Reviews for Prized
Selena Nyx chapter 15 . 10/6
Heartless son of A bitch! When you die, I'm gonna pull you to The Fields of Punishment and make you my torture toy!
tecachan chapter 49 . 10/2
This was truly a good read. I am sorry for the Weasleys that didn't realize Ron's motives and I hope at least Bill understood it in the end, since I hope he would have confronted his brother having survived it all.
Im Just Trash chapter 10 . 9/22
Why would you put warnings at the end of a chapter? Doesn't make much sense, you know.
kkeenergirl chapter 49 . 8/21
Decent length story, a unique take on the same story line, dragged during the last 3rd of the story.

However, I am not a writer so I get that writing stories isn't add easy as we would think it would be. Thank you for the read!
AliceInShadows chapter 37 . 8/19
whats really compelling about this story is that it shows the other side of things, what life is like after the war is basically over. I can't recall a single fanfiction, and let me tell you I've read well over a thousand, that has been both a semi realistic fanfiction and also showed this side. Most fanfictions end at winning the war, and feel that the story is done, but this one doesnt.
So, always keep writing! You'll only become more creative and improve more. I hope writing takes you to wherever you want to go.
PrinzessTinkerbell29 chapter 49 . 8/11
Plz update assess assess soon luv it
WeisseHex chapter 2 . 7/30
I love the story already! Yay!
Ex Mentis chapter 49 . 7/30
Ah, a satisfying end! Thank you for taking us all on this journey; it was very enjoyable!
Miriam1 chapter 49 . 7/29
This was an interesting story. I didn't predict your plot twists, and it was well done.

Good job.

staar chapter 49 . 7/25
Thank you for finishing this one , it was awesome !
retired10 chapter 49 . 7/25
Truly wonderful story! Loved the twist! What's AO3?
pupzpride chapter 49 . 7/24
Wow. This was really good. I really liked how you wrote the relationship between Harry Draco and Voldemort. I totally enjoyed this and read it all in one go. I thought Voldemort was spot on and the ritual stuff was brilliant. Good job. Are you going to start another one?
retired10 chapter 4 . 7/24
In case you are still writing for Fanfic, I love your writing! I'm really enjoying reading this story and I really hope there are more from you. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent!
Mirage chapter 40 . 7/24
im not sure..but after the last chaps till 40...i think that the order member are all brainwashed and under some follow a 16year old fanatic crazy sounding witch to the death without true battle plan and crazy...
why does nobody ask why a peaceful Boy changes sides for protection to the murderre of his parents who even did try to kill him...why Boy from a known White Magic user Family supports voldemmort too... why remus who is peaceful an was opedient pet of dumbledor changed sides...when those are no glues i dont know what...

but atleast ginerva is gone...mollie hopeful sun as she is bad like ginerva and hermione all for Money...
and bill cant fight or help the order...hope charlie too stays away.

but i think a dog familiar would be bether protection for Harry than draco...they are clever-watchful- have perfect Hearing and would protect owner bether...draco is way to childish and soft and easily pushed down...yes Harry Needs a gentle Soul like this Boy...but for protection even a bunny would be bether like one sees every time of an attack...harry needs voldi as strong partner as it sounds.
but i will see where this all goes
Mirag chapter 18 . 7/23
alright...Ron really is on Harrys side...hermione and giny are sick for letting a person being mind raped and in giny case bodily too as touching kissing is it also...and both now as it seems...and when hermione really knws all bks, then she also should know the law books of both sides.. leglimence already is black listed and foriddem and a black ritual that take a Body under control and puts the mind in prison should get all three kissed by dementor atleast as they are in the know...
hope they hurt Long and badly...

but Ron and draco really should talk with two other People in the School...Neville and Luna, Neville because how terrible such a Thing is as parents are like this but without Body movement...and Luna because she is a untrained but still true seer!
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