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fanka77 chapter 42 . 4h ago
Poor Jack, he's so...besieged by those women! ;p
Ba'al? An interesting idea as long as they kick his slimy ass in the end.
MORE, Please!
dpdp chapter 42 . 23h ago
Wonderful chapter. Hope their Tok'ra play better together. Sound like they have many of the same flaws as the original. Could make for some interesting problems. Such as will Freya take no for an answer or not? Very intriguing plan to damage the stargate on the Ashen world but to try to get Ba'al to help with it would be a very rocky road. What would Ba'al want in return? It might be more than we are willing to offer. As always looking forward to more.
ladyothella chapter 42 . 2/28
Are they willing to make a "deal with the devil" wouldn't they just be trading one form of enslavement for another? They have to know that Ba'al cannot be trusted so it could only work if they were somehow able to double cross him... But then what would stop Ba'al from claiming all of the aschen occupied planets once they were cut off from there their home world. Just something to think about...
vcm chapter 42 . 2/28
Loved the Anise attack on Jack. Hilarious. Really like the way the chapter unfolded. I was wondering how you would solve the Aschen problem. Can't wait to see what you've got planned with Ba'al (especially Sam's reaction to him and how Jack reacts). Great potential.
ALIMOO1971 chapter 42 . 2/28
Great chapter, It a shame that an ancient dosn't drop in and write on the black board the code that they are looking for. Please up date soon
Saissa chapter 42 . 2/28
LOL and I was just gonna say that this chapter was too PG friendly. But as you said in your review response, you dont want to spend all your time on the smut... Got it. I'll try not to complain. LOL

Now about Jacob's suggestion - NO way - Jack is NOT going to like Jacobs suggestion.
Especially since it is Ba'al who wants to claim Sam for himself.
mmkbrook chapter 42 . 2/28
As nice as it is to destroy the Aschen, going to a Goa'uld to help is like jumping into boiling water from a deep fryer with oil in it. Don't see Earth capable of defending itself against Ba'al when he would surely turn on them. The Goa'uld are sociopaths. The only way this might work is if the Asgard became allied with Earth.

Freya/Anise Tok'ra sexpot. At least Sam believed Jack. j
LadyMo chapter 41 . 2/26
I enjoyed this chapter. I love that they have the Tok'ra on their side. Hopefully the relationship in your story will be different in a good way than the series.
Ann84 chapter 41 . 2/16
Nice way to join Jacob and Selmac. And this Sam idea in the night. Waiting to see that she do.
dpdp chapter 41 . 2/14
Wonderful. Cool way to introduce the Tok'ra. When Selmak needed a host first person I thought of was Jacob. Fit perfectly into the story. Can't wait to find our Sam's idea. Looking forward to more.
ALIMOO1971 chapter 41 . 2/12
Great chapter, i wounder what Sam was thinking up this time. please up date soon
fanka77 chapter 41 . 2/11
Once again: SWEET!
Saissa chapter 41 . 2/11
Your R rated chapter on your website was pretty mild for a Sam/Jack intimate moment. But at least its there, while it is totally missing from this version.

Now what has Sam got her bee in a bonnet about? That is a nasty cliffie you left us with!
And yes we all know that Jack is a genius. That IS how he became the leader.
He comes up with the ideas, and the rest of the team put his ideas into practice - well, most of the time, anyway.

General Patton said something similar during WW2. "Never tell people HOW to do things. Tell them WHAT you want them to do. They will surprise you with their ingenuity."

No questions this month. Thanks for your answers to my last review.
mmkbrook chapter 41 . 2/11
Jacob/Selmak are united again. Love them.

A most interesting chapter with a final thought from Sam-at an inopportune moment as Jack was concerned-on how to rid Earth of the Aschen. How would shutting down the gates help in the long run? What did that spark in Sam's mind. How formidable are the Aschen without the gate?

While throwing off the Aschen was their obvious goal, would that also leave them open for a Goa'uld attack eventually. Would they be trading one oppressor for another.

Glad that the Tok'ra are their to help, and will be able to decipher Goa'uld technology for them. All very interesting to see how this works out.
jforg chapter 41 . 2/11
Now I am Mad. what a cliff hanger. Lol...
Good work Kimberley, now I am totally hook. You're a great writer.
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