Reviews for Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness
TayRayy chapter 93 . 7/23
Um I love this story! Please update more?
Daisyangel chapter 93 . 6/23
I agree they all need a dull day. lol
jjcrimminds chapter 93 . 6/21
Awesome chapter. JJ's definitely right, they have things to discuss. Big changes are coming for this family. I can't wait to see how everything turns out.
jjcrimminds chapter 92 . 6/10
Well, as expected, JJ isn't as accepting of the idea of another child yet. That is far from unreasonable, in fact it's very understandable. Changes are coming for this family, big ones no matter what happens with the baby. Great chapter!
Kensi1997 chapter 92 . 6/8
Thiis story gets me every time!
Guest chapter 92 . 6/6
I absolutely love this story and the fact that there's something different happening around every corner but there's still a positive vibe
CMLeoLover chapter 90 . 5/19
I was too lazy to log in haha. That ending caught me way off guard! Wow. Update soon!
jjcrimminds chapter 91 . 5/19
Well, Michael and Sandy and figuring things out. Now it's up to them to tell James and JJ. And obviously, the stress of the situation could always cause complications, but I'm relatively sure that you'll allow the baby to be carried to term. This is a huge part of their family now and I can't wait to see how everything pans out! Great chapter.
Guest chapter 90 . 5/18
Great update but I kind of wish that JJ was still the youngest not sure how a baby thrown into the mix will work but I'm intrigued. Hope you update soon :)
jjcrimminds chapter 90 . 5/18
I'm really looking forward to this new arc. I can't wait to see how the family reacts, especially JJ. Great chapter.
jjcrimminds chapter 89 . 4/19
I loved that little moment with Zac. He's such an important character in this story, and their dialogue held a lot of meeting. We get a little insight into JJ and how she feels about her disease dying. Great chapter.
HotchnerJareau chapter 89 . 4/11
Aomygof .a baby ! A BABY .A baby had her first kiss & it made me sort of feel things. Ooooh JJ is getting it lol. Lovely chapter & I also caught up with the last chapter before that. Loved the radio bit. Really touching xx
Kensi1997 chapter 89 . 4/10
Amazing as usual. I can't wait for more updates. You do amazing with this story all the time and I really want more.
Kensi1997 chapter 88 . 3/25
I can see why you love this chapter. It is beautiful!
jjcrimminds chapter 88 . 3/24
Great chapter. James did a really sweet thing and I think he really helped Sandy and Michael. Stress can be unbearable at times and this will give them an edge to get through this.
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