Reviews for Survival
Salt the Snail chapter 5 . 1/14/2016
Good job as always, Meg! I loved Dicky in this chapter, the little scamp! Micky stood out as well, as did Tarquin, the poor kid. Dicky is going to die and die a horrible death, isn't he? Ugh...I love my boy!

Keep up the good work. I hope you finish this one.

1) Dicky and Micky. HEY! They rhyme!
3) Duh! And/or Hello! And yes I cried like a babah!
Matmos chapter 4 . 10/7/2014
Out of these six, who stood out?
Elias stood out to me. He seems a little too sure of himself and when he hits the arena he will soon come to find out how 'fucked' he truly is.

Who do you want to see next?
This is completely up to you. All the characters are interesting so I would like to see any of them.

Thoughts on the Victors blog?
I love the idea and will be keeping up on the updates.

I am sorry to hear about your father and I love that you are dedicating this story to him.
I love the way you have portrayed Tesla, it will be fun seeing how other tributes see her.
Salt the Snail chapter 3 . 5/24/2014
This was pretty darn good, lady!

Mentors that stuck out: Jewel, Rush, Rydon (LOVE what you did with him, knowing Dicky's sister and all), Ivy, Seeder, and Haymitch.

Favorite Mentor: Lulu from Nine. She's gonna be a badass, I can see it.

Tributes that stuck out: Elias, Orpheus, Lyle, DICKY, Tobias, Isley, Tarquin (poor kid!), and Illana.

Favorite tribute: Tesla. Something isn't right about her, I just know it!

Favorite CF tribute? Wiress. She figured the whole damn thing out and was too nuts to really say it. Mags is a close second. (TEARRRRS!)

Dicky's Reaping was EXACTLY how I pictured it. I loved it, thank you!
bobothebear chapter 3 . 5/16/2014
Ugh, Reapings are such a pain, but as far as they go, I liked this one :)

We're a smidge too early to really go too far into detail, so I'll answer questions and chart the changes in my opinions from the blog. Efficiency, name of the game.

Love: Arianna, Elias, Noely, Elvira
Like: Ryder, Orpheus, Verity, Taurus, Isley, Colliery, Illana
Neutral: Obsidian, Tesla, Leila, Hypatia, Tobias, Chester, Irene
Dislike: Versace, Micky, Lyle
Loathe: Dicky, Jarvis


Beetee and the rest of Three takes the cake. Seeder and the history -Creds to the "genius" behind it XD lol it was funny! - takes second, and an insightful POV from Brutus takes the bronze.

Well. The tributes in Love are probably my favorites XD

Johanna's a kickass by nature, and I'll go completely cliche and say I like Katniss, too. Not a Peeta person, though. Or Gale. Katniss x Cato for lyfeeee and Katniss x Finnick on Thursdays XD

Sorry this is late, and I'll see you next time!
Matmos chapter 3 . 5/3/2014
First I would just like to say I loved the way you set out the reapings. Now to the questions:

Which mentors stoodout to you? I liked Brutus and also Beetee and Wiress.

Which tributes stood out? The district 5 male.

Favorite Catching Fire Tribute? Johanna Mason. She is my fave HG character.
Chaos In Her Wake chapter 1 . 3/21/2014
Finally here!

Nice quote, Terry Pratchett is one of my favorite authors!

LOVED the prologue, honestly I would never have thought that this was your first SYOT prologue, your writing is pretty refined and the desperate, violent tone you've set with Juni's introduction is fantastic for the rest of the story.

The details of other Games always intrigue me, I love the bits of storyline from this arena- Nausica, Micah, the Career from Seven (although I already know who that is, oops). Juni's a deep and sympathetic character, I wasn't expecting the death at ALL. Suicide makes me pretty uncomfortable, but it wasn't quite as cringey this time? Juni didn't focus on it, the emotions were desperate and tense, it wasn't skirted around awkwardly. Still makes me squirm a bit but it's your choice not mine.

Happy writing! It'll be a few days before I get to the next chapter and have time to do a blog review, but see you then!
Jabby Jay chapter 2 . 3/19/2014
Illana Tivka:
Don't like either name. Don't like the lookalike either.
Nice weapon, though. Very district-oriented. ;D
Strengths are okay, but I hate Violent as a strength. It should be more of a weakness. If a character has Violent as a strength, I will assume they're slightly sociopathic/psyhopathic at the very least, and I will not like them. It's a weakness. Never a strength. Brutal, sure, but not Violent. Short-term Memory Loss is gimmicky. Weaponry is a wash-out. Insomnia barely saves her.
I really don't like this girl already.

Love: Elias, Tobias, Irene, Colliery.
Like: Micky, Dicky, Tarquin, Isley.
Neutral: Obsidian, Versace, Lyle, Verity, Leila, Jarvis, Elvira, Taurus.
Dislike: Ryder, Arianne, Tesla, Orpheus, Noely, Hypatia, Illana.
Loathe: -

It cut off... boo. Anyway, as I said before they removed it, Blight was a great twist! I never expected it. I was set on a random character, but you brought it together, which was lovely. Sneaky, but lovely. ;)

Anyway, the tributes look really promising, some more than others. I can't wait to see more of them all!
JabberjayHeart chapter 2 . 3/19/2014
I've been saving the time to write you up your first ever blog review from me!:

Obsidian Lockett:
I like both of the names, just not together. The picture makes me think he'll be handsome, but like the brooding type. Or a bad boy. His strengths make me think that Obsidian is the puppeteer of this Pack, playing the others off against each other. I don't like the weapon; it's glorified and unnecessary. Weaknesses are decent though, I quite like them! Neutral at best.
Versace La Gore:
First name is okay, but the second is hideous, sorry not sorry. It's really ugly, but eh, I'll get over it. Picture is nice, loving that freckle under her eye ;D
I'm torn, I admit. Strengths nor weaknesses interest me. BUT! I just think I'll like reading her, I don't know. Cocky and Deluded are great together usually. Nice weapon! She's neutral for now.
Ryder Rhodes:
Not bad. Names are decent. Picture is okay. Weapon is simple and nice. I like the token, too, because in my mind, District Two Careers need some sort of military-esque equipment, like dogtags or tattoos or codes, or I don't know. Yeah. I like that.
Weaknesses are a wash, though. The last two are pointless really. His strengths are a bit better, but eh, I don't like him that much.
Arianne Heskell:
Eh name. Eh picture. Eh weapon, waaaay too specific. I like the token, though, because it makes me think she'll be sort of aristocratic. The only weakness I like is Possessive, cause that'll be interesting to portray in an arena. Strengths, though, are pretty good. It saved her. These are the kind of strengths I think are solid. It builds a strong character. As a whole, though, I don't like her that much.
Elias Auberon:
I really like this character, I just can't even right now Meg...
The name is good. The picture is adorkable, aw.
His strengths and weaknesses make this great boyish character in my head, one who feel modern and realistic to relate to. Everything about him is simple and average, but I love that. I feel like I'm going to relate to him so much. I can just imagine the playful attitude, smiling and confident and happy, but the breakdown in the arena... wow.
Tesla Farlane:
Don't like either names. Picture is okay, though. Thumbs up for that! But...
I don't like characters with mental disorders. Other Personality indicates to Split Personality Disorder or Schizophrenia, neither of which I'm looking forward to reading about. I don't loathe her - that's harsh - but I dislike most about her. Her strengths are solid, but the weaknesses flounder for me.
Orpheus Kallikrates:
The name...? Do I even need to go there...?
The picture is decent. Bad quality, but I like the actor, it suits the details.
And the strengths, though. The only one I'm interested in is Musical Talent, cause like, when will that come in handy? He'll be a lothario that'll sing, dance or whatever, or charming and everything. I'm not looking forward to that, honestly. I might enjoy reading him, but never his character, I don't think.
God-Complex though...
Micky Holder:
I don't like the name that much. Far too modern. The lookalike is good though. Love a good redhead character ;D
I like the weapon. District-orientated and not too specific. The token is cute, aw.
The last strength is pointless. She's bound to be a Career, it's obvious. And on the plus side, all of the weaknesses match each other, so I like that. I mean, sometimes, people just throw in whatever, and it's not cool yo. She's okay, though. I like her for now.
Lyle Ostero:
No for the last name. First one is okay, though. Bad picture. Reaaaally bad picture.
On the plus side, though, the strengths and weaknesses are decent. I like Hard-Headed and Mature characters, cause they often clash. Morals is a great weakness too ;D
He's okay. Not much to say, but the character isn't so bad. There's so much promise.
Verity Laraine:
First name is good, but not really D5 in my opinion. Don't like the last name, it's hideous. It's basically Lorraine but spelt differently. Picture is okay, it's not too bad, but not the best.
She sounds like a decent character, if my honest. A good solid base to construct on! I like Vigilant, and Over-Sensitive makes me believe she's emotional. Although Stubborn feels a little thrown on, but eh, it's not so bad. She's neutral, too :)
Dicky Howett:
Nice last name. I won't even mention the many jokes about the first. Nice picture, though!
I feel like he'll be the destructive kid, the one that's smart and dangerous and an underdog. Admittedly, I like those characters a lot... I always have a soft spot for them. Not much to say: confiscated token? BAD BOY.
Leila Siavash:
I really like this name too. Leila is simple, and goes quite well with Siavash. The picture is pretty decent too. Okay, once more, I'm torn. Chameleon looks like a great strength, I've never seen it before. Overlooked kinda spells the same though. My problem, though, lies in that insensitive to pain. It feels gimmicky. And I don't know, I'm getting psychopathic vibes from her at the moment. Neutral for now, because I'm waiting to see whether she's crazy or not...
Tobias Mycroft:
The first name is overused, but it's okay. I can deal with the last name. BUT HI CASTIEL WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN HERE GET BACK TO HEAVEN YOU CHEEKY BOY. No, seriously, the best lookalike this set. Definitely. Jealous so, so much. Aw, he sounds really nice from his weaknesses and strengths. He seems tough and hardy, but also the loyal, reckless type. He'll bond really well with his allies, and probably die trying to protect one. I just love him.
Noely Eugenie:
Don't like either names. Don't like the picture either. She seems simple enough with everything, nothing too extraordinary. But her averageness isn't as relatable for me as Elias' was. Mature and Blunt are a nice combination. But eh, I'm not feeling her.
Jarvis Sprence:
The first name isn't so bad ok. I can grow to like it. Last name is so-so. I don't like nicknamed tributes, I'm sorry... it's a pet hate, but when I see that they have a nickname over their first name, or even middle named tributes, it puts me off instantly.
I have a feeling I know his character. He's transgendered or androgynous, or a crossdresser. I haven't made my mind up which one he is. I can tell by the feminine nickname and the picture. To me, it's a little gimmicky, but we'll see. His strengths and weaknesses are fairly simple and probably attribute towards his history/character.
For now, he's neutral. He holds some promise, as long as he's more personality than idea.
Hypatia Dawson:
Bad, bad, super bad first name. It's atrocious. Last name is simple, but makes the first look even more ridiculous. I'm not digging the schoolgirl look either. Scalpel feels too specific for a non-Career, and it bugs me. She's Frail, but uses a gory weapon? Makes perfect sense. I'm really not feeling her at all.
Chester Quaid:
There's my cutie! Nice picture, Meg!
Elvira Amaro:
I like this name. Not so much the first name, but it's tolerable. It's rather nice to say. The picture is pretty nice too, so thumbs up for that. Her strengths and weaknesses are crazy. It looks as if someone tried too hard to choose one-worded things, and a variety too...
How can someone be Altruistic, but also Bigoted and Argumentative? Doesn't that counter the idea behind altruism? It feels a little sloppy.
Besides the name, I'm not feeling her that much. I feel like everything has been thrown together, and I'm not fond of when people go a little overboard with big/one-worded strengths and weaknesses, just so they can cram loads in.
Her portrayal might make me like her though. I'll hold on hope!
Taurus Betail:
Okay first name, horrid last name. It's so ugly, I'm sorry. Betail? It's like Beetle, but fancy-sounding. I don't mind his weapon, nor his strengths and weaknesses. He just fades at the moment, sadly.
Irene Holleran:
And here is my irrational attachment. I don't even know why, but I just love everything about Irene, bar her name. But everything else makes up for it. Her toy yo. Her weaknesses and strengths and picture and just, just... I can't even ;_;
Tarquin Derrein:
The names are okay. I like Tarquin, but I always have. The picture is good too, yay for unknown lookalikes to me! I loooove Haphazard as a weakness, I don't even know why. I've never seen it before. It looks clean, and paints a big picture when added with the others. That's what I like: weaknesses and/or strengths that blend, not just a varied selection. I like it when they tell a story. Faithful is a great strength too. Ugh.
Isley Fontain:
Don't like either name. Loooove the lookalike.
Silly weapon. Glorified once more, and totally un-needed. Dirt as a token, though... gurl, you for real? Dirt? In a container, or just a big ole' mud pie in your hand? I don't really like rebellious tributes unless there's a story, or something else that's attractive. Authority Issues is a new one. Weaknesses are strong, but the strengths are thrown together and rushed: Speed shouldn't be a strength. Other than that, I kinda like her.
Colliery Oread:
Cue irrational attachment part two... Passionate is a great strength, and paired with Moody and Sensitive, I can imagine this really determined, strong-willed guy who makes the speeches about life and death and fighting, like a commanding officer in war. I don't even know. I just loooove him.
Illana Tivka:
Don't like either name. Don't like the lookalike either.
Nice weapon, though. Very district-oriented. ;D
Strengths are okay, but I hate Violent as a strength. It should be more of a weakness. If a character has Violent as a strength, I will assume they're slightly sociopathic/psyhopathic at the very least, and I will not like them. It's a weakness. Never a strength. Brutal, sure, but not Violent. Short-term Memory Loss is gimmicky. Weaponry is a wash
Salt The Snail chapter 2 . 3/12/2014
SALT HERE! Too lazy to log in and review.

Any hoot, another amazing chapter. I didn't see the Blight thing coming, but I guess I should have, since the timing would be right. These tributes all seem interesting in their own right, but I guess I must list them.

Love - Obsidian, Elias, Micky, Verity, Jarvis, Chester, Taurus, Isley, and District 12.
Not liking thus far - Uhhhhhh...I got nothing.

I can't believe everyone hates Dicky. Sure, the name leaves a lot to be desired, but trust me...he's gonna be fun!
Salt the Snail chapter 2 . 3/13/2014

We should have seen this coming, since the timing fits, but nope. That hit me out of left field! Good one, Meg! And the blog looks gorgeous. I can't wait until this gets fully underway.

Favorites: The Careers (all see different and interesting), Verity (D5), Elias (D3), Jarvis (D8), Tobias (D7), Chester (D9), District 12, Isley (D11).

Unsure: Hypatia (D8), Elvira (D9)

And guys...why all the hate for Dicky? Is it the name? Dammit, Meg...I told you it was a bad idea to name the boy DIcky... :P Oh well, there is always next time!
Flintlightning chapter 2 . 3/12/2014
Like alot of others, I was surprised to discover Blight as the district 7 male. I love how you were able to make me despise the d7 male in the first chapter. And then have me sympathize with the d7 male who turned out to be Blight in the very next chapter.

Adding in a young 3 year old Finnick was a nice touch.

Like: Versace, Ryder (biased I know), Arianne, Verity, Taurus, Irene, Isley
Neutral: Obsidian, Elias, Micky, Lyle, Tobias, Noely, Chester, Elvira, Tarquin, Colliery, lllana
Dislike: Tesla, Dicky, Leila, Hypatia
Loathe: Orpheaus, Jarvis

I either like or feel neutral about 3/4 of the tributes which is a pretty good sign!
jakey121 chapter 2 . 3/11/2014
Blightttt! That was definitely a surprise, a good twist there Meg ;D

What I loved about this prologue was Juni's perception of Blight made me more biased towards disliking him, but then in this that flipped completely and showed a much more broken and vulnerable character that you really fleshed out well. I hope we get to see more of him!

I wish I had the time to do a proper blog review, I've done one recently but that took the entire weekend and if I don't get my review done now I doubt I'd get it out at all. So here's a quick list of where I place each tribute based on names/pictures/strengths/weaknesses:

Love: Elias, Verity (bias)
Like: Arianne, Lyle, Chester, Elvira, Irene, Colliery
Neutral: Obsidian, Micky, Noely, Jarvis, Hypatia, Taurus, Tarquin
Dislike: Versace, Ryder, Tesla, Dicky, Leila, Tobias, Isley, Illana
Loathe: Orpheus

Update soon!
Matmos chapter 2 . 3/11/2014
Wow...I never figured it was Blight. Amazingly written.
I like Micky from 4 and Tobias from 7. If Tesla is to have an ally I think either of them would be a good choice.
I love the idea of the blog. It lets us put a physical face to the charactets.
simply another name chapter 2 . 3/11/2014
This was such a good chapter :D I didn't expect District Seven to be Blight, but I should've seen it coming. That's a nice twist! Ooh, Noely's being mentored by Ivy and her District partner will be mentored by Blight. I'm excited to see how the team from District Seven will turn out! It wasn't much of a delay at all really. I didn't mind waiting, I'm just glad you finally updated. I checked the blog, and it looks really good right now. However, I am known to be bad at judging at first glances, so I'm gonna wait for the tribute's chapters first before picking favorites c: Update soon!

amelia ღ
Aspect of One chapter 2 . 3/10/2014
I pretty much threw myself at the laptop (figuratively) after seeing this in my email.

I did not expect that victor to be Blight. Not at all.
The chapter was fantastic ;A; I just love his voice and how you wrote it. And I honest to god thought Juni was a girl ;; I really love Blight's voice in this and it sounds so human. I just want to give him a great big hug.

Like: Leila Siavash (but of course), Versace LaGore, Arianne Haskell , Orpheus Kallikrates, Lyle Ostero, Verity Laraine, Hypatia Dawson, Chester Quaid, Isley Fontain, District Twelveeee
Neutral: Obsidian Lockett, Ryder Rhodes, Elias Auberon, Micky Holder, Noely Eugenie, Irene Holleran, Tarquin Derrain,
Dislike: Tesla Farlane, Dicky Howett, Tobias Mycroft, Jarvis "Jalyssa" Sprence, Elvira Amaro, Taurus Betail,
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