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BLADE OF ILLUSIONS chapter 75 . 14h
this one calls for you to finish it
BLADE OF ILLUSIONS chapter 61 . 15h
you forgot rufus
tarrangar chapter 41 . 11/25
I don't believe inaction is a crime but except for that it's pretty good, inaction gets you no good points, but it's not evil in itself, if we wanted to put it up in points, doing good gets good points doing evil gets evil points, doing nothing gets nothing.

Someone who do nothing for or against people aren't good, but neither are they evil, they are neutral, and personally I don't believe neutrality should be a sin.
KrisB-71854 chapter 63 . 10/30
This is a rather fun one. I thought that they were going to be gone a month and not 3 months. Either would be a rather massive amount for the average guy to sponsor. That sort of startled me with Xander being the one that wanted to take up paying off the bills early on.

I enjoyed how you set things up. The only real questions would be what happened to Spike's demon and Xander's alpha. I could see them all getting some pack instincts from Xander's hyena. Spike's demon might have gotten beaten up/restricted by the Slayer. Oddly, that would mean a reduction in the slayer perks as it is tied up in another task at the moment unless you figure an inner death battle and then its over sort of thing.

I can see Willow thinking that she has a thing for Spike when its actually Buffy that she has a thing for and Spike is only sort of put up with. Willow was always bi, but denied that was an option.

I'm more interested in Tara. She was actually strictly gay with no bi leanings. I can see Dawn making her claim with Xander and him just sort of going along for the ride.

Giles and Anya have both also taken the idiot ball as well. I don't think that Anya really cared for Xander much other than the sex aspect. Giles she might have a chance to respect. She broke off and switched to Giles far too easily/happily.

Giles/Anya might think that Xander/Tara are taking things too easily, but I think that they are just handling the emotional shock/betrayal far better than anything. Xander had long since lost Willow so her actions didn't surprise him. Anya's did, but getting huffy wouldn't solve anything and well she was the vengeance demon /magic user so he is more likely to hold his tongue.

If you did two weeks later scene, I could see Xander rather relieved all things considered. He had basically safely broken up with Anya without her cursing him. Now Giles is stuck with her and her issues. If anything, they would have made a better pairing.
KrisB-71854 chapter 46 . 10/30
I don't recall actually reading this one before, which is odd. I'm sure I've read through all your stuff a few times.

I'd enjoy a few more scenes of this. The only bit that was sort of out of place was the mutual grooming going on. It would be interesting if that L. Sypher book encouraged those that read it to use various grooming bits.

I generally liked Harry/Luna fics. I like Ginny/Nev as well. What's fun about this it is also a fed up leaving fic and appearing to go dark as well. I say appearing because Draco overheard Harry admit to killing off all the DADA teachers. It'll be funny that Draco and the Snakes might actually recognize the results of the spells if not the spells themselves.

I can see the Snakes thinking that Harry is becoming a new Dark Lord with Luna as his Dark Lady. Ginny and Neville would be their fanatic righthand couple. ;)

Would be funny is if the British wanted them gone as they were going "dark." Before they leave, Harry needs to visit the RoR or have Dobby and the elves collect various other books written by Dark Lords that have light/neutral spells.

Folks have mentioned the venom thing. I wanted to mention that it reminded me of disgaea laharl's scarf or maybe hellsing alucard's outfit. You know something that looks fashionable, badass and could morph due to the user's thoughts.

I liked the linked books. I didn't recognize it as being Princess Bride references. What was interesting/neat though was that the books didn't just fill in their names, but details and all the little bits to personalize it towards each other. Unrated doesn't mean X. Unrated means that nudity and sex scenes are allowed or more in the foreground rather in the background.

I found it interesting that Harry chose Romance while Luna was for the Adventure. That was just so cute. I'd love for someone to take this and use it as an idea on where to start a fic.
KrisB-71854 chapter 40 . 10/30
Interesting setup. I just thought of something. The OMG is the setup, but Harry said "we" which implied everyone there which was Skuld, Bella, Luna, and Hermione. Skuld being sent to Hogwarts as a magic student could be fun.
KrisB-71854 chapter 39 . 10/30
This has the potential to be rather fun and awesome. I could see the entire team bond and really develop with Ranma pushing them teaching martial arts and Kakashi doing the ninja stuff.

Heck, Sasuke might not really feel the need to defect if he felt that he was getting good development. Once Sasuke gets his copy eyes, he'd love watching Ranma. Ranma could still kick his ass, but it would be a teaching moment.

This would fun Ranma attempt to train the kids while Kakashi takes notes. The students would start dreading/loving training, but also would be so mixed. They would be pushed, develop and all that. Kakashi would feel inspired and up the bar in areas that Ranma isn't covering though.
KrisB-71854 chapter 36 . 10/29
I'd love some more on this. Usually, you stick to HP or Xander. This is a good start on a Ranma world hopping fic.

At first this Ranma seemed to be second life, but later on, he seemed to be looping or at least in experience.

I don't really care for the canon girls that much, but hey if you are going adventuring and want to reform 'em or befriend 'em properly, Ukyo and Shampoo work well.

Usually removing the curse is much more difficult than controlling it. It would be interesting for him to quickly and easily have his curse removed and then go about his world hopping adventures.

Oddly, I'd suggest something like them visitng Gold Digger's Jade first.
KrisB-71854 chapter 19 . 10/29
I was just re-reading these for the who knows how many time. I don't believe that I've commented on this before.

This would be interesting to see developed a bit. This vaguely reminded me of On An Island In The Sun. That one seemed to be a tad too developed before they all got up to leave.

I've love for your muse to swing by this one some time and to see them just move into the Forests of Mu. Sure, Harry might have had some decent ideas on how the mer and goblins could interact, but we don't know who currently lives in Mu other than the dragons.

I like coming across building fics/scenes be it buildings, townships or even grander.

Oddly, I could see magical England imploding if they inform the proper people and just all move out at once.

Its rather crazy though because with magic they should be able to create nice homes damn near anywhere rather quickly. Be it living in tents, trees, underground or towers/castles.
God of Vampires aka Alucard chapter 32 . 10/28
Homura is a guy and where's Koharu?
fablesrogue chapter 9 . 10/5
Heh, I am in complete agreement of Ryoko's opinion of Ranma's treatment of the others. This was a very fun read. I would really love to see more from this one. Reading about Ryoko and Ranma sparring would be fun.

Hope to see more soon.
Guest chapter 47 . 8/4
In the game 'No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way' there is a groupe of mercenaries that are disguised as a Mime troupe with a boss called the Mime King.
I don't know if I should spoil more...

Guest chapter 35 . 8/4
The title reminded me of the movie 'Master and Commander'.
That reminded me of Horatio Hornblower.
That reminded me of a fic, w w w . f a nfi cti on s /9 456 659 /1/Ro unds hot- and-Bl aste r- B ol ts, and wondered if you read it.
And if you have read it, if it ever provided you with inspiration because this insanity is something I imagine being in your wheelhouse.

Guest chapter 9 . 8/4
:( I want a cross polination 2
Anyway thanks for sharing this.
I mean thanks typists for sharing the pieces of of writing that Dogbertcarrol creates.
pixelherodev chapter 55 . 7/19
Snarky Dumbledore is highly amusing - or maybe just high. I can't say for sure.
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