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mjm3 chapter 1 . 6/28
This was delightful. I'm intrigued with Wadsworth but I don't want him to overshadow Barnabas as a character. I loved the scene in the coffee shop. There were some nice gems all the way through: " I know about an extended lie down."

It's been awhile since I have seen your source material so I am sure several references went over my head. Even without recognizing all the references, I enjoyed it and would continue reading if there was more like this. I am disappointed that Barnabas is not a vampire "We'll split a decanter", as I always think he is more attractive as a vampire.;)
RhyxGrimDismal chapter 21 . 1/23
Congratulations on your 21st episode! Wow, Darrin Stephens! I remember his character. I also always enjoyed the way the Agnes Moorehead character, "Mother", purposely gave Darrin other names like Darwin, Durbin, etcetera.
HCB chapter 19 . 9/24/2019
My dear Daryl, the way that you said the title in the intro reminded me of Jonathan Frid trying to remember his lines on Dark Shadows :D That is not a bad thing, it was just funny to me. Hmmm, I like the underground club scene music intro for Milligan and Hecubus. It's like they're more involved in the story rather than just narrating and introducing the story. Pretty neat!

Wow! Roger's got the best lines going in this episode, Daryl! I liked his lines about the cannery running itself (since honestly, Liz nor Roger seems to go there on a regular basis anyway), the comparisons of their partners (yeah, Roger chose an unique one, didn't he?), and I cracked up at his line of getting used to having nothing to do XD And yes, I caught wind of the HODS references. But wasn't Daphne Liz's secretary in the movie, and not her niece? I can imagine the pondering expressions of Roger and Carolyn over the revelations of them being vampires in Roger's dream (or parallel universe). Thanks for a great scene! I'm ready for scene 3!

So, did Sir Milligan and Hecubus leave the club, walking down the street as the cold smoke from breaths flow out with their words? Just kidding, but I can imagine that happening: both them in constant motion as they introduce the new scenes to the episode. Before Maggie even said it, I knew the conversation led to her having a premonition about Mr. Wells (I almost typed Mr. Drummond :p). That was a cool save for him, Daryl, having Maggie save Mr. Wells. :) Also, I saw "Josette" come out when Maggie called Sam "Papa," giving us a flash of her other self. I think Sam was in Andre mode throughout the whole time. Oh, wait a minute! I went back to the audio, and "Andre" showed up when he called Maggie "Josette". So, since Andre/Sam developed a friendship with Samantha, can I expect a visit to Collinwood from the Stephens, or just Sam and Endora or the whole crew? Great job on this scene! Oh, question: Maggie wasn't quite sure that Chris was the werewolf? It kind of sounded like she knew or felt it was a werewolf connected with Chris, or she wasn't sure that it was Chris.

Now onto Endora and Samantha in Episode NINETEEN, Scene 4: Thank you for the Bewitched sound effects! I will admit that I couldn't decipher between Endora and Sam at first, so I'm listening to it again for clarity. Angelique is definitely someone who should be CUT-CLEARLY, but since I know how this ends, I agree with our classic TV witches that Angelique cannot be destroyed. I was giggling at how Bathia was like, "GET RID OF HER", meaning, yeah, we all know all about psychopath Angelique Bouchard, and we can't be bothered. Oooo! Mother-daughter digs on Samantha's marriage to Darrin. And yes, Endora, you DO have a reserve against your daughter's marriage to a mortal (although Endora's reservation may be warranted at times-i.e. Samantha's morning sickness and Darrin's insensitivity to her plight; I really loved how Endora made him suffer morning sickness :D). "Bless Our Broken Circle"-I kind of want to see that stitched on a blanket or handkerchief. So, let's see what's in the heavy smoke, Lady Wor!

And now, let's see what Samantha and Endora are up to in 19.5:

Hooka and tea? I would settle for a punching bag to get filter out the anger I felt with watching Angelique's antics on the 1795 storyline. Then maybe later I'll drink some chamomile and lavender tea. (It is VERY relaxing.) Oh, all those toxic fumes! At least, our ladies were able to survive them. I love the outrage that the ladies are experiencing, especially with Endora thinking of Tabitha as they discussed what Angelique did to Sarah. Ha ha! Samantha comparing the 1795 details were a soap opera. That's a great nod to DS from a classic 60s sitcom :) Yeah! They're going to Collinwood! Can't wait to see how they will be received by Roger *snicker*

I liked the Diablos and Angelique picture. So, he bar tends, huh? XD But I'm surprised that as much as Angelique messed up, she didn't have her last drink a couple of centuries ago. So, 19.6 with the most interesting version of Diablos ever created!

Your Angelique incantation delivery sounded like Lara Parker's campy dramatic acting, but without high-pitched rasp. I was picturing her gritting her teeth in-between the sentences and looking very wild-eyed! And then Diablos shows up with the Happy Hour music. Now I know what you titled this episode, but, like Angelique, I didn't see this intro coming. Instead of wearing that Grim Reaper cloak, I was kind of picturing him wearing a pink and green Hawaiian shirt and gold chains and a pinky ring while making multiple cocktails. I think that's just me. And he was soooooo chill! ! ! ! So, Nicholas is on his way? Will he get a cocktail, too? I can't wait to find out (unless he doesn't get one for bring screwed over by Angelique).

Let's see what's going on between Diablos and Nicky (and his mustache) :D ...

Oh, the dramatic echos of Diablos! That's one way to tell if you're in trouble or not. Angelique gets happy hour tunes and a cocktail, and as we already know, Nicky and his mustache don't get anything. "Dark Lord!" "That's my title. Don't wear it out."- Now, if Nicholas would have referred to him as Darth Vader, that might have been a trip. So "Egad!" is a curse word for Diablos? Oh, yeah, I forgot: Dark Shadows was PG rated. Ha ha! Starting a brass band as a punishment? Come on, Nicholas! You and your lame suggestions for punishments, sir. And then:. "I make a mean salad."-ME if I was Diablos: blank stare and crickets chirping in the background. You know, being a busboy at Happy Hour may not be so bad...or will it? I'm surprised that Diablos was letting Nicky boy come up with suggestions for his own punishments. But that busboy punishment did kind of catch me off guard. But like I wrote earlier, it might or might not be so bad. But I guess it depends what he's bussing ;) Was that high-pitched sound at the end, with the dramatic music, was Nicholas screaming in horror at being a busboy? I'm pleased that Sir Milligram and Hecubus were glad at his punishment. More Happy Hour time!

Thanks for this humorous scene. "I can make a mean salad, my lord."-Man, please! I'll bet that he can't even make a mean turkey sandwich. Smh.

Is that room mentioned was the East or West wing of Collinwood that held parallel time? *giggle* Endora mentioning that Diablos went from "barrister to barista" :D Was that his background? I always thought that Diablos was Satan until you differentiate that one. So, from what I'm picking up from this scene, Endora and Samantha sound as though they were planning a rescue mission for Angelique, saying that she wasn't "too far gone" to be pulled out of where she was. Interesting. I didn't really expect that.

It was funny that Carolyn had Captain Gregg to stay in his lane as she is driving. Did he just say "groovy"? He's getting with the times! But then again, I never watched the show, so did he use that term on the show? Wow! Martha seemed to have an attitude, but when she mentioned the possibility of being confronted with the landlord, then I understood. How do Mrs. Muir's kids lose their way from school? Did they just move there?

And now for the two Carolyns: I'm glad that you made a clear distinction with the Carolyn voices: Mrs. Muir having a low-pitched voice while Miss Stoddard had a high-pitched one, but not overly high-pitched. I found it interesting that Elizabeth allowed Mrs. Muir to give the history on Victoria's origin. Did I miss something with Carolyn being unaware that her mom and Lily were back from the cruise? Wait! I just thought of something: are we going to meet Leslie in the future, Vicki's dad? Ha ha! The way that Mrs. Muir remarked about Captain Gregg always watching her was a little creepy in a stalker-ish type of way, but I guess it was no different from Barnabas' portrait at Collinwood. The most pleasant element in their mutual understanding? I think the element is their understanding on how important love and family is. At least that's what I got from this segment.

"The wonderful world of blondes seems to never end!" That is, until we come upon the wonderful world of brunettes, Sir Milligan :) Ghosts usually NEVER make appointments, Lizzy! But I guess that in this case, Bill Malloy is definitely a true gentleman, even in the afterlife. That was cute when Lilly's indication was Bill making the appointment. So, Lilly's the go-between with them? Cool! Let's hear what Bill and Liz are going to talk about in Scene 12!

This was a nice, and lightly-romantic talk between them. Did Liz and Bill have some sort of secret romance? I kind of get the feeling that there was something there. And Bill gets to help out, too? Interesting! Oh, the deep sigh of Bill the Ghost as he finds out that Liz Stoddard would have chosen him as her life-long love! Wait a minute! She didn't know how he died? Remember, I didn't really watch the pre-Barnabas episodes of DS, so I wouldn't have any idea about everything that went on there.

Okay, Amy is one strange kid. So, we're going to act like the wolf is not scary for a child? Wait! Did Amy know about Chris being a werewolf? She seemed a little too comfortable with the werewolf thing. Carolyn's reaction was realistic (with the high-pitched scream, thank you, Daryl), but this kid...? Let's see...the fun I had in this scene honestly was the outro music. It relieved the tension going on.
HCB chapter 18 . 12/14/2018
I enjoyed the intro to Scene 1! The "how'de'y'do" interaction between Hecubus and Milligan was humorous with sensuality attached (at least, that’s what I got from the conversation). Loved the "Raggedy Master" part with the reference to Tina Turner's Auntie Entity. Did you ever see her scene as Acid Queen on "Tommy"? She was great in that one musical scene. Originally, David Bowie was supposed to be Acid Queen, but Tina beat him out in auditions. Interesting, right?

I liked Scene Two: The meeting between Captain Griggs and Josette was pleasant, but there isn't much I can comment on besides Captain Gregg's relating how he offended Endora. I thought that it was a great idea to have Maggie in Josette mode rather than herself since Josette can relate more to Captain Gregg, two old souls conversing with another. That was a good lead up to when she meets Samantha and her peeps :) Either way, I enjoy all the scenes that you send me. I really do enjoy your work and creativity. And I'm glad that you show interest in my work outside of Dark Shadows, too. Oh, so much creative juices flowing and I love it!

That crack that Hecubus made about everyone drinking on the show was a great line! After all, it is true (i.e. Roger). I like the interaction between Bill Malloy and Liz, but I felt that she could have sounded a little more shocked or surprised to see her old friend. She sounded a little deadpan. I mean, I know that Liz has a deep voice, but this is the first time that she has seen Bill since he was alive. Just my thoughts. Lily taking away that heavy seaweed off of Bill was a great gesture. Are Bill and Liz are going to have another scene above the ship? I'm eager to know if there's some "unfinished business" between them. (Seemed to be implied, but I could be wrong).

So, Scene 4: I liked the swift kick that Andre/Sam had to give to Captain Gregg. Captain Gregg seems like a stuck-up elitist. I found it interesting when Andre reflected humbly on the state of his current and past life, and how Captain Gregg needed to get over himself and face Endora. I'm looking forward to Andre/Sam giving him the kick-butt reason to get out of that car.

Don't worry about not having a spot-on Samantha voice. I'll give you an A for effort. And you have her demeanor right. She was affable in the series. I can imagine very well of Samantha trying to fit in with the "normal" mortals. We misfits always have such a time with that. Well, one thing you can't argue is that misfits are well-remembered than the normals :) That was great on the reference of Sam and Samantha having similar forms of their names. "Did you withhold one of her fancies, Captain Gregg?" -I like that line. It's almost like, "You got in trouble with my spoiled mama, didn't you, buddy?" Samantha already knew. I was like, "Wow!" when Samantha became shook over being reminded of Angelique. I can't wait to hear about their first run-in! Thanks for the new chapter!

Scene Six (wonders of wonder, the captain apologized):

I had to rewind to the beginning, and noticed the ding that accompanies our witches when they or stuff appears. Cool! I liked the backstory you had for Angelique doing something nefarious to one of their own, and being ostracized for it. It pretty much makes sense since Angelique is immortal. (Off topic: Is Samantha immortal, too? I never really thought about it until now, but if she never ages...but wait, Endora aged, but she's me out with that one.) I was surprised that Captain Gregg had asked for Endora's forgiveness without putting up a fight. But he had to do what he had to do, of course. The dancing in the cloud scene was cute. That was a great scene and resolution. What's next?

So, let's get to Episode 18, Scene Seven (because I nearly choked on my saliva :D)

I was cracking up at Julia freaking out at Chris' appearance, and how she was still freaking out as Eliot was speaking with Chris. Chris' deadpan response to Julia was hilarious. Well, since he gets that reaction all of the time, then it wouldn't faze him, huh? I was surprised that Eliot didn't try to calm down Julia, which made the scene funnier. Seriously, the whole Julia freak-out was the best part! I enjoyed it! Thanks for putting in the freak-out!

LOL! "Those sedatives help a lot. Thankfully they were quick-acting!" I could imagine Julia going through her medical bag for a couple of tablets, and taking them dry. Poor Julia. I can't actually remember, but was the situation with with Tom biting her ever addressed in Pit? Yep, I remembered the PG rated episodes of Dark Shadows. I think those were the ones with fake blood, mild violence, and actual witchcraft going on. It is kind of funny how the ratings kind of went back and forth (even going back and forth between color and black and white episodes at times).


That was one HEAVY scene you put together, Daryl. I actually had my iPad close to my ear since I couldn't hear the dialogue well on blast (not your fault, my ipad is just getting old), but when Amy did that shrieking cry, I had to get it away from my ear. Thumbs up on the little girl cry! I got Amy's resentment towards her brother, and of course, I get that she felt abandoned by him every full moon. I wonder if it would be wise for Chris to stay, considering his impending werewolf change. I remember watching a compilation video on YouTube of Barnabas as a father figure (you probably saw it, but I forgot who made it) where Amy revealed her baffling fear of the moon to him. She's scared of it, but doesn't know why. This was still and emotional and interesting scene between an older brother and his little sister (kind of reminds me of Barnabas and Sarah a little bit without the abandonment issues).

The conversation between Mr. Wells and Chris was cool with banterings on V'angelique and Blair's interactions being annoying and wilder than the Shriners :) And I do recognize the lines from DS Annotations and I'm glad that SaraMonster gave you thumbs up on it. I think that it would be kind of funny if Chris and Barnabas had a conversation on how dusty, moldy, and filthy they are (in a figurative sense).

11: Hmmm, nice Sam-singing voice! Okay, so you know that I'm not familiar with every aspect of DS, and I skipped out on most of the storylines, so Chris is about to kill Mr. Wells? And Sam is just, in a way, helping Mr. Wells to not fear his impending death? The scene was light-hearted, but I'm a little confused. Also, I liked how Sam tried to cover the expenses for Chris tearing up the room in werewolf form. "Just another dog in the night, huh?" Loved that line! Next scene! And thanks for sharing your scenes with me!

Now that I have the dialog in front of me, I understand now what was going on. Mr. Wells had a lucky intervention, put in by your creative genius, from Sam. I'm surprised that Mr. Wells didn't call the police to report "the Blairs" for all of that racket that they were making... or on Chris for seemingly having his own issues that may discredit the establishment. "Meh, a little whiskey...(Mr. Wells:) Figures..." was a good one toward Sam's drinking habit. Didn't Sam kind of sober up towards his end in the show? Yep, Sam definitely doesn't know how true that is. Sam kept Mr. Wells alive for another paranormal event. Thanks for this scene. What's next?

Argggg! A cliffhanger?! What's going on? Does Mildred caters have questionable business with the Collins family or with "the Blair's"? Or associated with another show? CLIFFHANGERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Oh, when I was reading MR TIZICK's line, I, for some reason, imagined Achmed the Dead Terrorist talking. Are you familiar with Jeff Dunham and his ventriloquist puppets that includes Achmed?

I only wish I had a little more information, but I'll wait for the revelation :)

I broke out laughing when you referred to Burke as "Mr. Chin" XD So now I understand Pit 18's ending and the whole Mr. Tizick thing. But he seemed to be the type who is friendless if he's going around "crushing heads," but that's just my opinion
S K chapter 11 . 3/29/2018
Oh now, Endora giving Angelique the smackdown – I would LOVE to see that! Cause you know there is no delightfully "evil" witch more than Endora – she is the queen – and if Samantha’s DAD comes along; Nice knowing ya, Angelique! Samantha’s family (including cousin Serena) could make a choir girl out of Angelique – just for fun!
Seahawksfan1 chapter 15 . 6/3/2016
Interesting idea for a story; i've watched a little Dark Shadows over the years, and it's a rather interesting series.

I actually had a fan fiction idea myself about different TV characters meeting, and basically it being a soap opera type idea similar to Dark Shadows and Passions and all that.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/15/2016

I very much enjoyed episode four. I really hope to listen to the others soon.

Someday I will figure out why my iPod won't let me put more audio in it. Either I am filled up or my iPod is old. But when I can, I'll be adding yours
Tay Bartlett chapter 1 . 12/9/2015
I love this stort, the whole fourteen chapters so far. It is very humourous and written very well. I can't wait for the next chapter of the story and find out what happens to the characters next. A very interesting story.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/4/2015
I'm halfway through ep. 1 and already fired up. I keep having to stop because of the many home distractions, and re listening, but so far am really excited by your approach. A number of things come to mind. 1) Your voice is like caramel and I could listen to you talk for HOURS 2) your concept of constructive praise is a game changer. I agree the criticism, even when clothed as "constructive" can be destructive in nature when given by opinion-generators in expert clothing. It's a fresh outlook and I LOVE it.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/4/2015
Very well done. My favorite line "Citizens of Collinsport have no peripheral vision." Of coarse this is something we've all subliminally noted while watching the original episodes, but somehow never came to the forefront of our consciousness.
MetJetPat chapter 11 . 10/12/2015
Liked the mentioning of the hot potato then the hosts are actually playing with a very hot potato. Didn't really get much out of the next short scene except for the percolator coming out again. Don't they have any modern conveniences in Collinsport? Maggie seeming depressed.

Liked how they made fun of Lillys clothing like people did in the munsters show. How they talked about their old party days when the 2 starlets, were the talk of the town, Yvvone Decarlo and Joan Bennett like they were other people. The mention of the fiery one.

The 2 children going crazy in the old house reminds me of when the girls for the day. Barnabas worn out in his chair babysitting. Really Barnabas babysitting? All the crashing noises from the kids playing. the Cassandra references. and the shock of the water and offering of the hot cross bun.

What is Balderdash? Mentioning Maggie being hypnotized in the early Barnabas episodes. The scariest I thought: would they all know they are from different time periods? And the magazine seller recall was great in the earlier episode. Jane Eyre mentioning of Victoria.

quick peek in Schooner Bay Not much except how nice the weather is in Schooner bay and is always stormy in Collinsport. When Endora and Captain Gregg meet: Was the best part when they realize they know each other and their meeting in the past. Like a Charlie moment from 2 and half men. Loved the witchcraft song at the end you always play the most fitting music.

Thx for your hard work, Pat
Guest chapter 11 . 6/1/2015
I skipped ahead but I just had to see what would happen with Endora and Captain Gregg. This is really with-it. How did these two know each other again? Or did they just meet each other here by accident? (Obviously, I’m about to find out!) Not a brush salesman, but hardly human? Ouch! It’s like the inception of an insult…

Whoah! No! You do not tell me you guys met on a boat-shutup, okay, wait… Oh, my gosh! Why is he worried? Captain Gregg is never worried! What?! He refused her? LOL! Thunder crashes! EX-CELL-ENT!

Oh wow, she’s cackling… No… They are NOT having… okay, they are having a showdown. I’m having so much fun reading this. Never in my life did I imagine these two would actually meet and showing down on who’s more powerful. LOL! Oh my gosh, I can actually see them in my head right now. He’s dripping wet and she’s… I don’t know… Ha ha ha! “The flaming impudence!” What diction! Oh, my goodness! When he was a mere cabin boy? This is getting good! I’m afraid of what she’s going to bring up next.

That was so good, omg. That was so entertaining and funny. These two together are so adorable. I like Endora on Bewitched. I wasn’t too crazy about Samantha, but Endora never failed to entertain me. She is hilarious. This is so good. I love it. This whole confrontation in the water. So much fun. My favourite lines are “It’s been some time since I’ve been so very… wet.” Emphasis on the wet, that sounds like him. And when she says, “I remember when you were a mere cabin boy.” Those are my favourites.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/25/2015
Take it easy dude. Omg. And seriously? She's ASKING for reviews, not necessarily TELLING people, or forcing them to review. And if Fanfiction is just for 'The Common of all readers.' Then what brought you here? And more importantly, the review box is MEANT just for a review on the ACTUAL story. Any further opinions you have, you could have private messaged to the author itself. You should have at least commented on what could be done to make the story better.
Lighting Strikes Iron chapter 14 . 5/24/2015
Seriously if you wanted reviews - and very good reviews - you shouldn't have posted on FFN. This site is just for the common of all readers - they don't like to be told to review every single word they read. You should be happy that people actually clicked on your story in the first place. But to basically order people to review is quite frankly rude.
Daryl Wor chapter 14 . 4/7/2015
Thank you, Nancy! (Wow. Bewitched review.) So I won’t be going offline entirely. The Pit of… is basically my full-time work now but using humour and becoming so silently popular gives one the 3 AM jitters. I’ve been keeping a wordpress blog, that admittedly gets a bit angst-y from the exposure of so many harsh fans, but over all I felt doing audio was better as people can hear in my voice that I’m rather down-to-earth. So updates to my work and me are there. And the link is on my profile and then ff dot net will give out a warning, “*gasp* are you sure you want to do this?” lol [goofy grin]

The text and audio for what I have right now will stay up. But I felt I should make an announcement as I did one for the DS pile but it was on April 1st so they might have gotten the impression it was a joke. Lol, oops! I’m still looking for ways to keep my Muse fed and happy. What I notice the most is it seems easier for people to tell a third person what they liked rather than the entertainer. Social networks are ok for some things but it would really be better to have a forum for this, something more community driven with less notifications popping up like on facebook. (I only go there twice a week now. It’s exhausting, that place.)

So it can go back to more stuff online if there is enough call for it here: more chat, less numbers. I just realized I was getting more discussion via other means and then I’d get posts online because of letters, email and phone calls… I just thought, “Golly-gosh. If I’m getting more from these other sources and not online? What am doing pushing on-line so much? Might as well take it easy with these other means.” Still, the tide can turn and I have some great ideas for that. Thank you!
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