Reviews for Fixing Past Mistakes
lukejca chapter 12 . 3h
Got be honest, just found this and beginning to read... that funeral for Harry had me an emotional wreck! Fantastically written, could practically visualise the scenes as they moved from one to the next.

Excited to continue reading on from here... thank you for writing this story!
elanga.blake chapter 51 . 10/16
I really loved the story. Did you ever do the sequal? Can't wait to read it.
Marcy Mavin chapter 51 . 10/14
Great story, I love the world you built in ST Lucia! Favorited!
richierich chapter 51 . 10/12
Thanks for writing this great story. It has a great premise, and once I began reading it I couldn't stop. You have good writing skills and your characters were always believable and never took me out of your story. It's such a rare and wonderful feeling to come across a huge story with an interesting plot and then discover that it's also written well! I'm so looking forward to your sequel! And thanks again for all the effort and time you have so obviously spent to entertain us fans.
excessivelyperky chapter 32 . 10/11
Well, between a wolf and a snake, even Greyback would have a hard getting to Harry; I'm glad that Severus realized that. Plus, if the magic flared, it was meant to be.

But in a way it's good that Harry is beginning to be less totally obedient all the time-it shows he's becoming more secure. And with his father giving permission, he'll realize that he really can tell his dad just about everything anyway.
Aurora-Star-Merry-Harry-Ricci chapter 52 . 10/4
Love this Story and it's great. I really enjoyed reading it, and i can't wait to get to Growing Legacy. I started it put there was not much written.
Anyway, a job well done.
langeline chapter 52 . 10/3
Loved your alternate universe and wonderful grammar!
Guest chapter 52 . 10/2
Great story
Guest chapter 32 . 10/1
He indulges him a bit too much tbh
KristaNotSoGoodAtWriting chapter 4 . 9/30
goodness I just love this story so much this is like my 8 time reading this and it's just so good. sad beginning but marvelous story.
Guest chapter 7 . 9/28
Lols what a hyprocritical bitch. At least with Sirius it was a reckless decision when he was emotionally unstable. What's her excuse? It's all Dumbledore's fault?
majored chapter 5 . 9/26
i got thru 4 chapters without crying then the letter from susan comes and the tears start pouring. this is one dark fic man. i might not be able to read it all the way thru
excessivelyperky chapter 31 . 9/16
Oh, the combination of ADHD and magic-um, no, thank you. I hope that's the problem, because it can be fixed.

And I hope Severus heals quickly, have a leg clawed by a tiger is not fun and then some.
Lyssasoulless chapter 52 . 9/15
Just wanted to say that this story was amazzzinngg and I really loved it!
jeroen1758 chapter 52 . 9/10
EXCELLENT STORY even the second time around! I forgot to drop a line the first time around. It's a great story, however I've noticed after the "Regis" Family settles into their new life in St. Lucia and before time restores itself there is alot of holes in the plotline. If Harry is 5 in one paragraph and has a permission trip to the zoo weeks away, then how can Harry be 6 when his birthday is in the summer?

So that was my only critique, it was not easy to follow along when Harry is 7 in one paragraph and 10 in the next and it took some time to figure out 3 years had past between the paragraphs. Other than that, it was beautifully written and a great read! I can't wait to see what you come up with in the sequel, hopefully it's just stalled and not abandoned. Harry doesn't like to be abandoned.. poor kid ..
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