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Guest chapter 1 . 11/8
I loved reading this. I spent all night reading this and I was sad that you didn't have anymore chapters. Waiting knowingly for however long it takes for the next chapter. Thank you so much. I can't stop rereading it
Qi Eclipse chapter 4 . 11/6
I love how you've made (almost) everyone into mythical creatures. I can't wait to meet everyone else.
Wonderful story
Will Sabo show up? Is Dragon/Roger still Ace and Luffy dad?
Love what you did with the language barrier too
Boralis chapter 1 . 11/6
Omg I love this story!
Will there be a time when ace and luffy somehow visit the human world but the humans doesn't understand them because of different language so they harm the two and marco went berserk and destroy everything?
RedHeadsRock1010 chapter 3 . 11/5
This is extremely well written- holy cow! I can't put it down! I hope you update soon because I'm dreading how close I am getting to the last chapter.
Kurogane Tsubasa chapter 9 . 10/21
Wow...I think that this story is amazing! I love it so much! I don't mind that they are very my opinion the longer the better because that means more information. But I do want to see more interactions between Marco, Luffy, and Ace. They haven't had enough time together! But you guys are the bosses so you decide how things work and play out. Thank you for writing such a wonderful story and it was my pleasure reading it. .
CMBrockett chapter 9 . 10/12
I am really enjoying your story. Thank you both for sharing. I may be completely off, but I had the thought that Ace and Luffy may be survivors from the village that Shanks was affiliated with. Also, is Ace's fast healing related to the fruit from the tree they thanked?
Guest chapter 9 . 10/12
I think Ace and Luffy being half mythos would be cool and make sense as to replace devil fruits I love this story
DaYaNa1997 chapter 9 . 9/28
If I say I like this story I would be lying, I totally love this story! No, seriously I have read many AU stories for One Piece and I can bet many of the readers would agree that this is one of the best ones. Since it is still a work in progress I cannot tell for certain if it is my favorite, but is certainly is among my top 5 (AU). Me and my friends made kind of a debate on weather or not Luffy and Ace are half mythos, I believe that are since you never deny it just give us another point to look at. Anyway, I really look forward to the next chapter. Thank you.
BLanK chapter 9 . 9/26
I seriously love the story and plot. I can tell by your reviews and the story itself that you worked hard on this chapter and work hard to make this story what it is now. I truly appreciate it. Bedlam I truly hope that you will feel better soon. As someone who got stitches before when I stepped on a nail, I know your pain. So I really do hope you feel better soon. As much as I really look forward to the next chapters, I know that your only human, so I think I speak for all your readers by saying that it's okay if you need to take a break and enjoy life and live it instead of writing this story. Since this is a review I do like to say some things. When reading this chapter I kind of got a different feel or vibe then I did in the rest of the chapters. Not that it's a bad thing in any way at all! It's just I'm wondering if you decided to take a different view on the story or you adopted a new styles of writing? Any ways another thing is that I had a little bit of trouble understanding the plan Otohime has for the humans now. Are they still going to put a curse on the humans? And where were the council members (Shanks, Mihawk, Boa Hancock and such) when Otohime moved to Shukaku's house? Any ways that is the end of my review. Sorry if my questions and reviews and such seem dumb because I do admit I kind of rushed through your chapter. Anyways hope you update soon and for each of your good health! Sincerely
Shia Polux chapter 1 . 9/25
Oh, boy, I LOVE it. This going to be frigging awesome. Has someone asked you if they can translate it to spanish? If not, may I give a try?
Mithril Lace chapter 9 . 9/8
Soooo I didn't have time to review when I snuck away from my responsibilities to read this. Sorry for such a late review!

Okay for starters, I still love this story so much. I'm still so freaking impressed by the amount of detail and world building and storytelling going on here, and I'm always a slut for anything with the brothers and the Whitebeard pirates.

I actually squeaked out loud when Marco reunited with the boys, and I loved Otohime's interactions with them. Especially when she admonished them for the things they were saying in front of the boys, who were human. Otohime is one of my favorite characters in this so far, and I'm really curious to know more about what she and Shanks were talking about before this chapter. I'm also wondering if it has to do with where Ace and Luffy were from, and if there's a connection there, but I theorize too much for my own good sometimes xD

I'm also immensely enjoying Law's character here, and the different nuances of every mythos being thrown in. I want to know more about what's going on with Izo (it's not a permanent death, is it?! I will rip out my heart before you can, I swear) and I hope to see more Whitebeard soon! His bits have been adorable and just, such the papa Whitebeard xD

Okay, that's about all I have time to ramble about. Thank you both for such an amazing story! I always rec this one to anyone who asks because it's just so fantastic and I appreciate how much work you guys put into it. Until next time!

lostdog200 chapter 9 . 9/7
I'M Sensing some luffy x shirahoshi maybe :) ;)
Orange Chupa chapter 9 . 9/7
I can't, just CAN'T believe that I only stumbled across this fic now. That'll teach me to search only complete fics..
This's just amazing. I keep squirming every time I settle down to read more, this makes me so happy! *squealing* I'm just...I don't even know how to say this but thie collaboration is just kyaaaaaaaa
Love the universe this fic is set in! Though I do eel stupid for not realizing what Suzaku, Genbu, Byakko, and Seiryu mean earlier. (Probably because I'm accustomed to thinking of five mythical beasts instead of four? Though that would have probably made the whole balance lopsided..) The species of each character are so fitting, and it's fun to imagine how the whole structure might work! The conflicts between individuals and clans are awesome, too. Not that I like conflict in itself, heck no, but all the characters seem so very alive, with back stories and characters all of their own. The relationships between the characters keep surprising me too. (*reading Shanks part of the story* "Yeah so Akainu is clan leader and Shanks is his heir...Wait what?"/"LAWWWWWWWWW..With Dragon and Garp...Wheeeeeeeeeee!") I keep looking forward to who might appear next, or seeing how things are between who and who. It's really, really cool. :D
As for Ace and Luffy...Oh my god the poor things TT My heart goes out to them. Not to mention all the cuteness. So. Cute. I can't cope..I just can't xDDDDDD Especially Luffy. His lovable-idiot personality is shown so well in here, as well as Ace's protectiveness! They make me smile whenever I read the light scenes. The efects of the I haven't experienced something so terrible (thankfully) but I think the whole healing is written wonderfully. It's heartwarming to see how Luffy and Ace warm up to Marco, Thatch, and Izo, and vice versa.(Sort of like how they warm up to the NCIS agents in Burning Rubber, I guess? :3) The two brothers are LOVE, and so is the way you wrote them! *hearts*
Oh yeah, speaking of Izo... WAIT NO WHY MUST IZO DIE NOOOOOOO WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY POOR IZO POOR THATCH POOR ACE POOR LUFFY POOR MARCO *crawls into corner to raise mushrooms while crying* I can't imagine how that's going to impact Ace and Luffy except that it's going to be bad. And sad. :(...
Still, I can't wait to see your next update! And the next. And the next. And all the rest. :D
I'll be looking forward to the next update! XD

P.S. Please be my goddesses? :3 *raises cookies as offering*
P.P.S. Do all dragons die when they are in rage? I none of them live afterwards? :0...
Poor Dragon..;A;
Smoochynose chapter 9 . 9/6
Interesting story. I can't wait to see where you take it.
Sparkyflame101 chapter 9 . 9/5
Yay another chapter! I really love this fanfic, the idea and plot line is just amazing. I'm really looking forward to more chapter!
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