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Miconis chapter 48 . just now
I'm finally up to date and have to admit I was hoping to see Kinsey pounded by Sam. Alas, I know it's for the better to keep her from doing it. It'll be interesting to see Jack as a politician. Sure he moved up in rank on the show but it was still military
LadyMo chapter 48 . 8h
Trusting Kinsey is definitely not the way to go. Hopefully Jack and his new job will help all the people of Earth. They came this far now they have to get rid of those who think like the Aschen. Kinsey just wants to rule his way which is not good for all the people. Once he is gone and a government for all the people is established then Earth will be better. You will always have those who do not approve but it will be better. Maybe after that they can go back to Antarctica. Another great chapter. Glad they are good and what the Tok'ra did is helping him.
dpdp chapter 48 . 5/18
Excellent. Also some nice SG1 lines included. Are you sure there are only a few chapters remaining. This story could go on for quite some time in a couple of different ways. Are you planning a sequel? More please.
PatriciaS chapter 48 . 5/18
Interesting chapter, like the tensions between Sam and Jack ... guilt over what happened would happen between them and how it would affect their future ... what happend is bound to have long reaching consequences. Nice to see they will work through Jack's nightmares him opening up would be a new thing for him and not easy to do.

Loved the attitude re Kinsley from both of them, and looking forward to the coming tensions with Jack joining the POA and wanting to get things done. Kinsely resorting to underhand methods no doubt and wonder when that fist will let fly ... or whether Jack can do it by getting the man voted out of office. Can see a good working relationship growing between him and Joe, though I reckon there will be tensions between Sam and Joe when they meet again. Think we will all miss this story when it finishes, thanks for sharing.
LadyOthala chapter 48 . 5/17
Just read the last 5 chapters straight through... Nail biting, tear jerking stuff!
This story is epic and I love the complex emotions you have explored throughout.
Will they ever get back to the stargate?
Will they solve the fertility problems?
Also are they ever gonna get rid of Kinsey?
I kinda feel sorry for Joe, he's a good guy and I can so relate to Sam making stupid mistakes while grieving... I really appreciate that you've given them depth of character by having them make mistakes it makes them more human
Enjoy all of your work and am looking forward to the next chapter
fanka77 chapter 48 . 5/17
I would like to kick Kinsey's ass (BADLY!)
FanFicForever chapter 48 . 5/16
Ooooo - that could have been pretty galling for Jack to have Joe helping him. I'm not actively hating Joe now, but I dislike him strongly, still. He's too weak - he might be a decent person, but he doesn't have the strength of character to resist Kinsey. He would follow Kinsey along, uncomfortable with the things being done, but not willing to stand up. Fortunately with Jack there, a strong person is there for the followers (like Joe) to join.

Oh Kinsey - evil, evil, evil. And yet so understandable because it's not an irrational evil - it's selfishness and fear given power. We all have selfish sides, and we all fear, and he's the picture of those sides given supremacy. Understandable, but so revolting!

I realize we don't see everything going on, but I hope they're using their time wisely to get a real military together, and not just a military police force. Eventually either the Aschen or Ba'al will show up again, and Earth had better have its shit together or it's gonna hit the fan!

Side note: a global temperate climate would cause mass extinctions of creatures like penguins, reindeer, lots of fish, etc. Other animals would fill their locations, so it wouldn't be environmental collapse, but it's possible that no one knows what a penguin or polar bear is outside books. Just something that popped to mind. :-D
ALIMOO1971 chapter 48 . 5/16
Great chapter, it a shame that there wasn't a ring attach to the engament contract :) please up date when you can
Saissa chapter 48 . 5/16
The irony of Jack giving Sam an engagement contract, is that this time she actually does want it and while Jack wants it for her protections, he also wants it because he loves her and she wants it because NOW she loves him and it's not because her father is "selling her off"

Will this be the end of the story once they do get married?

Because once Jack is on the POA, Sam is back on a science team, and Kinsey is dumped, then finally things can settle down the way life SHOULD have been!
erinn80 chapter 48 . 5/16
At least for Sam and Jack things started to look better. Their relationship may come out stronger after all of this. I think from the beginning Jack was the more confident one about what he felt for Sam while she still wasn't sure if it was more than just physical attraction. Jack's "death" showed her how deep her feelings for him were. They can now move on and think about their future.
The Aschen had been on Earth for centuries but I had hoped that in some books Daniel would have found info about past histories and let Jack know about the tradition to give Sam an engagement ring instead of just a piece of paper! LOL
Sam and Jack deserve a honeymoon at the cabin! Did the resistence still have the control of the puddle jumper?
Earth now is in a strange situation because until they find a way to cure the infertility problem it still is essential for the gifted people to have children. And for that they kinda think to be superior than the non-gifted ones. Though I have to say that to me the gifted men surely don't have the worst bargain of the whole arranged procreation system. They have powerful work positions and the whole planet approvation of keep fucking a woman until either she dies or she can't have more children. Yeah Joe you may have been forced to leave a woman you loved but giften women here are viewed essentially just a procreation means. Speaking of which, what did happen to his previous wives?
I don't know if alien allies can help with the science stuff, maybe the Tok'ra...surely not the Asgards!
mmkbrook chapter 48 . 5/16
As far as I am concerned, Jack can beat that sanctimonious BAS-RD to a pulp. Can't stand Kinsey. He should have been shot as a collaborator. The only thing he wanted was to rule in place of the Aschen. He is like a Nazi Fascist. Concept of breeding facilities gives me the shivers.

Glad you got Jack and Sam back together.
LadyMo chapter 47 . 5/11
I am glad Jack is finally getting help. I am sure Sam will be happy to when she finds out. Always for Jack something drastic has to happen before he goes for help. Another frustrating trait he has :). Thanks for the update I loved it. I am glad that Joe was so understanding. I hope once Jack is better they come up with a way to get rid of the gifted laws. I agree that the population needs to be replenish and it will. It might take some time but more gifted will be born and hopefully, maybe someone will be able to counteract what the Aschen did.
fanka77 chapter 47 . 5/11
There is always a choice, hun. My Grandma became a widow while pregnant. She had never re-married again. She didn't have more partners. She loved my Grandpa till her dead.
Sam did make a big mistake. She's not entirely innocent and we know it. She has chosen the easiest and stupid way to free herself from the pain and slept with Faxon, accepted his ring, but in her favor is the fact, that she has fixed her mistake and dumped Joe. So... since I'm merciful woman, I forgive her for this sin THIS time! ;p
PatriciaS chapter 47 . 5/11
sorry due to real life not been able to catch up with this story completely hope to do it sometime. Loved the last couple of chapters with all the tensions and feelings between the characters. As well as the fact Baal helped Jack escape. Can understand why Sam did what she did,as well as Jack's Jack tells her what he's doing and doesn't just disappear on her. Hope Joe keeps in the picturehe's a nice character. Thanks for taking the time and sharing.
FanFicForever chapter 47 . 5/10
Ahhh, it's good to see, er, well, maybe 'good' isn't quite the right word. I am glad that Jack is back with Sam, and I'm glad the effects of the torture weren't completely dropped. I worried about that at the first couple interactions with Jack - that he seemed too recovered from the torture.

But, Jack does do a marvelous job of covering things up, and eventually even he can't cover that stuff over any more. Joe turned out to be a 'nice' guy, sort of like Pete was a 'nice' guy, but neither were anywhere near sufficient for a woman like Sam - she is strong and needs strength to keep up with her, and both Joe and Pete are merely 'nice'.

Glad to see that it was Jack's care for Carter that convinced him to open up to someone. He wouldn't do it for anyone else.

And yeah - revolutions aren't pretty at all and are virtually never successful in forming a peaceful solution right away. I can see Earth being a powder keg ready to explode. Now - as long as no one takes advantage of that!
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