Reviews for No More Tears
Jenny chapter 20 . 9/5
I am always thrilled to read a book where Darcy actually see Lizzy for who she is and decides to court her. I think Darcy pursuing Lizzy is fun to read about !
lali jishkariani chapter 8 . 9/1
i am dissapointed for your chose of action...this kind of marriage and this kind of life is for caroline bengley and not for Elizabeth...i am reading it and i have this unsuppresed feeling that there is something wrong that its not proper and its undabtedly sxandalous how they married and how they lead their lifes as copmlate strangers...and i wanted to shout becouse of marriage was worse then the Darcy's original first least there was love with insults...and now there is no insult but there is no feelings either...and i really cant help but only feelings i have during reading is huge dissapointment and expectation for something i dont know is there or notbut anyway thank you for your hard work:*
Mariagoner chapter 8 . 8/22
It just seems so deliciously like Elizabeth to be both innocent and yet, so frankly sensual, all at once. Darcy is a very lucky man and he had better remember as much!
bumble-beeoncrack chapter 12 . 7/26
It took me to this chapter to realize why I suddenly was becoming annoyed with your story. I think that a marriage of convenience is very out of character for Elizabeth Bennet. It removes her greatest characteristic: her willingness and ability to not have any price on finding love. Her rejecting despite his riches is what truly makes her admirable. It shows her strength and virtue in keeping her principles when faced with great temptation. That is not to say she needs to reject him to make a good story, however with a marriage of convenience, she seems no better than anyone in the ton. The only difference would be that she has a more open personality, the depth is gone. I was intrigued on how it would play out, but found that it destroys her character in the process. It is a pet peeve in reading fanfiction, for me, when characters are way off character. For I find the beauty in fanfiction is the ability for authors to take the characters and guide them along different paths that change them into completely new characters that are still so very close to the original but almost a new/better one at the same time. But when the characters are way off base to begin with or become too uncharacteristic it stifles the flow of the imagination of the reader.
Normally, this failure appears with really good plot lines that have great potential and then horrible writing and general ability to keep characters realistic. However, that is not the case with your story. Your writing is superb, and characterization of all excluding Lizzy is excellent. Even then, given the plot, even hers is in line with her character so to speak. But the plot of a marriage of convenience destroys the best part about reading about Elizabeth. I think in order for it to be believable she would need to be the one with a great tragedy in her life in order to accept it.
I will probably not finish this fic, but I thank you for the time and effort you put into it. I hope that as I stalk your author page I will find another of your stories with a plot that suits my fancy more, for I find you a great writer. Thank you again for contributing to this wonderful world of fandom!
Luise.Mau chapter 20 . 7/5
Great story! Loved this version of events!
Elsabelle1 chapter 20 . 6/1
Teared up, so good
Guest chapter 3 . 4/6
I'm only on chapter 3 and I have fallen in love with your writing style your ideas and I cannot wait for it to play out
BrownEyes08 chapter 20 . 3/3
Beautifully written. Made me shed a few tears. Thank you for such a lovely story.
lyonfoch chapter 20 . 2/15
Thank you for this story! I found it refreshing and I could empathize with Darcy and Elizabeth in their circumstances.
Autumnmissa chapter 20 . 1/3
Lovely. Thank you!
anjalividya chapter 20 . 12/30/2016
its quite beautiful story ...
tululah chapter 8 . 12/13/2016
Wonderful scene. Very intimate and passionate without the vulgarity.
Guest chapter 20 . 12/5/2016
Enjoyed your story and that you made it about becoming a better person and learning from life's experiences. I cried during the end chapters during some of the reconciliation scenes. That is a good sign. Thank you for writing stories that are uplifting and not too explicit. Sending you a hug from Colorado.
babythor chapter 20 . 11/2/2016
What a beautiful story. As a reader, the lows were hard to get through, but the experience made the resolution so much more satisfying, which means you, as a writer, succeeded. The character development was realistic and thoughtfully done. Seeing Lizzy become so compliant was frustrating in that it is so unnatural, though it never came across as out-of-character. These circumstances really were the perfect storm that would subdue Lizzy into someone so passive and obliging. I liked that you didn't place all the blame for this on Darcy alone, as much as I would have liked to strangle Darcy a couple times throughout, Lizzy was also complicit in how she let Darcy shape her. It was smart storytelling having Lizzy come to this self-awareness before Darcy came to his. It validated Lizzy's acceptance of responsibility for her change in character and her resolve to improve herself.
dead feather chapter 20 . 10/22/2016
I liked the letters and the easy way this story flowed but this left a bitter aftertaste and I think only Jane Bennet could truly be satisfied after reading this that all was well.
The societal difference, a fact at that times, was pointed out way past swallowable repetition and Elizabeth to just accept all that tripe from her husband and bend over backwards and totally change herself over half a season in ton was somehing more like sense and sensibility and even there women were not turned such robots. More than once she reminded me of a woman whose husband beats them to submission. And Darcy continuing his high and pride ways almost all the story. There was no real hundsford moment to him until Mr Bennet. I think Lizzy shouldve given him a rant and way earlier for it to work. Not to mention that huge part of PP was Darcy fighting his love for her, here it was just an after though. So I couldnt really enjoy neither of them, Lizzy or Darcy. hence the bitterness.
I guess in Austen stories the bad and dark parts of regency society are not pointed out like this. Yes it is there but her clever women dance around the destrictions, not become slaves to it. So while this might be more regency period, it was not as much fun. Maybe she knew, living at the time, how to survive it and twist it instead of turning it an all governing law.
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