Reviews for Genius Sensei
Daynieg chapter 50 . 9/12
I love Gai, and his flames of YOUTH shined brightly through his youthful acts.
Daynieg chapter 29 . 9/12
Splendid darling, splendid.
Daynieg chapter 26 . 9/12
Daynieg chapter 16 . 9/11
Beautifully brutal my dear.
Daynieg chapter 7 . 9/11
I like that they both ended up dead after this encounter. None of the waiting nonsense to put them both down. I wonder how this will affect the rest of the mission.
Guest chapter 5 . 8/8
I had to stop mid chapter but this is too much you have to hide your strength bullshit lol yes ofc you hide your strength against Enemy shinobi but your own comrades is a bit much
Firestorm chapter 72 . 7/3
I absolutely love what you did with Sakura. I have read a lot of fanfiction and I dont remember a single story with Haruno using her intelligence to such an extent. Bravo, Having her be a fuinjutsu master isn't far fetched. I also love how you made sure that the rest of the konaha 12 isn't just left in the dust and giving them some moments to shine. You even included Iruka again nothing I have seen before. The one small problem is why Naruto didn't sky rocket ahead of the Sakura and Sasuke, maybe I'm forgetting something. You could of had Naruto expirence an event that would slow down his growth.
Davidphantom306 chapter 72 . 7/1
Great story loved it
You made kakashi as a more hardend man
And i like sakura’s devalopment
EMSItachi chapter 11 . 6/18
Not a big fan of how violent Kakashi has been so far. You seem to forget that the only reason he became so suicidal and violent was because he was a part of the Anbu, where killing is a daily occurence. Even then, canon Kakashi while he was still in the Anbu was still soft enough to warn Itachi about his ruthlessness. So I don't see how a Kakashi that snapped himself out of his depression early could resort to punching people, let alone his own students to prove a point to them. The writing is decent.
Animeharem chapter 20 . 5/7
im done with the story. i promised myself if you took fuinjutsu from Naruto. I have to stop
Animeharem chapter 2 . 5/6
unnecessary brutal on Kakashi. already not liking him
FAKE-ROB chapter 31 . 5/6
baby tree is death, so sad *cry*
FAKE-ROB chapter 23 . 5/6
so fking good¡
c-wolf chapter 72 . 5/4
just saw the story. would have liked to see the epilogue *grin*
MelloKai chapter 23 . 3/30
I don’t usually like fight scenes. I usually scan and move on. I was actually invested in this thoroughly. Very well written fight.
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