Reviews for Zero no Tsukaima: Saito the Onmyōji
Guest chapter 29 . 11/29
Man the next chapter is only part 1, that is going to be such a pain. We've got to wait so long for an update, and then it will end in the middle of the action.
Shadow55 chapter 29 . 11/27
When about to update new chapter please
Rabbitz32 chapter 29 . 11/28
can't wait for more I love this story
Wally991 chapter 29 . 11/9
Well, I've been reading for quite a while and sadly I will drop it... it's a good read, but the author has a hard time writing romance, it's like this "he looks handsome and she can't stop thinking/looking about/at him" and that's that. No build up or anything. On a more disappointing note, it doesn't diverge from the source material. Sure, the scenes and the circumstances are different, but everything is basically the same. Villains are defeated before than in cannon, yet they coincidentally manage to scape and appear just where they appeared in cannon again.

There's is a lot of work and thought put into the magic system, but the way is portrayed, it just feels like filler after a few chapters. Most reactions from different characters to events and stuff are underwhelming, or lack that spice that usually make that kind of scene fun and entertaining. Not really weird considering that the author doesn't wanna diverge from the source material (Karin killing Wardes in rage ignoring the consequences because the asshole messed up Louise's body and magic? No, of course not, then how would he appear in Albion later?! Kill the thought of having to come up with the story after that!)

I mean... what's the point of Saito having magic and Louise being more mellow if everything will end up being the same? The process may differ, but the end result is basically the same.

This is not a complain against the author, considering that the level of writing is...not bad. But not good either. This is for those who are thinking of reading this story, so they know what to expect.
OCsProtagonistAlliance chapter 28 . 11/5
Time to be an OP character at it's fullest.
Great work.
Shadow55 chapter 29 . 11/2
More chapters please
Guest chapter 29 . 11/1
Love the story can't wait for the next chapter. I have a suggestion if you'd like to hear it, I think you should make it to where the prints made Saito his heir before dying.
MasterXMaster chapter 29 . 11/2
Awesome chapter, Saito's internal battle was really well done.
Austin Jones chapter 29 . 10/31
Saito has finally found his passion. His fire has been lit!
AdrianVnz chapter 29 . 11/1
Yes finally! Now that that is out of the way i can't wait to see more of the dinamics in the character relationships, i always love those and the only harems i like is thanks to how they manage that.

Now at the end Saito mentioned something interesting, he mentioned how the black star is based on torture in their teachings and recruitment, that sounds a like propaganda and outright BS from the ministry, why? Because is imposible such an organization is maintained that way for so long, much less when they train soldiers with magic and the like, without a rebellion ocurring or they simply self destroying. Even if magic were invovled that would only work if there was some sort of nefarious inmortal leader, or at least a chain of extremely long lived leaders (and the later would simply slow it down).

Anyway good riddance now we can get to see Saito truly integrating himself into the world.
GJMEGA chapter 22 . 11/1
So, a foreign agent infiltrates a school and then proceeds to attempt to cripple Tristain's military and economy by killing the patron spirit of a powerful family and her punishment is... ? In addition, a foreign student at said school aids and abets said action and her punishment is... ?
Parsee Jelly chapter 2 . 10/31
Can Saito summon his familiar? It was only briefly mentioned.
Parsee Jelly chapter 1 . 10/31
Don't tell me they'll summon each other.
Cool Name Here chapter 29 . 10/29
H2OOnFFNet chapter 29 . 10/31
I'm thankful for the update, and I'm looking forward to the next chapter! Keep being amazing!
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