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GuestUser chapter 27 . 9/11
Wow. What a read. Thanks for putting so much effort into this fic. Especially during such a hard time. I had a day off, and basically meant to only read a couple chapters when I found this and instead ended up tearing through the entire thing. I am excited to see how Gaara's capture will go now that Sakura is on the Akatsuki's side. Will she prevent it? Or does this mean that Gaara will die this time around? Also it is intesting how things will work without Sai (since he has already been killed). I am eager to see Sakura's and Naruto's next clash. And though I am sure it is much further down the line I wonder what Tsunade will do about Sakura? As Hokage she must have seen the reports and I think that it is likely that she put two and two together. How does Tsunade feel about her former student committing those crimes, and does she intend to do something about it given her position of power? If not, why? Would the old affection that Sakura feels for Tsunade outweigh her fear of Pein? I can see Sakura's struggle to understand where her loyalties lie being really interesting.

Lastly I have to say that the on going A storyline (the rewritten history that your story explores) is way more interesting than what I would consider your B (hints at a full memory recovery and a possible return to canon timeline). At this point the two timelines have almost caught up so they are almost equally lived in. A full memory recovery (or worse a return to canon time) would feel like it undercuts the events in your own story. I am intrigued to see how you resolve the timeline thing. As it stands now, I appreciated the strange spiritual connection it gives the characters. Now Naruto has to hunt Sasuke and his ghost. We have a sort of God's eye view of what's going on which adds a little drama to some of the scenes, but I don't know if a complete revelation is strictly necessary for the characters themselves.

However you chose to handle it. I put my faith in you :) so far it's been a wild, unsettling, heartbreaking, and ultimately fun ride. Thank you for sharing it! I look forward to seeing where it goes!
NobodyInParticlr chapter 27 . 8/11
DX So happy Konan burst in and told Sakura off. Excited for whatever is to come in Suna.

Sorry to hear about your dad. :( You update crazy fast compared to other people, so don't feel the need to apologize for delays like that. If writing feels like a requirement rather than a hobby, then take some time to breath.
trying to help u chapter 9 . 8/11
Sasori isn't the one who experiments... That's Orochimaru. Sasori just uses people as material for his puppets. Also the Akatsuki don't ally with villages, they're like mercenaries who complete missions for money no matter which village is asking for their assistance. Also Sasori's personality is completely OOC, he is apathetic to most things-while the pride thing with Sakura kinda makes sense, everything else doesn't especially his experiments. Also, since when has he been trying to find a poison to kill Konan, I don't remember anything like that in the manga/anime.
Radita chapter 2 . 7/27
I accidently sent my last review before I finished it...I am so sorry for your have my condolences.
Radita chapter 27 . 7/27
I am so sorry for your have my have some time to yourself.
Guest chapter 27 . 7/25
Im glad sakura didnt have to go through that.

So sorry for your loss. You have my condolences
DawnEater chapter 27 . 7/24
Damn dude, sorry bout your dad. Dont stress yourself over the fic, give yourself the time for grieving, my mum died 1 year ago and I know it hurts too much. May he rest in peace.
reebajee chapter 27 . 7/24
So, does that mean Naruto left in this chapter and comes back in the next? The timing is a bit confusing since it seems the timeskip is much too short.
wolfstars chapter 27 . 7/24
I felt really sorry for Sakura, trying to take on adult responsibilities and actions when she's only a child. Thank god for Konan. It'll be interesting to see her meet Gaara. Thanks for the update :)
gonewind321 chapter 27 . 7/24
You know, I kind of like the story, and your Sakura is pretty good (not even close to the best I have seen, but interesting nonetheless). Still, it feels like there are no real developments in the story, the same stations of Cannon, and the story continues on the same rigid rails. It's still fun to read, just lacks that bit more to elevate it to a higher level.

Sorry for your loss.
Enigma infinite chapter 27 . 7/24
That was realistic...

Glad that Konan Mommy save the day.
darth-sakura chapter 27 . 7/23
I am so sorry about your father! You have my condolences.
Blueheart 16 chapter 27 . 7/23
Nooo my poor baby, thankgosh that Konan saved you before you did anything foolish
Moonacre BunBun chapter 27 . 7/23
OMG! *hugs Sakura* Blossom you almost did a big whumpwhump.
rriddlemethis chapter 26 . 7/16
Aaaah, I love this so much! I can't wait till shit literally hits the fan :D
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