Reviews for The thin line between love and hate
curi1986 chapter 9 . 2/9/2020
no concuerdo con tu historia esa relacion no tenia reparacion la confianza jamas se recupera
Guest chapter 9 . 1/17/2020
I recently got back into reading fan fiction, and I have been binge reading your work.. the way you write is something else.. you should write and publish a book. I know I'd buy it.
GOLDRAGON08 chapter 6 . 1/10/2020
Great story. A follow up story on the Hinata Itachi situation would be fun.
Guest chapter 9 . 3/20/2019
This was such a great story. Usually when you read rated m stories they only want to get to the sex. But this had love, hate, desire, passion, tears and so much more emotion.
Guest chapter 9 . 3/18/2019
It was really nice story ... I like both of the characters Naruto and Sasuke.
HoneySama chapter 9 . 12/4/2018
Honestly one of the best sasunaru fanfics ive plot is great but u make naruto seems to forgiving and should work harder to geg naruto sasuke is such a problematic guy despite thw deserves better!
yukino89 chapter 9 . 11/14/2018
I love this story
karanveer chapter 9 . 9/27/2018
hay i think this story would last longer but will write more
of such stories i like such stories a lot but with lot more chapters
karanveer chapter 8 . 9/26/2018
great job i expect such more creations of yours
Guest chapter 6 . 9/26/2018
i like the way you write and more over i don’t like one
shot stories
DancesWithRainbows chapter 9 . 5/31/2018
I really enjoyed this story for many reasons. Aside from the fact that its a really gripping SasuNaru fic it touches on something not a lot do... a realistic look at the idea that damage can’t always be fixed and the harsh realities of trying. Like when he asked Sasuke to get tested... the well written petty fights of dredging up shit. Very realistic and relatable. I also loved your aspect of Naruto loosing himself and rebuilding himself and not just his life. That worry of being swallowed up by a larger than life partner was beautiful. Thank you
Jorima chapter 9 . 5/12/2018
My sister recommended this story, says it's good, though it's a sasu/naru thing. We both are not a fan of sasu/naru pairing but this is one hell of a story.

I like the way you play all the characters, their POVs and how it vividly and intensely showcase each of the characters' emotion and psyche. On how people could be totally stupid when their emotion, insecurities and vulnerabilities are manipulated. how anger, hatred, envy and jealousy could warp peoples mind as well.

I also like Hinata and Itachi here. I was hoping to see and read more Hinata and Itachi moments but alas It is a sau/naru centric story.

I could just imagine the actors playing capt. america and winter soldiers as naruto and sasuke if this is a tv trope, huhhh, intense!

Would there be a sequel? but on Hinata and Itachi? (Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of Naru-Hina pairing) I really like your touch of HIna-Ita pairing here.

More power to you!
blacky1404 chapter 9 . 5/11/2018
Great story. Amazing from the beginning to end!
Artistically Insightful chapter 1 . 5/9/2018
I am so lost. This is such an interesting story!
imaginary-shadow chapter 9 . 2/19/2018
Glad that they got back together. It was really a good story.
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