Reviews for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows (Bewitched Edition)
nancy karr chapter 14 . 4/7/2015
Hate that you won't be online anymore; good luck in your future endeavors!
Warren Freeman chapter 11 . 12/16/2014
WOW! You wouldn’t believe the weather that just passed through here the last two days. I’ve been locked away from my computer for two days, “HEY: Thank God I had your: The Pit Of Ultimate Dark Shadows” I mean that!

I can see why you had trouble with it by the way. You do all your impressions and voices with perfection, but I think you did more than just copy Agnes Moorehead’s voice.

You made recall how she could make Edward Mulhare in his saltiness and Louis Edmonds In his “SNARKINESS” look like harmless kittens. KUDO’s. KUDO’s. You deserve this. Hopefully you won’t have to do too much. Congratulations, you also showed a kind side rarely heard of from the actress.

You do know it is rumored, that when she was in Mercury Theatre, she was the only one who could face Orson Welles Irate Tantrums toe to toe and not flinch. (As I said just a rumor.) But along with that, that is why Orson Welles kept her around, with what was much supposedly more of a boys club and he also supposedly remarked that she had more guts (he used another word) than most of the men in the company. Your rendition of her is perfect, take a rest from it if you can, only because I don’t want to see you hurt. I loved seeing Edward Mulhare go against her and would have paid to see it in a real episode.

I loved Barnabas, in an unusual moment of tameness. Telling Roger, not to disturb the kids as they tore his house apart. I would have paid good money to see that in an episode of the T. V. Show, Not that Jonathan Frid wasn’t wonderful in his part, but it is sad that Dan never thought like you, or had you around to whisper in his ear, that moment was pure genius. KUDO’s.

Like I said it’s GENIUS. Both parts of Episode 11 are fantastic and WOW! I never timed it on purpose, but being locked away for two days It really came as a blessing. (THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU). I also have no problem with episodes being so long and fit’s with the T.V. habit of doing cliffhangers, I know you didn’t do it for that reason, but since all of this is a tribute to T.V. and soaps it sort of had to be done at least once as a “nod”.

Thank you for the Christmas present your episodes turn into for me. I wish you as much pleasantness as you gave me.

My best wishes for both of you this season.

Thank You
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