deep voice, but this is the first time that she has seen Bill since he was alive. Just my thoughts. Lily taking away that heavy seaweed off of Bill was a great gesture. Are Bill and Liz are going to have another scene above the ship? I'm eager to know if there's some "unfinished business" between them. (Seemed to be implied, but I could be wrong).

So, Scene 4: I liked the swift kick that Andre/Sam had to give to Captain Gregg. Captain Gregg seems like a stuck-up elitist. I found it interesting when Andre reflected humbly on the state of his current and past life, and how Captain Gregg needed to get over himself and face Endora. I'm looking forward to Andre/Sam giving him the kick-butt reason to get out of that car.

Don't worry about not having a spot-on Samantha voice. I'll give you an A for effort. And you have her demeanor right. She was affable in the series. I can imagine very well of Samantha trying to fit in with the "normal" mortals. We misfits always have such a time with that. Well, one thing you can't argue is that misfits are well-remembered than the normals :) That was great on the reference of Sam and Samantha having similar forms of their names. "Did you withhold one of her fancies, Captain Gregg?" -I like that line. It's almost like, "You got in trouble with my spoiled mama, didn't you, buddy?" Samantha already knew. I was like, "Wow!" when Samantha became shook over being reminded of Angelique. I can't wait to hear about their first run-in! Thanks for the new chapter!

Scene Six (wonders of wonder, the captain apologized):

I had to rewind to the beginning, and noticed the ding that accompanies our witches when they or stuff appears. Cool! I liked the backstory you had for Angelique doing something nefarious to one of their own, and being ostracized for it. It pretty much makes sense since Angelique is immortal. (Off topic: Is Samantha immortal, too? I never really thought about it until now, but if she never ages...but wait, Endora aged, but she's me out with that one.) I was surprised that Captain Gregg had asked for Endora's forgiveness without putting up a fight. But he had to do what he had to do, of course. The dancing in the cloud scene was cute. That was a great scene and resolution. What's next?

So, let's get to Episode 18, Scene Seven (because I nearly choked on my saliva :D)

I was cracking up at Julia freaking out at Chris' appearance, and how she was still freaking out as Eliot was speaking with Chris. Chris' deadpan response to Julia was hilarious. Well, since he gets that reaction all of the time, then it wouldn't faze him, huh? I was surprised that Eliot didn't try to calm down Julia, which made the scene funnier. Seriously, the whole Julia freak-out was the best part! I enjoyed it! Thanks for putting in the freak-out!

LOL! "Those sedatives help a lot. Thankfully they were quick-acting!" I could imagine Julia going through her medical bag for a couple of tablets, and taking them dry. Poor Julia. I can't actually remember, but was the situation with with Tom biting her ever addressed in Pit? Yep, I remembered the PG rated episodes of Dark Shadows. I think those were the ones with fake blood, mild violence, and actual witchcraft going on. It is kind of funny how the ratings kind of went back and forth (even going back and forth between color and black and white episodes at times).


That was one HEAVY scene you put together, Daryl. I actually had my iPad close to my ear since I couldn't hear the dialogue well on blast (not your fault, my ipad is just getting old), but when Amy did that shrieking cry, I had to get it away from my ear. Thumbs up on the little girl cry! I got Amy's resentment towards her brother, and of course, I get that she felt abandoned by him every full moon. I wonder if it would be wise for Chris to stay, considering his impending werewolf change. I remember watching a compilation video on YouTube of Barnabas as a father figure (you probably saw it, but I forgot who made it) where Amy revealed her baffling fear of the moon to him. She's scared of it, but doesn't know why. This was still and emotional and interesting scene between an older brother and his little sister (kind of reminds me of Barnabas and Sarah a little bit without the abandonment issues).

The conversation between Mr. Wells and Chris was cool with banterings on V'angelique and Blair's interactions being annoying and wilder than the Shriners :) And I do recognize the lines from DS Annotations and I'm glad that SaraMonster gave you thumbs up on it. I think that it would be kind of funny if Chris and Barnabas had a conversation on how dusty, moldy, and filthy they are (in a figurative sense).

11: Hmmm, nice Sam-singing voice! Okay, so you know that I'm not familiar with every aspect of DS, and I skipped out on most of the storylines, so Chris is about to kill Mr. Wells? And Sam is just, in a way, helping Mr. Wells to not fear his impending death? The scene was light-hearted, but I'm a little confused. Also, I liked how Sam tried to cover the expenses for Chris tearing up the room in werewolf form. "Just another dog in the night, huh?" Loved that line! Next scene! And thanks for sharing your scenes with me!

Now that I have the dialog in front of me, I understand now what was going on. Mr. Wells had a lucky intervention, put in by your creative genius, from Sam. I'm surprised that Mr. Wells didn't call the police to report "the Blairs" for all of that racket that they were making... or on Chris for seemingly having his own issues that may discredit the establishment. "Meh, a little whiskey...(Mr. Wells:) Figures..." was a good one toward Sam's drinking habit. Didn't Sam kind of sober up towards his end in the show? Yep, Sam definitely doesn't know how true that is. Sam kept Mr. Wells alive for another paranormal event. Thanks for this scene. What's next?

Argggg! A cliffhanger?! What's going on? Does Mildred caters have questionable business with the Collins family or with "the Blair's"? Or associated with another show? CLIFFHANGERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Oh, when I was reading MR TIZICK's line, I, for some reason, imagined Achmed the Dead Terrorist talking. Are you familiar with Jeff Dunham and his ventriloquist puppets that includes Achmed?

I only wish I had a little more information, but I'll wait for the revelation :)

I broke out laughing when you referred to Burke as "Mr. Chin" XD So now I understand Pit 18's ending and the whole Mr. Tizick thing. But he seemed to be the type who is friendless if he's going around "crushing heads," but that's just my opinion
Hidden Object chapter 18 . 12/14/2018
The calmness of Maggie and her understanding is likeable. It brings a sort of peace to a very chaotic place. I’m really looking forward to the development of this story. I like the old romance (even though he is dead. How would that work?)

There is comfort in an old friend, even when they are setting you straight. I like that you have your characters facing their fears and admitting their mistakes.

I feel bad for Samantha having to pretend that she isn’t what she really is. It will be interesting to see her interact with the dreaded Angelique. Ah, a dance in the clouds. What a way to make an end to that scene and the past grudge. Samantha is royalty? Is Chris a werewolf and will him staying bring death to the few living souls in Collinsport?

I can’t tell how old Amy is but I feel she has been abandoned a lot. I’m glad Chris, her brother, plans to stay.

Home on Cemetery Lane. It does sound nice. I’m interested to see if Victoria ever has her own home or the home she remembers. It’s nice that she can learn to be herself without dealing with the terrors of Collinsport.

Ignorance is bliss, eh? Poor Mr. Wells has his hands full. I like the joking, “Would you like me to put a chair beneath the knob?”

“Oh… would you?”

Ha ha!

To be continued? Nooooo…

Thanks for giving me the script to go with the CD. It was so much easier to follow what was going on and with who. I never can keep one person straight from the next. Thanks for sharing this with me.
zombie chapter 12 . 11/16/2018
I thought it was cute how the hosts introduced the show differently because it would be more of grim episode. Maggie’s first step into the past seemed rather ominous, but left me excited to find out more. I could kind of see this coming based on previous episodes of The Pit. I feel like the back and forth here is justifiable. (Although there are a lot of characters in place and I find myself getting a little lost.)

The Widows Hill scene actually made sense to me. The only Dark Shadows thing I’ve seen was the Johnny Depp movie, but they go over this part in the film. This scene was much easier to visualize. I loved it!

I like how dark this scene with Barnabas and Sarah became. Nothing dark happened but it has a grim atmosphere to it. When Maggie awoke was interesting for me with my own experience. Feeling like a “third person, but it’s me” is a regular occurrence. I know that’s totally not the reaction you were going for, but I found it relatable.

I can so understand, “Through all of that pain she still loves him and misses him,” I felt like that when I lost someone dear to me in a break-up. I loved the end of the scene with what Tom says. That was super cute!

I really like the scene with Carolyn and Barnabas near the ocean. I love the honesty between them.
I didn’t find the ending too sad, but I find it really helped to build the plot. Some of the heaviest things usually help usher the story along. Stay awesome!
zombie chapter 11 . 8/20/2018
I thought the intro was super cute! I like the change in dynamic there. I wonder if Sam will explain everything to Maggie. Roger’s reaction to Elizabeth was interesting, and what was revealed with Lily really helped boost the story! I really liked that part.

It was especially nice to see Barnabas so happy with Sarah back in this scene. I liked the discussion between Maggie and Sam, particularly the line, “It’s just a nice respectable house filled with nice respectable horrors.” The scene of Carolyn and Tony with Mrs. Muir was so funny in general that I can’t pick a highlight. Love it!

I really enjoyed the outro with the Endora and Captain Gregg and the song.

Loved the undertaker and later Caleb’s ghost coming out was a great scene! “You really WERE a hoarder!” I don’t know why but I found that bit about the bottles very funny. The part with Wadsworth and Barnabas added to the plot very well. In the last part things got rather dark and foreboding which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Thank you so much for sharing the podcasts!
hidden object chapter 17 . 7/3/2018
Three highlights: 1) People’s reactions – Roger going for the insurance papers, and David going for his stamp collection. 2) Excellent sound effects – very thankful I hadn’t just ate! 3) Seriously, how were you able to speak after doing BJ’s voice? Great job! Loved Mrs. Johnson’s “Keep it down in here!” *door slam* LOL

How touched Elizabeth was when her daughter called her “mother”. May have been reading into it but it almost felt like she realized that she has a daughter who loves her and the trip might have seemed unneeded (though I’m sure it is to know the truth). For a rare moment it actually felt like they were family. Everyone wasn’t separately fighting their own battle. I liked the concern and kindness they showed her.

I like Maggie and Barnabas having insecurities. They didn’t just skip away into the sunset like it never happened, but both have much to work through. I like that Willie sees Angelique as a cautionary tale; something to strive NOT to be. Found it interesting when Willie was recalling how Maggie would go glassy eyed at times.

Tony & Carolyn should be called “Couple Interrupted”. At least they got a moment alone. I found it interesting that a romantic dinner for Hoffman and Stokes involved talk of vampires, past lives, etc. Look forward to seeing this pair again.

I don’t know who Bill Malloy is but look forward to hearing the tale of how he knows Elizabeth. Love the song they were dancing to!
HCB chapter 17 . 7/3/2018
"A Bio-exorcist comes to Collinwood"- great title! ! Beetlejuice and V'angelique? What was he thinking?!" … "Has everyone gotten to her before me?"- That was good, and yes, Milligan, in this case unless you can win her over before anyone else, everyone has gotten to her before you.

What if Angelique was a Vulcan? Spock would've been depressed for the rest of his years :( I think she would have been a whole lot worse than Spock's former bride T'pring (or as I like to call her, T'pringles, from a Star Trek fandom I created in my mind, but never put down on paper or computer screen)

Scene Two:

I love the Intro music to the scene. Nice touch! I also love the Beetlejuice voice. That's a great take on his speech, if that's a good way to say it. Did you have an image of Angelique's eyes bulging at the sight of Beetlejuice's entrance? I did! XD Hmmm, will Beetlejuice run amok of the Collins family afterwards? I'm tuning in see! David scurried like a rat up those stairs for his "stamp collection". LOL! Well, Barnabas, I think the previous relationship between BJ and V'Angelique was horrible for her :) Oh! He forced a slimy kiss on her! Ewwwww! Oh, the vomit projectiles! Great work on the sound effects, Daryl! And I caught the nod from the DS movie on BJ missing his first aim at V'Angelique. Ha! Beetlejuice skipped out on a potential match with a werewolf!

I can't believe that Mrs. Johnson missed out on a not-so-ordinary paranormal battle! Maybe that's how she copes with the house. Instead of concentrating on the haunts, let's concentrate on baking angel food cakes, everybody. Maybe it's just me, but Mrs. Johnson is better than me :) Also, was that a gunshot or thunder? Of course, Roger. Go put back the insurance papers...nope, Roger and the other living Collins’ would never cause such a ruckus! It's always the dead and undead (and the V'Angeliques) that cause all the ruckus and dramas (well, if you don't count David almost killing Roger like The Omen child he was at one point-if you shave his head, you may see a faded triple six tattoo on his scalp-just saying...). Oh, what sweet ending between Barnabas and Mag-, uh, Josette.

You know, honestly, I thought that Liz and Lily already left for the cruise. My bad! Liz is still prudish over public displays of affection by Barnabas and Maggie, but I guess. Maybe once she meets up with Leslie again, she'll loosen up a little more. If Beetlejuice didn't run from Chris the Werewolf, he would had brought down the whole estate *nodding* Roger is clueless. He should recognize that his son wanted his aunt TO STAYYYYYYYYY! Okay, I had to hear this multiple times! I think that we just had a classic Dark Shadows blooper: Elizabeth just referred to David's father as "your Uncle Roger" XD "Curiosity! It killed the cat, you know?"-That's a fitting line :) For Roger, having unlimited alcohol is a dream :D Hah! Lily's got a hankering for blood at the very mention of it! I wonder will the rest of the Munsters, including Lester, would drop by :)

The scene seemed bitter sweet in which I see that Carolyn would be glad to have Vicki as a sister (once it's confirmed, of course), but I can appreciate the reservation she has on why she didn't know about this part of her mother's life (besides the whole Mother didn't kill Father after all story). As for everyone else who was consoling Carolyn, why weren't they asking the same question as she, especially Roger? I would think that he would be in an uproar about why he's finding out about having another niece after over twenty years. Unless he knew all along, and Liz was unaware of his knowledge. Are you going for that angle?

Oh, Sam! Better not let Wadsworth hear you XD Am I sensing awkwardness between Sam and Maggie and their reincarnations? I know that Sam is cool with the switch up, but I just sense that awkwardness like they're still getting used to discovering their past lives. Interesting perspective Sam had on their past and current stations in life. Yes, at one point they were French aristocrats, and now they're blue collar folks. Now, they know how it is to be in both places! Thank goodness for a break from that damn music box! I'm sorry, but I nearly felt like Maggie in captivity whenever it popped up. Wow! I guess that some listeners would have thought that Jeremiah would have had his revenge by having that final revenge on Angelique. I'm still mad that she escaped being buried alive, thus having Barnabas to marry her *sigh* Why Maggie seemed to dread Jeremiah being in combat with Angelique? Did she fear him reclaiming her? I think the phrase sending Angelique "to Hell in a hand basket" was an understatement. Probably why Sam laughed the way he did, considering that it is Angelique. That's a cool tie-in with Captain Gregg and Andre/Sam. "Respectable house with respectable horrors"-*thumbs up*

About to listen to Scene 7 of Episode 17...But first to answer a couple of your questions: I was jokingly saying that Wadsworth might take offence to Sam mentioning about his Frank N' Further lingerie (after all, Wadsworth presents himself as a 'tidy' butler). Also, for Jeremiah, I was saying that some viewers might have expected him to pop out of nowhere to battle Angelique. Don't get me wrong: I enjoyed the Beetlejuice vs. V'Angelique fight *thumbs up*

I will admit that I had to tune in a little closely since Wadsworth and Willie almost sounded similar. Aww! It's great that Wadsworth was a beacon of hope for Willie at one point (at least that's what I'm getting). I kind of liked how Sarah added on a "Sometimes" when she said that she liked Wadsworth better than Riggs. Well, I don't remember Riggs (except on the Lethal Weapon movies), but I remember the name.

Scene 8: That was a cute scene between Tony and Carolyn. Honestly, since I didn't know a lot about The Shriners, I had to go back and do some more research. I always thought about the Shriner Circus when it came to them. So, they like to have fun while doing charitable work. Okay! Well, the Shriners in this scene were having too much fun, as it seems. Spreading good time and humanitarian work in Collinwood, I presume? If I missed out on the humor, sorry.

Ha! I liked how you intertwined the last scene with current by having Julia to witness the near-accident of Tony and Carolyn with The Shriners. Stokes trying to pry into Barnabas' secret...I thought he knew about Barnabas' vampirism? Oh, never mind! He knew! I caught on to him being glad that Barnabas is just a friend. No competition! You know, usually on a date, we would not be talking about Barnabas or Amy Jennings. But then again, you did imply that this could have been their first ever date. I'm going to need them to stop beating around the bush and get down to business: TALK ABOUT YOURSELVES, YOUR DREAMS, YOUR WEIRD TALES, OR SEX (even in a clinical manner). Oh, a promise of a goodnight kiss? Goody! *hands rubbing together* Thanks for the romantic background music :) I'm looking forward to more romance from our professional couple :D

Ha ha! "Diddly-pips." Dang, Hecubus! I would like to withhold my "excuse" from YOU. Elizabeth should be tickled that she's sharing a name with the ship :) I would have loved to see Liz throw some punches :D Yes! "Jump In The Line!" Yes, Lizzy, DANCE! I can see Liz as she's annoyed at being pulled into dancing. Let's raise a glass to Bill! Oh! That was a touching moment when Lily thanked Liz for inviting her on the trip :) Would it have been sweet and funny if Bill allowed Liz to see him as she and Lily danced?

That was a great finale, Daryl! Thanks! I meant to listen to this last night to finish off the New Year, but food and wine coolers got to me :D Looking forward to the next chapter (or act or season)!
Hidden Object chapter 16 . 5/25/2018
It seemed to irk Hoffman that Hawkeye know of the things that happen there. Curious what was worse that he saw in Korea. Seemed to be more than war wounds.

I was sad for Tom. To suddenly learn he’s dead and that there were problems with his family.

It was said best when Angelique proclaimed, “You are all against me.” It seemed in that moment she realized she had no power over them.

I HATE those dreams. And to actually live it?! Ugh, poor woman. It’s just one thing after the next.
Honestly, that Elizabeth still loves this guy after so long… People change and I fear her being crushed.

Glad Maggie settled on a name. There is something about just knowing who you are. Got excited about the upcoming visitor!

I wanted to smack sense into Julia and yell, “Look in front of you!” Surprised that they too have past lives. Probably should expect that by now. LOL

I started giggling when he was introduced. Would love the back story on what Angelique did to Beetlejuice. You did great on his part!

Silently chanting “Say it! Say it!” Can’t wait for 17! What a cliff hanger! High five to Barnabas for releasing the beast on her!
zombie chapter 10 . 4/26/2018
Milligan claiming, “I’d have to restrain myself around the corpse of Angelique,” and Hecubus is like, “That’s not even evil… that’s disgusting!” had me laughing. (Perhaps death jokes are funny to future morticians. Ha ha.) I liked how David and Mrs. Johnson talked about not being scared so much, was a sweet moment.

I enjoyed when Maggie talked about remembering something only because she repeated it a thousand times. I can totally relate. Barnabas had an interesting reaction to the magazine representative. I found Maggie’s reaction entertaining. Then I could just picture Morticia and Victoria attempting to sword fight, quite a picture! I found the excuses Blair gave to the keeper of the hotel (inn?) very funny. Downstairs with Bob and Mildred wasn’t necessarily funny but I think it very much added to the plot/story line. It’s the little details that keep a show interesting. I found the scene with David and Sarah very cute.

I like the humor with the Captain. Scenes with him always seem to be funny. Is he a comic relief character? The part about the tea was the biggest surprise to me. That song was super intense! I didn’t quite get the connection, but that’s probably because I didn’t see the original show. I like how the episode ended, though. :)
zombie chapter 9 . 4/22/2018
The introduction was interesting. I didn’t expect any of the change ups! The music seemed more creepy than soothing, though, but I like that and think it works well with the show. I’m not sure who Mildred and Elizabeth are referencing so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens! The Tony and Carolyn scene was SO adorable! Love it! Yes, innocent enough. I liked when she was going to scream out the window but know how it would be taken so she didn’t. Very cute!

I like how Maggie starts to remember the past. Also liked the mystery of opening the trunk. And the Poe reference! Great scene! I liked how the newest visit with Angelique was a bit creepy.

“Lizzie.” – “Borden?” HA! That was hilarious! I like the whole idea behind Captain Gregg’s compass. Very cute. I remember you saying in the intro somewhere that all the things you described happened at the drive-in actually happened when you went to a drive-in movie yourself. That’s crazy!

The ending part sounds like it’s warming up to future episodes. Can’t wait to see here this goes!
zombie chapter 8 . 10/16/2017
I enjoyed the explanation with Milligan and Hecubus, “Tragically uncertain continuity”... ha! I didn’t quite pick up on the meaning of the author Nurse Jackson was reading. Ugh, I am uncultured swine! This scene in general was enjoyable though. “Here now, deploy your anchors” Ha! I do like how this scene ties a lot of things going on in the show together. Great talk about how Morticia and Gomez are still in love. It’s a very sweet scene.

The dockside WAS an interesting scene! The stranger was so odd, but in a good way. I actually caught most of the tie-ins this time. Really enjoyable. It seemed comical to me that Tony and Carolyn would round off their evening with a movie. I have no clue where this scene at The Old House could lead. I can’t wait to see how it plays out, though. Good way to wrap up the episode at the drive-in! I really liked it!

“Apologies to anyone who really loves russet potatoes” hahahaha!
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